'Twas just any other day, It was warm and peaceful in the Summer heat as I basked in it's light, soft cloth at my back side to keep the grass from ruining my clothes. Still under German order, though. Not as troublesome as it seems. Well, actually, no. There is always the occasion that Ludwig's brother comes for a visit. As a matter of fact, today was one of those days, which is why I'm outside. So I need not to hear that annoying mockery of Gilbert!

Every time he's here, I get the listening pleasure of, "Oh! So west has you in his grasp? Must be in the bloodline!" Or something like, "How many times has he invaded yo0ur vital regions?" That constant annoyance that is Gilbert. Just thinking about him makes my blood boil.

He's always been so annoying! So self-centered. Only caring about himself. He shows no signs of being aware that he's bothering me. None! That, or he knows all too well and acts like he doesn't have a clue and takes his oblivious state.

The sun's heat only fuels my own rage, so it didn't help when, as I should have known, a certain red-eyed creep sits beside where I lay.

"Whatever happened to saying 'hello'?" Gilbert asked slyly, smirking as I looked up at him with a sharp, intense glare. I was in no mood for his foolishness.

"What is it you want?" Sitting up, I make sure to keep my posture straight and tall, much unlike Gilbert's slouching. Yes, somehow, he remained at least half a head taller than myself, which was a slight annoyance.

"So I can't say 'hi' to my favorite country?" Gilbert faked a hurt look as I saw through being his favorite. His words never had meaning. Translucent as ever. "That really hurts, Roderich."

"I'm glad," I snapped, keeping the scowl on my face as nasty to him as possible. "If it hurts so much, why not leave?"

"Perhaps I can pursue you to be kinder."

"Perhaps you can, when you leave me be."

Gilbert frowned. "Ouch." With a slight twitch upward at his lips, he inched closer to me so only a turn of his hips would connect us. Wait, what just was said? "You're sure that'll make you pleased?"

"Yes," I quickly said. I wanted to just stand and leave. But… This happened every time. Gravitation would keep me planted to the ground, to the wall, to a chair, anywhere. And each time, this would happen. But I must remember. Surely by now it would sink in.

"Not even this?" A large hand pushed down on my chest as he forced me to my back, leaning over me and keeping me to the ground with his leg over my thighs, his hand holding down mine…

And his sweet lips locked with mine. Mine, that spat at him with bitter words, even when he knows I mean none of it. Well, at least, I only mean it about a tenth of the time.

I close my eyes and accept his mouth on mine, applying pressure back, not wanting him to let go. For by now I should remember…

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love." -Albert Einstein