Sai x Hinata

Sai liked to draw beautiful things he saw. How can Hinata blame him for depicting that enchanting moment she had dancing nude in the water?

Sai was bored and wandering around Konoha for things to draw. Team Kakashi had been given two weeks off from missions to just sit back and relax. After all the things they had been going through with Akatsuki, Tsunade felt they deserved it. While the other teammates embraced this break fondly and took a trip to the hot springs, Sai turned down the gesture in thought it'd be a good chance for him to catch up on other things. He quickly regretted this decision. He had been all over Konohagakure and drew everything that interested him.

"It seems I wasn't thinking clearly at the time." Sai stated plainly. If he had more emotions perhaps that would have been a sigh. "Going to the hot springs would have been a new place with many things to draw."

"The only places I haven't been are to clan sectors, but that wouldn't be a wise idea." He added to himself.

Everybody knew going into other clan sectors unless invited was rude and that things could get touchy fast. Even though they were all united by the same village they stuck to the pride of their clan and feared the worst after the Uchiha incident.

Despite this telling him all the logical reasons not to, what little rebellious emotions he had in him told him he needed a new scene to scope and find new things to inspire him. He decided it would be okay if he just took a stroll outside the Hyuuga compound near by. Not in just near. Near enough to not raise alarm but near enough for new surroundings.

Taking steady steps forward Sai took in his foreign surroundings, noticing how gorgeous the Hyuuga estate was. All these luscious gardens, statues, temples and koi ponds, you could tell they were a clan of wealth, Sai never understood such desires. It was rather late in the after noon and he knew he wouldn't catch anyone out and about. Hyuuga were very old in spirit, early to bed early to rise. Those uptight members were in bed easily by 9 o'clock.

Coming across a beautiful sight of a pond that had plants hanging around it in all the right places with the moonlight shining in the exact right spot with a statue of a little Buddha just in the distance he decided this was a good thing to draw. He opened up his note pad and quickly started to draw the scenery.

Sensing a disturbance near by he stopped his drawing. If he were the type to become alarmed he would have. He sensed a gentle presence nearby calmly coming towards him. Should he hide in the trees? Well this wasn't a mission so it's not like he was going to assassinate anyone. But he decided it were best if he waited until the person passed by, then he could get back to drawing this beautiful lake.

Seeing a dark head in a Kunoichi outfit came into view. 'Hinata Hyuuga, heir to the Hyuuga clan, Chunin…' Sai thought to himself recalling brief history on just about every shinobi here and in other places. He recognized her as the girl that was secretly in love with Naruto. What was she doing here this late? Sai took note that not all Hyuuga must be uptight old people that sleep early.

She sighed and smiled looking at the lake. Sai could tell by the look in her eyes she truly admired this lake just as much as he did. Was she going to draw it too?

Even he was taken aback when he watched the timid girl slowly slip off her clothing. Tank top thrown on the ground and Sai watched every move she made. Fish net shirt, off. Shinobi pants off. If Sai had anymore emotion he may have turned away in respect, but because he was lacking certain feelings of shame he just watched curiously.

This girl that everybody viewed as meek and quiet was now buck naked and stepping into the moonlit-blessed water taking it in.

There was something about this image Sai found beautiful. Her presence…it did something to this landscape, it increased the beauty all the more. Like a goddess of love and fertility Hinata gave life to this scene and added a new emotion unlike any other.

He wanted to sit and watch more but he knew he had to capture this moment so he could relive it for a life time. Turning the page on his sketch book to a fresh canvas he drew her. Not just one picture, just one couldn't capture the beauty of this experience, he drew several. Her dancing was intriguing, shocking, beautiful and scary all at once. You wouldn't think a man with no emotion could capture every feeling of art, but he did and he was satisfied with his work.

Sai was surprised that Hinata never suspected him there. She wasn't the strongest or brightest Kunoichi that was for sure, but he could now see that's because she had other things to her. Beauty and grace was her thing and she was putting effort into all the wrong things. Instead of worrying about training and becoming strong she should wield her natural gift. Her beauty, her poise, her essence.

Just like a dancing shadow in the night Sai was gone before she could dress, she never suspected he was there.


Team Kakashi returned from the hot springs a few days ago, Sai hadn't been out to greet them, he was too busy looking at his latest works of art. They hung on the walls with the rest of his drawings, except these were prized. They hung in easy access places to see. He had to admit it was his finest work yet. It was so good he could easily sell these and they would be printed by the dozens and every person would want a copy. But he would never reveal these to anybody, he wanted to keep it all to himself. He was experiencing the emotion of selfishness and he didn't care.

Since his team was back he decided to go out and pay a visit to them, maybe train a bit. He had to get away from his new obsession.


"Where's that Sai bastard at?" Naruto wondered with his arms above his head. "We've been back a few days and he hasn't come to train!"

"Maybe he didn't know we came back." Sakura said plainly reading a medicine book.

"You should go get him Naruto." Kakashi said reading his typical pervy book.

"Like hell I am, his apartment is scary, you go get him!"

With all those paintings around it somehow gave Naruto the creeps. The art was just weird. Swirls and random patterns. It wasn't art, it was blobs.

"You're the only one not occupied." Sakura said lazily leaning on a tree.

Kakashi said nothing, that was his way of agreeing with his more intelligent student.

"Fine!" Naruto pouted making his way to Sai's house. The Root compound was even more creepy than Sai's art, he's glad he convinced Sai to move somewhere else, he said it was to be closer to the team, but Naruto just didn't want to go to that horrible place all the Root nin lived.

"Sai! SAIIIIII!" Naruto banged loudly on his door, not having any consideration for possible neighbors in the other apartments.

No answer.

"What is this guy dead?" Naruto closed his eyes in agitation.

Just for the sake of making sure another dark haired boy hadn't left him to be all alone he walked into Sai's apartment.


"Sakura, Kakashi." Sai said entering into the training grounds.

"Oh there you are." Sakura smiled.

"How was the hot springs?" Sai made casual conversation he wasn't actually interested in. He was just practicing feeling emotion.

"It was wonderful you really should have come!" Sakura sighed deeply, recalling the relaxing vacation that was well deserved.

"I should have." Sai nodded with a smile After his masterpiece he drew, he actually had no regrets about skipping out on it now.

"Where's Naruto?" Sai looked around curiously.

"He went to your apartment to fetch you, you didn't see him on the way?"

Sai was taken aback surprisingly. Knowing Naruto he would just barge into his home without asking and see the paintings he had on full display. He didn't want anybody seeing those but himself. He turned to try to catch Naruto in hopes of stopping him but it was too late when he saw Naruto approaching the training grounds. If he had the emotion to feel dread he would have been feeling it.

"KAKASHI! SAKURA! You'll never guess what!" Naruto stopped when he saw Sai. "Sai, Sai, whose that hot babe you got in your apartment?" Naruto smiled.

Sai stared blankly at him, pretending to not comprehend. "Just because you don't have emotion doesn't mean you don't speak, dummy, fess up!" Naruto shouted to him.

"A girl, what are you talking about?" Sakura put her book down now interested. Kakashi yawned and read his Come Come Paradise still not interested.

"Well Sai has all these drawings of this super hot chick on his wall." Naruto began. "She dancing in a pond naked."

Sakura seemed disgusted and Kakashi was now interested.

"Sai you've been drawing naked women?" Sakura looked hoping Naruto was just delusional.

"My art is my business." Sai said plainly. "You shouldn't look."

"How could I have not looked when it's there on your wall!" Naruto had the nosebleed of his pervy-sage, he was turning more and more like him everyday.

"Who is this girl? I wanna see!" Sakura seemed pissed and interested at the same time.

"I wanna know who she is so I can call her!" Naruto giggled and that earned him a one-way ticket to the Punch In The Face Express compliments of Sakura.

"Please don't tell me you peaked at some girl in a bath house like this loser!" Sakura pointed to the injured Naruto. "He's rubbing off on you in all the wrong ways."

"No, it's not that." Sai said simply.

"Then?" Sakura asked.

"None of your concern."

Everybody sighed in defeat and decided they weren't going to get Sai to talk about his new art inspirations.

Training pursued like normal that day, everybody seemed to have forgot about the art issue and went on with the regular training.


"Hey Hinata-chan!" Waved a blonde Kunoichi.

"Oh hello Ino-chan." Hinata gave a timid smile.

"All the girls are going out for drinks tonight at the bar, wanna come?"

"Well uhm…" Hinata thought on it, that sounded really uncomfortable and she didn't like drinking alcohol, it made her face even redder than it was.

"Come on, all the boys are coming, Naruto will be there." Ino gave a fox grin to her quiet pal that had an obvious obsession with a certain blonde.

Hinata stuck her two index fingers together. "Sure, I think that sounds like a good idea."

Ino only nodded and winked, causing her friend to blush. "Alright then, see ya there!" she waved running off.

Knowing Ino she was there after some boys and wanted an even number of boys and girls so every body could get paired off and there were no likely chances of anybody feeling left out and souring the mood. Hinata just hoped she could get paired off with Naruto and not be stuck talking to Kiba all night again. She liked her teammate as a friend but she really wanted Naruto to notice her for once.


"Okay show us the pics already, Naruto! I'm tired of just hearing about them I wanna actually see 'em!" Kiba demanded.

"I too am interested in seeing these lovely pictures you are speaking of, Naruto." Lee clenched his fist.

"Whatever." Neji said pretending not to be interested.


Sai was relieved the ugly dog people stopped questioning him on his art and went back to regular training. If they thought he was protective of his art now, they haven't seen anything yet! These drawings Sai did of that interesting Hyuuga girl were going to be his new favorites. No one better try and look at them like that.

He approached towards his tiny apartment in the middle of town, thinking of the affect these paintings had on him. Why were they turning him into a possessive person? He only had them a week or so and he could already see the change in himself. They captivated…emotion. Emotion he was not familiar with. He needed to do research and find out what these feelings were.

Walking into the dark apartment he turned on his light and glanced at his paintings. "Good thing Naruto didn't mess with them." Sai thought aloud approaching them.

He glanced over each one wanting to reach out and touch it, the memory of that night was still embedded into his brain so well. These paintings were reminders of that beautiful night he experienced an odd emotion.

He loved these paintings. He just wanted to feel their touch…


"What the?" Sai stared at his painting going into smoke.

"A shadow clone for the painting? I don't understand…"

He reached and touched the next one.





They were all gone and he knew who was up to this.

"Naruto! Kiba! Lee! Neeeeeji!" Ino shouted entering in the bar. She put an emphasis on Neji's name. That was her new love interest, hadn't you heard?

"We'll go get some drinks and be there to join you!" Ino called again.

Neji sighed and all the other boys quickly turned to see the girls.

"Those girls are cute and all but I wanna see this babe you've been bragging about!" Kiba turned back to Naruto.

"Okay, okay, I've got them right here!" Naruto pulled a folder out of his bag.

"Handling them with such care?" Kiba smirked.

"Well I have to, these aren't mine, remember? These are Sai's. After I show it to ya guys I'm gonna go return them before he notices." Naruto gave a fox grin.

Lee's cheeks turned red and this time it wasn't because of Sakura. Kiba's eyes turned the size of baseballs and he gave an approving nod. Even Neji glanced at the art work curiously Naruto smiled knowing his friends would love it.

"See? What I tell ya guys, sexy, yeah?"

"Hell yeah!" Kiba continued to stare. "Hey just lemme…you know, take this off your hands" Kiba reached for one.

"Hands off, these aren't mine to distribute."

"They most certainly aren't." All the boys glared up at a serious Sai.

"It seems that something has hit the fan." Lee stated the obvious.


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