More time passed and Georgette and Rita grew more.

By now Georgette was so huge, you'd think she had swallowed two watermelons whole

"Wow honey your huge," Tito said. It was nighttime and everyone was asleep, except Rita, Georgette and their mates. The two girl dogs were having midnight cravings

"I know," Georgette sobbed. Her mood swings kicking in

"No I didn't mean it like that," Tito said trying to calm the poodle "I like you big or small,"

"Aw," Georgette smiling happily.

Yet her smile quickly went away as she felt a sudden pain from with her. Georgette stared panting

"Tito...I think they're..."

Just then her water broke

"OH MY GOSH!" Tito cried

Georgette started braking and before long Jenny and her family came rushing in to see the sight

"Oh my gosh!" Jenny's father said "We got to get her to the vet!"

So before you could say "labor pains" Jenny's family got their prized poodle into the car and sped off to the vets.

"AH!" Georgette screamed in excruciating pain "YOU DID THIS TO ME!" she said to Tito

"Geez," Tito said "Well at least things can't get any more chaotic,"

Yet Tito was proven wrong as another vet brought Rita into thee delivery room. Rita had gone into early labor.

"AH!" Rita screamed, just as Georgette was

"Okay Georgette," the vet said "Just!"

Georgette did as told and with a few minutes her first puppy came out.

It was like a min-Georgette, except with Tito orange and brown fur.

A short time later her second up came out. A boy that looked like Tito but with Georgettes fur colors

The rest of the pups were like this. Boys like Tito but colored like Georgette and girls like Georgette but colored like Tito. All together Georgette had eight puppies.

Soon enough Rita had her puppies to. They had the same scheme like Tito and Georgettes. Boy like Dodger but colored like Rita, and Girls like Rita but colored like Dodger. Rita had six puppies.

Jenny's family soon got to see Georgettes puppies. And when they did...

"Oh my..." Jenny's mother said "They're...beautiful."

"I never woul have thought a poodle and a small dog like Tito could make such cute pups," Fargin said

The two dog couples nuzzled, happy for their new familes

A few weeks later Ritas pups were put up for adaoption, each pup found a loving home.

While Georgettes were being trained into become future prize winning canines. Tito now lived with Georgette and Oliver also

And they all lived happily ever after

The End