Lisbon closed the van door and looked over at Cho and Rigsby. It was obvious that she had been crying and Van pelt gave her a sympathetic smile. Lisbon tucked her gun into the hoister before wiping a strand of hair from her face.

"What's up?" She asked.

Rigsby frowned. "Er... Holtz and Brandon got into a fight, it ended rather roughly..."

"And..." Lisbon pressed.

"Well, Holtz is missing, Brandon was found unconscious, and he's been treated at the local hospital. The motel manager said that they were shouting about false charges. I'm assuming that Jane had something to do with Jane," Rigsby craned his neck. "Is he coming?"

"No," Lisbon said.

"Why not?" Cho asked.

"As of today, Patrick Jane doesn't work at CBI," Lisbon said.

Cho frowned. "Why?"

"Because," Lisbon said, rubbing her lower back. "Because he's a selfish bastard and well... Let's not talk about it."

Cho and Rigsby looked at each other. They nodded and turned to leave.

"Hey!" Lisbon bellowed after them. "Where are you guys going?"

Cho turned back to the boss. "You can handle this right?" He asked.

"Yes, but that-"

They had already climbed into Cho's car and were now speeding out of the lot. Lisbon and Van Pelt looked at each other. Van Pelt smiled.

"You okay?" She asked.

Lisbon nodded. "Why wouldn't I be?" She replied.

"You and Jane... it's not the biggest secret ever kept."

"Keep personal matters out of the work," Lisbon snapped.

"Sorry boss," Van Pelt muttered.


Jane was letting the water fall down his back with gentle ease. He was humming along to a song on the radio, ignoring all his thoughts and all his guilt. He turned the shower off and wrapped a towel around his waist. He could hear knocking at the door. He stood thinking for a moment. Wondering who it was. If it was Lisbon then he wasn't moving. And he hated cliché moments when the couple meet over and over and end up fighting. He wasn't opening the door to her anger. Brought bad karma into the house and he smiled slightly at the irony.

"Who is it?" He called.

"It's us!" bellowed back a voice.

"Who is 'us'?" Jane asked.

"Cho and Rigsby,"

"Oh," Jane grabbed his dressing gown, tying it securely and running his fingers through his wet hair. He sighed pitifully and went downstairs and opened the door for them.

He was met with a punch to the nose. He almost fell back before strong hands grabbed him and pulled him straight making sure that he didn't fall over.

"Assault!" He shouted. "Assault on a civilian! You should be arrested for that!"

"Oh shut up, no one's here." Cho said pushing Jane into his home. Rigsby looked furious. Jane blinked in pain before looking up at them. He held his nose and made sure it wasn't broken or bleeding.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"For leaving the CBI," Cho said.

Rigsby's face softened and he grabbed Jane into a big bear like hug. Jane stared at Rigsby's neck confused and a little hurt by the muscles. "Cho... He's hugging me."

"I know," Cho said, folding his arms and leaning against the door frame. "Be quite you don't want to scare it away,"

"Ah, true," Jane said. "Wayne, I hate to admit this, but I'm not wearing anything under this dressing gown other that a towel."

Rigsby's eyes widened. He dropped Jane and looked away. The three men shared an awkward moment before Jane pointed at the stairs. "I'm gonna go... Get... Um... Dressed."

Another awkward pause before Jane cleared his throat and looked around his home. "Please... Make yourself..." he motioned. "Well... You know." He smiled briefly before running upstairs. Cho and Rigsby looked at each other.

"Cool man," Cho said.

"Shut up," Rigsby muttered closing the front door and looking around the empty house. He and Cho moved around looking for something to sit on or at least lean against. Cho sighed and sat on the carpet, pulling out his book before and flicking to the page. Rigsby moved around the empty room.

"I thought he would have at least one chair." He said.

Cho raised an eyebrow.

Rigsby rolled on his heels. "Is it a good book?" He asked.

"Why?" Cho asked.

"It looks good," Rigsby said. "And any spare moment that you have you're reading it."

"It's okay," Cho shrugged.

Jane bounded back downstairs, tucking his shirt into his suit pants. He smiled over at them. "So, I understand the punch on the nose - which still hurts by the way – but what was the hug for?"

Rigsby grinned. "For you and the boss,"

"Oh," Jane said. He pursed his lips. "Fancy something to eat?"

"Yes," Rigsby said automatically.

Jane smiled and then led them into his kitchen. He opened a few cupboards and checked a couple of jars. He made a noise of disdain.

"Do you want some... Muddy garbage like coffee?" He asked.

"No," Cho said.

"We don't?" Rigsby asked.

Jane smiled and opened his fridge. He pulled out an ice pack and put it beside the sink. He made another noise of disdain. He licked his lips. After a moment he closed the door and looked up at Rigsby.

"I'm afraid I have no food here, present with me." He said.

"It's okay," Rigsby said. "We'll order a pizza."

"And braid each other's hair whilst watching Health Ledger on '10 things I hate about you'?" Cho asked sarcastically, folding his book back on itself and putting it into his suit jacket pocket.

Jane stayed silent. "No." He said. "No pizza,"

"Why?" Rigsby asked.

Jane stared between the two agents. "I... Er... I don't like strangers coming to my house," He admitted.

Another awkward pause was shared. Jane cleared his throat and applied the ice to his nose.

"What did you mean by 'oh', when I mentioned you and the boss?" Rigsby asked his brow curling into a deep frown.

Jane sighed and poured a glass of tap water. He sipped it and looked at his loafers. "I meant... I meant I'm not going to be seeing Teresa again,"


Jane took a step back expecting another fist to the face. Rigsby and Cho folded their arms and stood shoulder to shoulder. If Jane hadn't known them so personally then he would have taken a guess that they were the real Men in Black.

"Why?" Cho asked.

"It's..." Jane poured the water down the sink. "It's complicated."

"Complicated?" Rigsby asked. "How is it complicated? You left CBI to be with her. Didn't you? Jeez, if I did that I would never want to be away from the girl of my dreams."

Jane stared at Rigsby ready to make a retort but he sighed and shook his head. "It's... A lot more complicated than just us working in the same office." He said.

"It's Red John isn't it?" Cho asked.

Jane blinked and nodded tiredly. "Yes,"

"Why?" Cho asked.

"I need closure," Jane said.

"Why can't you just go to their graves and say you're sorry?" Rigsby asked.

"Because..." Jane let out a bitter laugh. "It's not that kind of closure."

"You're being moronic," Cho said.

"No, I'm not," Jane said, his anger finally snapping. "This is the smartest thing I've ever thought of. If I stayed, then Red John is always going to be lurking at the back of my mind and you have honestly no idea what that's like. How could you?" he smiled a little. "Someone once wrote that out of great tragedy comes great strength and new opportunities. If... If my wife and child were still alive, I would still be in the psychic business. I would be happy. But... And it's a horrible thing to say this, but, through them dying, I have met many wonderful people and helped many more lives than I ever would have making up lies. It's hard knowing that this... Man, whatever he is, man, woman or organisation, is still out there, taunting and teasing and doing this same old dance. And until I can find some peace in that, then Teresa and I are practically doomed."

"Yeah, but-"

"Rigsby, please," Jane said, holding his hand out to stop him. "I'm just trying to the best thing for both of us. And it's gonna be hard. I know that. But, I gotta do it. I gotta,"

"Yeah, but-"

"Rigsby, shut it," Cho said.

Rigsby fell silent. Jane smiled slightly and tapped Rigsby's arm. "It's okay to care."

"So are you..." Cho looked around. "Are you going to track him down?"

Jane frowned. "I'm sorry?"

"How are you gonna find him?" Cho asked.

"By working," Jane smiled.

"Working? Where?" Cho asked.

Jane's grin grew more and more. He motioned them to follow him. Cho and Rigsby shared a look. They unfolded their arms and followed Jane through the home and into a small room at the end of the hall. Jane switched on the light. On one side of the wall was a map of the world and red string connected by pins criss-crossing over the entire surface. Pinned to each point was a post-it note with a small detail.

Cho looked it over and sighed. "Jane, you've finally lost it,"

"No," Jane said. "It's perfect. "I can detail everything this way. Look!" Excitedly he motioned to the other wall where a selection of old police photos were plastered. Cho stared.

"Those are..."

"Your photos," Jane finished. "Yes, I had them duplicated so I could work on Red John if I had ever left CBI, I never thought I would have this much free time,"

"It looks like you've gone and stolen Dr. Mohinder's wall," Rigsby said.

Cho raised an eyebrow.

"Like, from 'Heroes'," Rigsby said. "C'mon, you gotta have watched it."

"No," Cho said.

"Well, yes that's where I got the idea from," Jane admitted. "But it's focused, really,"

"Jane," Cho slapped his friend on the shoulder. "I'm telling Lisbon,"

Jane's face fell. "Please don't."

"Why not?"

"Because I told her a bare faced lie that I wasn't going after him. If she found out then she'd kill me,"

"Yay!" Rigsby said. "One less idiot to worry about."