Ah, my recent obsession coming into fruition. Enjoy

Jane bent down and carefully balanced the straws together creating an arch, the blue tac as an anchor. Van Pelt watched curious as he picked up the balloon and placed it just above the straws. For a minute it bobbed there without much interest. Then it began to rise. Van Pelt frowned, completely confused as Jane demonstrated that there were no wires attached.

Cho looked over. "I wish to god that you would stop that."

Jane grinned. "Why? Does it bother you?"

Cho held nothing back. "Yes. It really does."

Jane grabbed the balloon and rubbed it on Van Pelt's hair – much to her dismay.

"It took me an hour to get it right this morning," She said, touching the raised strands.

"Oh, I'm sure that you'll survive." Jane replied. "Watch, the static reacts to the plastic straws. Innit that cool?" He leaned down, his legs bent so that he was eye level with the desk. "Isn't it cool Teresa?"

Lisbon looked up from her work. Her eyes glazed over Jane's little experiment. "Oh yeah, exceedingly cool. Are you going to do something useful?"

Jane stood up, popping the balloon. "I'm providing entertainment." He said. He looked down at Van Pelt who had jumped at the bang of the balloon. "I'm sorry," He said. "Did I scare you?"

She shook her head but tried keeping her hand steady – and out of Jane's view. He caught the tremor though.

Lisbon snapped the file shut. It didn't make the satisfying snap noise that she was trying to achieve. She grabbed the two straws and then leapt back holding her palm. Jane grinned.

"Static shock," He said. "Careful now."

Lisbon sighed defeated and turned away. "Where's Rigsby?" She asked.

"Oh... He called in about half an hour ago." Cho said. "He said he had some family issues to work through."

Jane laughed. Lisbon put her hands on her hips. "You think family troubles are funny?" She asked.

"Well... Not especially..." Jane gave another snigger. "it's just that he would use that as an excuse."

"What if he's not lying?" Van Pelt asked.

"Nah," Jane said. "He would have told you."

Van Pelt went suddenly very red and began to hide her face. Jane grinned stupidly again. "I know it's a lie because nobody ever says family troubles – he didn't tell you where he was, therefore he doesn't want you to know. He will tell Cho because... Well... it's Bert and Ernie, isn't it? He couldn't say sleeping with a girl on the phone so he said family troubles."

"You are one hell of a liar," Lisbon said.

"Well I would be," Jane said, producing a card from the table. "If it weren't for this."

Cho frowned. "What the hell is that?"

Jane grinned. "'Wayne; thanks ever so much for the help you gave me last week. I would like it so much if you could join me for a drink. The Royale 8pm, tonight' kiss, kiss, kiss. Wow, three kisses. Must be love. I think he might be over you Grace,"

Van Pelt said nothing.

"Did you plant that there?" Lisbon asked.

Jane looked affronted. "How dare you! I never fabricate evidence!"

Lisbon raised an eyebrow.

Jane looked away weakly. "Apart from that one time when I... Um... Hey who wants coffee?"

Lisbon rolled her eyes and moved away. Jane winked over at Van Pelt and moved over to his sofa. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. He opened them again. Lisbon was standing over him.

"Oh, can I not have ten minutes on my own?" He asked.

"You've had an entire morning to yourself." Lisbon replied. "Do some work."

"But I don't want to." Jane replied. "It's a bit boring."

"Do work, or I'll kick your ass outta here." Lisbon said.

Jane sat up. "Alright, what do you want me to do?"

Lisbon stood solid for a minute. She began to fume angrily and walked off. Jane smiled to himself and fell back on his sofa.