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Edward, let's go! What are you waiting for? Alice screamed to me in her mind. She was irritated, which I couldn't blame her for, since I'd suddenly stopped running out of the blue. Emmett nearly fell off the side of the mountain – although Alice probably would have found that quite funny.

I didn't know what got into me, something told me to stop, or rather to run! To run like I had never ran before!

I didn't really like the feeling: a mixture of pain, anguish and pure horror.

Okay, I've had it. I noticed a change in Alice's train of thought, although I was still absorbed in the feeling of ... wrongfulness.

Then I felt myself suddenly flying through the air and I could just stop myself from crashing into a tree, despite the fact that the tree would have been damaged more than me – much more.

'Bro, you scared me there for a second - I thought you were having a heart attack.' Emmett bellowed and laughed a loud laugh.

'Very funny.' I muttered irritated and was standing next to Alice again within half a second.

So, why did you stop? Alice wondered and quickly searched through her visions, finding no answers from my side.

'I don't know.' I said, shrugging my shoulders and giving her an apologetic smile.

'Whatever.' She said, heaps of irritation still present in her voice. You're going to tell me though, or else I'll make you.

Emmett took of running again and Alice and I followed. He was thinking about our 'meal' and was considering turning back to get another serial rapist, or someone of that kind, before returning home.

I just sighed and laughed at his thoughts, not knowing how to respond otherwise to his careless thoughts of human lives.

That night, after we had gotten home I instantly sat at my piano and started composing a song that had been working its way into my head since I had suddenly stopped running.

I couldn't concentrate on the song though, the feeling of "wrongfulness" was still very aware in the pit of my stomach. Every time I played off-key – because of my lack of concentration – Emmett almost fell off his chair laughing

I was starting to get worried myself by then, was I loosing my mind?

I was just about to ask Alice about if she saw me going crazy anytime soon – just making sure, when I heard her thoughts. Yes, you most certainly are. Alice giggled out loud and sat next to me on the little bench in front of my piano.

'Although the term "losing my mind" may be a bit too late in your case, "lost my mind" would get clo-'

I didn't even let her finish her sentence and jumped off the bench to throw it - with Alice still on it - in the air.

Alice yelled 'Whoopee!' and landed gracefully on her tiptoes - making sure her heels didn't break.

Full of Alice's little jokes and Emmett's laughter, I raced out the house. Ignoring Esmee's little rant directed to Emmett about not teasing me because of my sudden worried state of mind, instead I focused on running. It was sweet of Esmee, but Emmett definitely wouldn't stop laughing now when I returned.

The run felt good: the wind in my hair, the speed and the rush I felt whenever I ran, made me want to run nonstop.

After a few seconds of seeing the trees fly by, though still being able to count each rib on every single leaf, I reached the Main Road.

It was absolutely vacant of any cars or humans – which wasn't very odd, given that it was 3 o'clock at night.

Forks, Washington, didn't seem to attract that many humans, although my family and I had found it perfect.

It was a small and unobtrusive town, with only Seattle in the "vicinity". The best thing was that Forks was one of the most cloudy and rainy cities in the United States and with us being vampires that ought to come in handy.

I slowly crossed the street and walked across the sidewalk. Listening to people's dreams and the sounds of the night.

Some humans actually had some very interesting dreams, some had disturbing ones and some...perverted dreams - I quickly moved on to others from those kinds of dreams.

Suddenly I heard a faint noise, someone was crying. I quickly made my way to where the sound came from.

In one of the rooms upstairs, the bedrooms no doubt, someone was crying, a woman, or rather a girl, I guessed listening more intently to the sound.

I climbed up the tree "next" to the window and stared at the room.

The room was messy, with piles of books and an ancient computer that shouldn't even deserve to work by now. In the middle of the room there was a small bed and on that bed laid a crying girl.

She was rolled in a tight ball with her hands holding her legs and her back directed to me.

Usually, I didn't really care about the feelings of humans, but this was heart wrenching.

I can't help her though, I realized sadly.

Wait, maybe I can! I suddenly thought, joyous.

I went to sit on the bench next to the sidewalk, which was bout 6 feet from her house.

Then I waited - she had to look out the window at one point, she wouldn't just lie there all night and cry...right?

After almost two hours of waiting for her to stop crying, waiting for her to move. I heard the smallest of sounds - I'd been listening so intently I'd actually heard her pants folding back out when she removed her hands from her legs.

Why I was suddenly paying so much attention to an insignificant little girl, I didn't know. Maybe I was just bored, but I seemed more intrigued than bored.

She finally got out of her bed and slowly walked to her window. She did exactly what I had expected and wanted her to do - exactly what I would do.

'Who's..' she trailed off and I heard her stumble around in her bedroom.

She slowly made her way down a flight of stairs and I heard her unlock the deadbolt.

After that she quietly opened the door to peek at me, I guessed. Humans were always so curious - until it became dangerous.

Something suddenly dawned on me, I'm not helping her, I'd only make her feel uncomfortable if she were to sit next to me.

I sighed and was about to get up and when she spoke in a soft, but definitely not scared, voice. 'Hello?' She said, framing the greeting as a question.

I turned around with a slight smile on my lips. 'Hello. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.' I reassured her, trying to prove I wasn't some psycho.

'You didn't,' she said in an honest tone. Then she proceeded to walk to the bench and I froze. Didn't she sense the danger that was I? Wasn't she scared at all, didn't she have any thoughts?

I realized that she either didn't think, which was highly unlikely, or I couldn't read her mind.

Unfortunately, miserably, horribly irritatingly, it was the latter. I was shocked, this had never happened to me before. She was a mental-mute to me!

She stood next to the bench for a few seconds, waiting for me to say something.

'Sit, please.' I said, trying to be casual.

She smiled and went to sit with her face pointed in my direction. Nothing? I thought, when I still didn't hear her thoughts. I could clearly hear her heart though and it was working in overtime.

'So, what are you doing up this late?'

I chuckled; she was up too wasn't she? 'For the same reason you are, I guess. Can't sleep.'

Her face fell and I saw that she didn't exactly agree with me. 'Perhaps not the same reason.' I corrected, looking into her wide, brown and bloodshot eyes. She'd really cried a lot.

She averted her face from me, looking down at the sidewalk and I watched her shiver slightly from the cold temperature.

'Don't you like Forks?' I asked, disbelief in my tone, she probably wouldn't like Forks for the same reasons my family and I did though.

She pursed her lips. 'It's fine, Forks is fine.' Her answer seemed automatic, as if she didn't allow herself to express her true feelings about this place.

That confused me and therefore, intrigued me. 'Why have you been crying then?' I asked directly.

She looked incredulously towards me for a second, before opening her mouth and closing it again.

'I haven't,' she started, I should have expected her to deny weakness – she had already done that on her "thoughts about Forks". 'I was crying, not because I miss home, or my mom – which I do –, but because I thought I had maybe made a mistake.' Her intonation at the last part of her explanation seemed off, like she wasn't sure if the decision was still wrong right now.

I was staring into her eyes, trying to figure out what she was thinking – how impolite – and her heart picked up speed even more. Worry was creeping into my mind, I was making her anxious – she should be, I was a vampire.

She glanced down at my watch and her eyes widened. 'I should go inside.' She stated, nervousness and irritation creeping into her voice, and stood.

'Yes, well, it was nice talking to you.' Casual endings were necessary when dealing with humans, as not to raise any more suspicion.

Our skin color, still nature and the fact that humans got frightened from just looking at us made a few "aware" humans raise their eyebrows.

Thank God we had found something to cover up our eyes with almost permanently, nobody got close enough to us to notice.

At first the lenses we tried to use to cover up the blood red color of our irises dissipated after about two hours. After some long searching we'd found lenses that we could wear for almost a full week - give or take a day. It still didn't make them less irritating though, I could see every scratch in the fabric of the lenses and they blurred my perfect eyesight a bit.

She pulled her eyebrows together and bit her lip. 'Would you, perhaps, like to come in?' She asked embarrassed.

I had to máke my mouth close; she invited a stranger in, in the middle of the night? She invited me inside in the middle of the night! Me! Didn't she sense the danger?

Then, at the most inconvenient time, I - unconsciously - decided to take a deep breath, I secretly wanted to know what she smelled like. The wind was blowing in the wrong direction, so, I needed to take in a breath to be able to smell her.

At that precise moment, the wind blew strongly in my direction and carried with it her smell.

She smelled delicious. It was the most tantalizing scent I had ever smelled. My mouth watered and I felt the venom flow freely into my mouth - my whole being going into hunting mode. I thought of every single way of how to kill her and how to salvage as much of this delectable fluid. Another, slightly more conscious part of my brain thought about ways of how to make her unable to scream.

As if she finally sensed the danger, she bid me goodbye. 'It's really late, I'm sorry; I should try to get some sleep before school.' Her voice was sad, because of some reason I didn't understand.

I heard the wood from the bench cracking under my grip as I watched her walk inside and take a peek at me one last time, before closing the door with a sigh.

I sat there for a while, trying to calm myself.

And then I started running. Running quickly away from that tantalizing scent, before I decided to turn back and kill her anyway.

Carlisle, Carlisle, Carlisle! I screamed in my mind.

'Edward, why did you...Edward?' Alice asked confused, when I entered the house. She then saw multiple possibilities of my future and grimaced at one of me leaving.

'Carlisle!' I wailed, terrified. The venom was still very present in my mouth.

'Edward? What's wrong, son?' Carlisle asked, also worried now.

'I almost killed a human.' I said and realized that wasn't a good enough explanation of my problem. 'I almost killed somebody from Forks, a perfectly normal non-harmful girl.'

'Why?' Carlisle asked, thrown aback by my sudden almost-failure in our oath not to kill a human from the town we lived in, nor to kill anyone who was innocent. Oath? It was more our way of life.

We didn't think it was wrong to kill humans, well, some of us didn't and some thought it was wrong but did it begrudgingly. Therefore we thought of a way to make everyone feel better and dó better, we only hunted criminals, bad guys and plain wrong humans.

It still didn't seem good, but it was better than just killing random humans.

'Carlisle, her scent...' I trailed off and tried to focus. 'Emmett! It was like with you and that woman from the farm, but then times ten!'

Carlisle's mouth opened slowly and he put his hand on my shoulder. 'I'm glad that you didn't kill her.'

He's glad? He was glad! How could he possibly be happy? I had just smelled the most delicious scent in existence and I...well, perhaps there was a reason to be happy. I hadn't killed the girl and I wás glad that I hadn't killed her, not because I hadn't broken my "oath", but because I realized I didn't want to hurt her ... She seemed important, special.

'Of course we'll deal with this problem though, we can move...or...'

I was shocked, he just decided I wouldn't be able to take it - maybe I wouldn't, but I wanted to know...or was there something else?

I searched my mind for clues for the reason why the girl mattered to me - I didn't even know her name!

'No.' I decided. 'We aren't moving, we aren't killing her, we aren't doing anything.

We will go to school tomorrow and act like absolutely nothing has happened.'

Emmett rolled his eyes. Whatever, why did you tell us then? I was beginning to wonder the same thing.