It was another regular day in New York city. Jenny was at school, her parents at work, and Winston the butler was out doing errands. Which meant Oliver, Jenny's little orange cat, and Georgette, the prized 56 blue ribbon, 14 regional dog show, 6 time nation champion poodle home alone.

Now it so happens that Georgette was admiring her self in a mirror.

"Oh you are the second greatest wonder of the world. My reflection." She said to herself

"Georgette," Oliver said coming over

"What kitty?" Georgette said "Can't you see I'm admiring myself?"

"Sorry," Oliver said "It's just without Jenny here I was bored,"

"So?" Georgette said, not really caring what the little kitty had to say

"Well I was wondering if you would play me?" Oliver said

Georgette burst into laughter just then

"Ha ha ha, me play? Ha ha ha. I don't play games kitty, I'm a champion, I have to stay 100 percent at all times. zor else one of those other mutts I compete against will get an edge." Georgette gloated

"Ah c'mon," Oliver said "You mean Jenny and her family never play with you? Even when you were I puppy?"

"Of course not," Georgette sad "I was bred to be..."

It was at this moment that Georgette realized that she had never really had a puppyhood. That her whole life was just winning trophies and awards, and crushing her opponents. A look of pure shock suddenly appeared on the poodles face

"Huh! You're right Oliver," That was probably the first time she had called the little orange cat by his name "I've never had any real fun before,"

"Well, we could do something fun," Oliver suggested

"Like what?" Georgette asked

Some time later Winston, Jenny, and her parents came home. Only to find that the kitcen was a complete mess, along with the living room, and most of the down stairs

"My goodness have we been robbed?" Jenny's father said

"Oh my," Jenny said suprised at something

Winstaon and her parnts went over to she what had suprised her.

What it was was Oliver, and Georgette, together, sleeping. Oliver was curled up into a little orange ball next to Georgettes soft belly. Both looking so peaceful and happy. Along with being covered in makeup and ribbons, they had played dressup.

"I'd never thought I'd see the day," Winston said suprised

"Aw, they look so cute," Jenny said "It look like they've finally become friends,"

"And it also looks like we've got a lot of cleaning to do," Jenny father said

The rest of the night was full of Jenny's family and Winston cleaing the home, while Georgette and Oliver played some more. In the back yard

The end

Hopefuly this will be the first of many Georgette and Oliver stories

Maybe I'll make a crazy one where she has Titos puppies or something

Their a fic idea 4 whoever wants it.

Anyway I got to think up a lion king hyena story