Digimon: Digital Monsters

The Legendary Saga

Written by: Steeldramon21

Disclaimer: I never owned Digimon or even the idea of Digimon. If I did, Taiora fans would be VERY happy right now. That goes for Daiyako, Rukato, and Takuya/Izumi fans too!

Plot: In this story, a mysterious new Chosen Child comes to the children from another time. His mission: to help them against their greatest foe ever. Can they succeed despite overwhelming opposition? Also, what secret does his origins contain? What does it mean for the Chosen Children? Find out next!

Warning: Contains Sorato, Taiora, Keyako, Takari, Daiyako, and Koumi. (That's a lot of couples.) Enjoy!

Note: I've decided to use the Japanese names for the Chosen (or DigiDestined if you prefer). The Digimon remain the same. This story is built around Lord Archive's "For Our Digital World "story. Enjoy!


Taichi and Agumon
Sora and Biyomon
Yamato and Gabumon
Mimi and Palmon
Koushiro and Tentomon
Jyou and Gomamon
Takeru and Patamon
Hikari and Gatomon
Daisuke and Veemon
Miyako and Hawkmon
Iori and Armadillomon
Ken and Wormmon


Akira and Lizardmon

In another time and place, a young teenage boy could be seen running through a forested area with a Rookie-level Digimon. The boy's brown hair was spiky and straddled with a pail of round, blue goggles. He was also wearing a blue cardigan jacket with a black tank shirt and blue jeans. The lizard was navy blue in appearance and resembled a cross between a small Tyrannosaurus Rex and a dragon.

"We have to hurry, Lizardmon!"The boy said to his Digimon partner. "If he gains on us, we're history!"

"I'm running as fast as I can, Akira!" Lizardmon said to him in a saurian voice. "I'm not exactly a road runner!" Just then, an explosion halted them in their tracks. The two of them looked up and saw that another Digimon was landing in front of them. He was obviously saurian in nature, his arms encased in twin cannons and a fierce scowl on his face. He was Megadramon, and riding him was a young man with blond hair. He was wearing a black and purple shirt-and-pants set and had a superior smirk on his face. He was Justin Mackenzie.

"Well, well, well."Justin said as Megadramon hovered there. "If it isn't Akira Yagami, the so-called Digimon Master."

"I don't have time for you, Justin."Akira growled to him. "Out of our way, now!"

"Make time, because you aren't going to destroy my master's mission. Soon, all of reality will be under his control and you will be nothing but an unpleasant memory."

"Not if I can help it!" Akira then flipped open his digivice, a small device based on a D-3. It was solid black with blue around the sides and a flip-up cover on the screen. "Digivolution activate!"he shouted as he pointed it at Lizardmon.

"Lizardmon, digivolve to... Dinomon!" Where Lizardmon once was, now stood a giant Digimon that resembled XVeemon. His skin was dark blue and didn't have an X on his chest. Also, his head had two horns in the back but didn't have a spike on
the nose. The wings on his back were also closer to dragon's wings.

"Destroy him, Megadramon, while I open the time portal!" Justin commanded as he jumped off. With that, the giant Ultimate flew down to attack Dinomon. Meanwhile, he whipped out what appeared to be a variant on Akira's digivice. It was grey in appearance. As he was about to key the sequence to open the portal, suddenly he was tackled from behind. He turned and found that Akira was holding him down by the shoulders. Akira then punched him hard across the face several times. Justin kicked him in the stomach hard and got up. He finished keying the sequence and held his digivice up. With a flash of light, a portal opened in front of both boys.

"No!" Akira shouted as he got to his feet.

"Return, Megadramon!" Justin ordered. The giant Digimon, who was in a dogfight with Dinomon, returned to his master's side. He shrank until he became Gizamon, a small lizard with spikes on his back and a brown mane. "Enjoy your last moments of existence, Akira Yagami, because as of this moment you HAVE no existence!" With that, he ran into the open portal with his Digimon. As Dinomon flew downward, he de-digivolved to Lizardmon and rejoined his partner.

"What do we do now, Akira?" Lizardmon asked.

"We follow him, that's what." Akira said seriously. "If Justin goes back in time and does what I think he'll do, then our entire existence is in jeopardy." He then pulled back the sleeve on his jacket and revealed a device attached to his arm. It resembled an armband was looked closer in appearance to the older digivices of his parents. (Taichi's digivice from the V-Tamers manga.) "I just hope that this D-Scanner Professor Izumi invented works. For our sake, and the sake of all of humanity, it had better work."With that, he and Lizardmon ran into the portal as it closed behind them, uncertain of where or when they'll emerge...


(This portion of the story is borrowed from Lord Archive's "For Our Digital World" story. The rest of the story is built around it.)

The Odaiba Chosen gathered in the Digital World after receiving word from Gennai that Quinglongmon wanted to address all of them.

"I have spent the past year since BelialVamdemon's destruction looking at the potential futures our worlds could have," Quinglongmon began. "I have seen some things that trouble me greatly.

"While mating is not an unknown concept to digimon. Some digimon still engage in the practice of procreating with other digimon. The offspring of two digimon often inherits the power of the parents.

"This is the case with humans as well. Any child you Chosen Children have in the future may have the ability to become Chosen themselves. If both parents are Chosen, the resulting offspring WILL be a Chosen.

"The more powerful the parent, the more powerful the offspring will likely become. A child born of powerful parents can become the greatest light. A kami who's blinding light he shines would call forth a great darkness that will attempt to defeat that light. A darkness more evil than Apocalymon or Vamdemon. However, for one to be born mortal, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The child may become a god of darkness who may have to be killed by his own parents or sibling."

The Chosen were shocked by his words.

Quinglongmon continued. "Taichi Yagami, you still have the power I granted you to allow Agumon to fight Black WarGreymon. Soon, that power will never be able to leave you, but you have a choice. There is a threat on the horizon that will require a digimon of WarGreymon's strength to handle. You can keep that power to deal with that threat, or you can pass that power to someone else. However, if you keep that power, you can NOT have a child with ANY other Chosen. The choice is yours."

The sky boomed with lightning.

Taichi glanced at Sora, who was standing next to Yamato. He chuckled coldly. "I think that decision has already been made. I'll keep the power."

Sora and Yamato bowed their heads.

Quinglongmon seemed to smile. "I trust that you will not abuse it." He then sighed. "For Hikari Yagami, Takeru Takaishi, and Daisuke Motomiya... there is no choice. The powers of light must not be combined with either hope or miracles. The potential power inherent in Hikari is too great to combine with your traits or any others. You three should not mate with a Chosen for the risk is still present.

"It is not necessary for any of you other Chosen Children to worry about combining your traits with another Chosen. While I would advise against it, all you would be doing is ensuring your children's place as a future Chosen."

The Odaiba Chosen stood still in shook as they absorbed his words.

"How can you say that?" Takeru began to shake. "Are you saying we have to throw away our feelings just because there's a chance our child would become a kami?!"

"There is no chance with you," Quinglongmon boomed. "A kami will result."

"You're just afraid that a kid of mine will replace you," Takeru retorted.

"A threat to me is a threat to the Digital World. If your child were to fight and defeat me, the Digital World may be destroyed as a result of my death," Quinglongmon warned.

"But what about our feelings?! We can't give up on love just because you asked us to! It doesn't work that way!" Takeru yelled.

"That's enough."

Takeru looked over. "Hikari?"

Hikari stood stiffly, eyes closed. "We don't have a choice. I will not knowingly endanger either our world or the Digital World for any reason, even for love. The happiness of two people does not out weigh the safety of two worlds."

"But... Hikari... what about last weekend... when you said you'd love me forever?" Tears fought to be free of Takeru's eyes.

"I always will love you, Takeru. We should've never gone beyond friendship, and I'd like to go back to being friends with you," Hikari said coldly.

"But...." Takeru choked.

Hikari's eyes snapped open into a scowl. "Has your warning come too late?"

"It has not," Quinglongmon replied.

"Did you see to that being the case?" Hikari asked bitterly.

"I did not. And I would not without your consent, or else I'd create the very threat I wish to prevent," Quinglongmon answered.

"I see. Is there anything else?" Hikari asked.

"There is not," Quinglongmon answered before vanishing.

Hikari turned around stiffly. "I'm going home."

Taichi went to walk with her as all the other Chosen remained behind.

Takeru would not look at Hikari.

Daisuke stared in shock as he watched her leave. He could not believe what he heard. Quinglongmon telling him that he couldn't be with Hikari or even Miyako for that matter because he had too much power. And then hearing Hikari question the digimon god if she was pregnant. He just couldn't understand it.

Daisuke watched as Takeru struggled against breaking down crying while his lover walked away. He didn't think Hikari could ever be so cold as to do what she just did. How could she just give up on love?

Hikari's shoulder twitched. Daisuke swallowed hard as he noticed her starting to shake. She latched onto Taichi, burying her face into his chest.

Though they were about a half-kilometer away, Hikari's sobs echoed loudly. It broke his heart to hear her cry as if someone had robbed her of her soul. It didn't matter to him that she was crying because she could never be with Takeru again, and not him. He would love Hikari anyway, and she was hurting and he could not go to her and help.

Takeru curled up into a ball, still fighting his own tears and trying not to hear Hikari cry. Yamato reached out a comforting hand, but Takeru slapped it away and ran blindly away from Hikari.


Elsewhere in the Digital World, Justin observed the scene on his digivice's display. He smirked evilly as he watched the group.

"Yes, accept your fate, Chosen fools." Justin said to himself. "Thanks to that old windbag's warning, the Chosen will never be able to defeat my master now. Even with WarGreymon's help, it won't save them from the slaughter of my master... Millenniummon."He then laughed to himself as he closed the display.


Meanwhile, in an alleyway in the Real World, a portal was opening with an almost blinding light. It deposited Akira and Lizardmon on the ground before closing again. The goggled boy looked around and reassessed his surroundings. In his own
time, the city was just another stepping stone in Millenniummon's conquest. Now, it looked so much different.

"This looks like the right place." Akira said to himself. "I just hope that we're in time."He then turned to Lizardmon. "Our first priority is to find the Chosen in this time. We'll need their help on this. Also, they have to be warned about Millenniummon and Justin. I just pray that we're not too late."With that, he walked out of the alleyway with Lizardmon.

Will Akira find the present-day Chosen before time runs out? What does Justin hope to accomplish in this time? Stay tuned for the next chapter of "The Legendary Saga".