Epilogue: A Future Restored

When Taichi and the other came to, they found themselves and their Digimon back in the Digital World. Also, they had returned to their normal ages.

"Is everybody okay?" Taichi asked as he got up and helped Agumon to his feet.

"I think so." Yamato replied. "That was one heck of a ride."

"Guys, look there!" Daisuke said. Everyone looked up to the sky and saw that the clouds were parting, revealing Quinglongmon's giant form.

"I see that you have succeeded in your mission, Chosen Children." Quinglongmon told them. "You have prevented Millenniummon from regaining his power over this world and stopped him from altering the future to his own means. It appears that everything has gone according to plan, after all."

"What are you talking about, Quinglongmon?" Taichi asked.

"You mean you planned this whole thing from the start?" Takeru said angrily. "We were just pawns in a sick game of yours?!? How dare you?"

"You are obligated to be angry with me, Child of Hope." Quinglongmon calmly told him. "However, you must hear the entire story first. When the Digital World was first created, Millenniummon was born from the chaos drifting in the newborn world. He caused much havoc among the Digimon and they were defenseless against it. In order to protect the world from his evil, we enlisted five humans from your world to stop him. They succeeded in sealing him in the Wall of Fire but during the battle, holes were opened to other realities. Millenniummon sent his Dark Seeds into these worlds to pollute them with his evil. But that is a different story. In this reality, though we were not aware of it, Millenniummon proceeded to absorb the powers of various Digimon defeated in battle, growing in strength. He knew that the only force that could stop him would be the bond that you all share with each other. So, sometime after you newer Chosen defeated Black WarGreymon, myself and the other Digital Gods started searching among the different realities infected with Millenniummon's evil. In almost all of them, he succeeded because the bonds among you were severed by certain means."

"Excuse me, but what does any of this have to do with me?" Akira asked.

"I am about to tell you, because your existence here is quite significant." Quinglongmon continued. "After searching through those realities, I discovered that in each of them you all followed different paths than what you were destined for. Because of this, Millenniummon succeeded in dominating a large portion of these. However, Akira and Lizardmon's existence was a factor that I did not foresee."

"What are you talking about?" Yamato asked. "You said that if we mate with each other, a kami of darkness would be born."

"That WAS correct at the time." Quinglongmon explained. "In the future, a child was born from two powers among you. One of these was the power of Light. The other you all met recently in your voyage to the United States. I believe he holds the power of Fate."

"You mean Willis?" Iori said. "Willis was supposed to be the kami of Darkness father?"

"In that future, yes. The child was Justin Mackenzie. However, as I also said, a kami of Light would also be born. He was blessed with infinite bravery and compassion for all life, whether digital or human. Together with his Digimon, he would have defeated the kami of Darkness and save the Digital World. But, unfortunately, this would come too late for one future."

"He's talking about me." Akira said with a downcast look. "In my future, Justin and I were cousins. It hurt to know that he was as evil as he was. But I had no choice. There was no other way to stop him."

"When Justin Mackenzie summoned Millenniummon," Quinglongmon continued, "his own power was increased to the point where he waged war on us Digital Gods. I observed as the Digital World was destroyed by Millenniummon's power. Us Digital Gods in this time decided that to avert this disaster from taking place, we must ensure that the bonds that you all had with each other since your early years were restored. That is the reason I told you my warning; in hopes that your bonds would, despite this, be reformed enough to stop this menace."

"So that explains why we were sent to find our crests in the groups we were in." Koushiro noted. "You knew all along that some of us weren't going to listen."

"That is correct." Quinglongmon replied. "Though none of this would have been possible without you, Akira."

"What?" Akira said surprised.

"You and Lizardmon were the catalyst that made it possible for the Chosen to regain their lost traits. Your appearance in this time was no coincidence. Without you, the future you came from would have occurred and thus, the Digital and real worlds would have been demolished. However, it does not mean that your existence is in danger. In fact, though the circumstances have changed, your existence has been re-enforced."

"At least I know that I will exist here." Akira said, somewhat relieved.

"Now, Akira, it is time for you to return to your time." Quinglongmon said to him. "However, I must warn you that when you return, it will be a different place than what you left."

"I understand." Akira said as he turned to the other Chosen. "Well, I guess this is it. I've got to say that it's been pretty cool seeing you all."

"Take care of yourself." Daisuke said.

"We'll miss you." Sora added.

"Thanks, guys." Akira said with a warm smile. He then opened his digivice and pointed it at the air. "DigiPort open!" With that, a glowing portal opened in front of them. Before he went in, Akira reached into his pocket and pulled out a box with a note wrapped around it. He tossed it to Taichi.

"What's this for?" Taichi asked.

"You'll find out. Just read the note." Akira said, giving a thumbs-up as he entered the portal. With that, he and his Digimon were gone in a flash of light. As the Chosen began to leave the area, Sora turned to Taichi and saw him looking at the box, trying to see what was inside.

"What's that, Taichi?" Sora asked her friend.

"Something Akira wanted me to have before he left." Taichi replied. He took out the note and began to read it. It read:

Dear Taichi,

When I leave for my time, there's something that you should know about this box. First, to put your fears at ease, because of the little trip you and Sora took to find your crests, she'll begin to re-evaluate her feelings for you and Yamato. Eventually, she'll become confused by her old feelings for you, causing her and Yamato will break up. You need to be there for her as a friend when she does. By then, you'll know what to do with the contents of this box.


Akira Yagami

Taichi opened the box and saw a gold necklace inside. It was rimmed with diamonds and had a ruby shaped like the crest of Love in the center. He smiled to himself as he closed it.

"Thanks, Akira." Taichi thought to himself as he and the others returned home to their world.


Meanwhile, in the Digital World twenty-five years in the future, Akira and Lizardmon emerged from the portal and found themselves in the desert.

"It worked." Akira said to himself. "We're home. I can't believe it! We're home!"

"Where all the pizza is." Lizardmon added happily.

"Come on, Lizardmon." Akira said to his partner as he took off the D- Scanner and stuffed it into his pocket. "After we give this back to Professor Izumi, you can have all the pizza you want when we get home."

"With extra squid?" Lizardmon asked.

"For you, anything." Akira said as he flipped open his digivice once more. "DigiPort open!" With that, another portal was opened. Soon, the Digimon Master and his partner were gone.

The End

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Production Date: Fall 2002

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