Yes, so this is for all the people messaging me to see if I was writing a sequal to The Man Behind the Legend. I'm glad that you guys liked the story, and here is the sequal!


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The Return of the Jade Princess


She was floating in nothing but the darkness of the dream world. It was a place she had gone ever since she had returned home from that world. The Jade Princess had no memory of her time in the Middle Kingdom. Only her dreams and the small trinkets she saved from her short time there reminded her of where her true destiny lies.

Once again the silver haired Princess was dreaming of time she died, not that she would remember…

The silver haired girl was floating, watching the scenery around her like a ghost. She was so close to everyone, yet she was still so far away. The Jade Princess, Ariya, could only watch everything play out like some sort of home movie.

There were sounds of crashing and clangs of metal, echoing as they reached the silver haired girl's ears. She was limp as she desperately struggled to lift her eyelids from her unconscious state. Everything was dark and when she managed to actually lift her eyelids, the blinding light made everything worse. The girl was in a terrible amount of pain and all she wanted was to get down from this stinking wall! Wait…

Her eyes snapped open again as she realized that she was actually strapped to a wall. How had she gotten there? When had she gotten there? It had definitely been after she was pricked with the dart…but the silver haired Princess didn't understand.

She struggled as hard as she could, but the Princess flinched when she suddenly heard cruel laughter next to her ear. The silver haired girl jerked her head to the left and saw that evil bastard of a Warlord standing next to her. Oh, her fiancé would so make him pay.

The Princess pushed her head far away from him and blinked in surprise when she saw a fruit being thrown at the Warlord's head. It was kind of amusing. She looked up and smiled, happy that the Monkey King had come for her…if she could even figure out how she was strapped to the wall in the first place. Gah, this was so frustrating! The Princess hated being the damsel in distress.

She was about to call out for him, but she stopped seeing as he was concentrating very hard on the battle. It was weird; she had never seen WuKong so concentrated on something…unless the Princess was in danger. The silver haired girl didn't feel like she was in danger, but maybe he felt like she was. Oh, she knew what's coming next; it's exactly like that premonition that she saw.

The silver haired girl felt like she would only get in his way seeing that he was in such a heated battle. Suddenly, the Warlord suggested that they fight without weapons and without chi magic. Sure, like the Monkey King would believe that…would he? He was so damn trusting! The girl wanted to cry out, but soon realized that she couldn't or he would lose his concentration.

The Monkey King shoved his trusted metal staff down into the ground, and was about to take position, but stopped when he saw that the Warlord had hidden a knife in his sleeve pocket. He was going to step forward but…no! It was too late; he had already shoved the knife into the silver haired girl's chest. She didn't feel much at first due to the shock of being stabbed, but the pain hit suddenly and forcefully.

The Princess gasped as she felt a searing pain in her chest, pulsating with every beat of her heart. It was agonizing. The girl looked down in a sort of daze, not believing what she was seeing. Suddenly, the restraints were loosened and she fell to the ground in a shaking heap. It was obvious that she was becoming weak. Her hands flew up to the knife lodged in her chest as a pair of strong arms wrapped around her shoulders. The person – who everyone else saw as the Monkey King - tried to lift her very gently, but each movement of her body was excruciating.

The silver haired girl looked up in a daze, looking up into the distraught eyes of the one she loved. He lightly shook her shoulders, but gave a light cry as the girl collapsed in his arms. She just couldn't hold herself up any longer. He turned the silver haired girl over on her back and placed her head in his lap, lightly gripping the knife and tugging it from her chest.

Once the knife was dislodged from the girl's chest the blood could flow freely, causing him to tear up. He knew that she was going to die, but he didn't want to face the truth. He was always like that…so carefree. It was one of the reasons why she loved him. He bunched up the tough material of his belt and pressed it to the grotesque wound, but it didn't help.

"Sun…Wu…Kong" the girl whispered ever so quietly, taking one of his hands in hers. It was so quiet that only her Snowflake was able to hear it. She had said his name. The girl brought the other hand up to his face, cupping his cheek and her eyes started to glaze with unshed tears.

"Be happy…for me…" she whispered…and then…she died.

The area around the Jade Princess – the one who had been watching her death with wide eyes – went dark. There was no sound, no light…no anything.

Just as she was about to give into the darkness, a gentle older voice came drifting through the darkness. Another movie seemed to play out in front of her, this time with no sound. Instead, the gentle older voice told her what was going on.

"My dear, sweet daughter. Your life is just beginning to turn to us once again." He cooed and the silver haired girl felt a warm presence behind her. She looked, of course, but there was nothing there. She turned back to the image before her and watched as the same man from her previous vision – the white haired man – jumped back away from her still body. He growled in obvious hate, clothing stained with her blood.

"The Monkey King wanted nothing more than to avenge your death, but he was tricked." The older gentle voice sighed. It was almost like the voice was disappointed over something. She watched at the white haired man – the Monkey King – cast away the two metal staffs that she had seen.

"In order to preserve his power and the power of his love he cast away the staffs…but he also cast away a servant." He said. It was then that she saw the hair glinting against the metal of his staff.

She watched, horrified, as the Monkey King was turned to stone and her body burned in a proper burial. The people of the Jade Palace mourned her death, but what the older man said next really struck a nerve.

"My dearest…you are ready to come home. Only you and Jason have the power to free the Monkey King from his prison." He said. Suddenly, it was like she was shocked…

The silver haired girl jumped, falling off of her bed as she jerked awake from her dream. Ariya had been having the same dream for the past six weeks. Every night it had been the same. The same people. The same message. The same sorrow. The same strange feeling she got in her chest at the sight of the Monkey King becoming trapped in stone.

It had been six months since the day she had gotten the phone call from Jason, her dear younger brother. Nothing could have made her happier than to have that bastard of a father arrested and convicted of several years in a federal prison. It turns out he had been a drug dealer as well! What are the odds of that?

The silver haired girl got to her feet, a hand to her head and her other hand on the wall to help steady her. This was her routine after every time she had the dream. She went to her desk and quietly opened the drawer – it squeaked quite a bit and Jason's room was next to hers – in order to retrieve a small bottle. Inside was a white hair. It wasn't just any white hair…it was the same kind of hair that floated in the wind against the staff in her dream.

It was proof enough that her dream was real even though she hardly remembered a thing.

Yet, this wasn't the only proof that she had from her time in the Middle Kingdom. She reached underneath her shirt to pull out a small jade leaf. It was beautifully carved and a small, almost invisible, hole was drilled into the base of the leaf so that it could be made into a necklace. The small jade object had a black ribbon running through it, convincing the girl that everything that she had been dreaming of had been true.

She had died, but she had died for the man she loved…even if she didn't remember him. And she knew that one thing was for certain. The time when she released him from his stone cage was drawing near.

The return of the Jade Princess was near at hand.