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Alice was gone. She'd been gone for about 50 seconds now and Bella had been staring at me, waiting for me to say something, for about 45..46..47.. The seconds were ticking by, but I couldn't fathom what I could possibly say that would do Bella justice, that would tell her everything I was thinking at that moment.
When Bella swallowed audibly, her stare turning towards her feet, I snapped. Slowly, trying my best to be gentle, I pushed her face back upwards with my index finger underneath her chin - my other hand cupping her neck. "I love you so much."

Her eyes popped slightly, the corners of her mouth turning upwards. "I lo-", she began happily, but my body wouldn't let her finish.

Her lips on mine felt perfect. She was soft and warm and perfection and heaven and everything that I'd ever needed or possibly could've wished for. She was mine.

"Edward," she sighed into my shoulder, when I started kissing a trail down from her cheek to her neck. "I'm really trying to be..." I sucked on the spot beneath her ear, making her squirm in my arms. "Oh, my gód!" She finally seemed to be giving in, her body melting against mine, while her hands wove into my hair, pulling slightly. "I'm really trying to be...góód here..but you're making it...kinda..." she sighed once more, her face visibly flushing. "hard."

I pulled back and thoroughly inspected her face. "Who ever told you to be good..?"

Her eyes popped again, but this time her mouth fell open as well. "I-I...yóú did!" She exasperated.

My smile faded and I plopped down on the sofa behind me and Bella followed almost immediately after.

"I'm just..trying to help." She explained softly, her face flushing once more.
I sighed, trying to convey to her that I understood with my eyes. She stared at me for a few seconds before she blinked and her eyes turned glassy. "Bella. Bella.." I said, but only when I finally put my hand down on her arm she looked up at me. "Yes! Yes, sorry, I was..yes..I'm...what were you saying?" She rambled, her blush coming on strongly again.

"Are you allright? You seemed to doze off just there."

She nodded and grabbed my hand within hers, turning it over. "Edward."

"Yes?" I was starting to get worried, maybe I'd pushed her too far before, maybe I'd scared her somehow.

"I don't... You confuse me sometimes. One moment you seem like you don't have a problem doing...'stuff',' she blushed fiercely and I couldn't help smiling at her obvious embarrassment. "and then at other times you seem like even being near me is pushing it."

She was right. I was being selfish.. But I couldn't seem to help myself, she was an Angel and I was powerless against her pull towards me. "Bella, believe me when I say that I do wánt to do everything with you, always. But I have more strength in just one finger than you could possibly ever imagine; I could hurt you so easily and I don't ever want to come even close to doing that. You're perfect, but I'm the definition of 'corrupted'."

Bella started out with a small smile, but when I ended my explanation she looked down-right pissed - her hands firmly removed from around mine and placed in her hips. "I-I...I don't even have words for what I'm thinking right now." She stood and turned around, her hands pressing together into little fists.

I stood with her, moving over to her instantly and letting my hands linger on the small of her back. "Don't be upset, please, I promise that-" I breathed into her neck, but she interrupted me by turning around and placing her lips on mine.

She was so warm.

"Edward, just stop overthinking and live a little. For me, please?" She said the moment she pulled back from me.

I nodded solemnly and somewhere deep inside of myself I accepted that she might just be right and it could be time for me to start living again.
"So, love, what would you like to do today, because I don't know wether you noticed or not, but it's only 8.30." I questioned after a few moments of silence on both our parts.

She walked towards the door, holding my hand, while I let her pull me with her. "I had an idea, but that actually requires for it to be evening...so...hmm...can you think of anything?"

Even though I was intensely curious as to what she would want to do in the evening, I couldn't let myself linger on that for too long for I knew exactly what I wanted to do with her; share with her. "The day is going to be really sunny, much like yesterday..and there's a sort of secluded beach nearby that's actually quite nice this time of year."
She cocked her head to the side, considering my proposition. "Hmm, even though I wouldn't mind a day at the beach, I don't actually own a bathing suit...at least, I didn't bring one with me from back home. Never thought I'd need one out here." She laughed freely, her hair swishing beside her. She looked gorgeous.

I looked towards the right, already having noticed the prominent purple-colored bag in the corner. "I believe Alice might've already thought of that."

Bella looked absolutely beautiful in the sunlight, her hair, eyes and skin glistening like the beautiful angel she was. "Why in the world did she dress me up like this, when she knew we were going to the beach?!" Bella laughed airily, hopping around on one foot in the sand, trying to pull one of her heels of her other foot.

I put the blanket down on the ground and started pulling out the food Alice had somehow prepared for Bella. I would need to thank her for this later. "Well, you can't swim, the water's most definitely too cold for that, and I have to be honest that I don't mind in the slightest."

She smiled shyly at my comment and rolled her eyes a little, running over when she finally tore off her other heel - crashing into my open arms. "You never told me if you actually like it."
I winked at her and swooped her up into my arms bridal-style, before whispering into her ear. "You look absolutely ravishing; delicious."

Her blush was so intense that even a human could have probably felt the air around us heat up a little. I lowered us onto the blanket, but kept her in my lap and bent my face towards hers. "Have a little taste then." She whispered throatily, barely audible.

Our lips touched and fireworks erupted inside of me, as always. She locked her arms around my neck, one of my hands making its way across her back to come rest on her hip, and the other keeping her face glued to mine. "Edward." She sighed, when I let my tongue flicker across her bottom lip. My grip on her hip tightened somewhat and I tried pulling her even closer, while making sure that I wasn't hurting her. Her breath was getting labored and I was enjoying it; enjoying the effect I was having on her, enjoying the sight of her flushed face and heavy lids. "Yes, my love?" I breathed seductively.

Even though I might be over a hundred years old and the people from my time and age weren't known as the most 'sexy' ones, I had learned over time what it took to sweep a lady of her feet. Men might be terribly cocky and self-absorbed, but some of their thoughts weren't the worst as they'd honestly taught me some...things.

Her mouth opened several times, her eyes flicking from side to side, before she finally deemed herself steady enough to speak. "You're...driving me insane.."

I grinned fully, not scared in the slightest that she might be afraid of my teeth or anything like that, for Bella néver seemed scared of me. "That's the point."

It was a short one, but I needed a little push from myself to get back in the game.. No worries, I'm not gonna let them get at it right there on the beach. Haha. But I do think that Twilight was far too prudish about anything that even had to do with making out or something. They're teenagers for crying out loud...it can be a bit 'hot'. After this I'm going to go more into the "Edward drinks human blood"thing, so...be prepared.

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