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Chapter Seven

Fight Time

Their conversation was now over, but the man, Lu Yan, kept eating and drinking his wine.

"That's what I heard, anyway." He said as he chewed his food.

"You heard correctly." Ariya said with a hand over her mouth. She still couldn't believe that her beloved Monkey King was now trapped in stone. It brought tears to her eyes, but more so than ever, the silver haired Princess was determined. She was determined to save her lover and she was determined to put the Jade Warlord in his place once and for all.

"How long has he been imprisoned?" Jason asked while giving his sister a weird look. Why was she behaving like this? Did it have to do with what happened before she went to live with him? Jason didn't know much about her life before she came to live with him and their mother, but he knew that she had a hard time because of it.

"Five hundred years." The man before them said as he drank more wine, "Give or take a few decades." He continued before taking another bite out of his meat bun. "They say when the Monkey King is free the Jade Emperor will return and the Jade Princess will return as well." Lu Yan continued to calmly answer Jason's questions.

"How do we get home?"

"Do you really want to go home, Jason?" his sister asked him with a strange look on her face. Jason didn't know it then, but Ariya didn't know if she wanted to return home. If they were successful in their adventure, then she wanted to stay here with her beloved Monkey King.

"You must return the staff to Five Elements Mountain." He said, leaning forward so that Jason could hear him, "You must free the Monkey King."

"I can't free the Monkey King. We gotta get home." Jason said, ignoring Ariya's former comment. He still thought that his big sister would do whatever he wanted her to do. It was true when they were living in their time, back in the United States, but not when she was so close to what made her happy. Not when she was so close to her beloved lover.

"Innkeeper!" Lu Yan called, holding up his jug, "More wine."

"Jeeze, don't you think you've had one too many?" Jason said, gaping at the fighter sitting in front of him. The silver haired Princess shook her head. Obviously, Jason didn't know much about the culture around here.

"Wine is my inspiration. In some parts I am known as a poet. Kanpei." He said, saluting the two siblings with the cup full of wine. "In other parts I am known as a beggar." Lu Yan said as the owner came over with their bill. Jason and Ariya searched their clothing. Unfortunately, Ariya only had a couple of coins. It wasn't enough to cover the bill. Jason only had American money. He put a couple of bills of American money on top of the bill and smiled nervously at the owner. Lu Yan nodded as the owner looked at him with a strange expression. The man got up and spoke to a woman, most likely his wife, before he spotted a few Jade Soldiers walking his way. The man rushed over to them and started to explain the situation.

"What do we do?" Jason asked in a frantic voice. Ariya grabbed her staff, ready for a fight while Lu Yan questioned her brother in his Kung Fu skills. Jason blanched and the other man misinterpreted his answer.

"Ah, he who speaks does not know. He who knows does not speak. Surely, you are a master of Fu." He said with a grin before the three of them rose. The soldiers approached them with a no-nonsense attitude.

"Where did you get that from?" the guard asked, motioning to Jason's staff. The staff of the Monkey King.

"It's fake. You can find anything nowadays on the Silk Road." Lu Yan tried to fib, but the guard was not having any of it.

"Out of my way, old fool." He said, pushing Lu Yan out of the way.

"Hand it over." The guard then said to Jason.

"Leave him alone." Ariya said but the guard just backhanded her across the cheek. She had not been expecting that. She was not used to how men acted in ancient China after she had been living in the United States for the longest time.

"Hand over the weapon or die." The guard said again. This time he was actually threatening the teenager. He slowly withdrew his sword and Ariya stepped closer to her brother. With a look from Lu Yan, Jason threw him the staff. He, in turn, threw the wine bottle at the guard. He caught it with a surprised look and Lu Yan took the opportunity to smash the staff in the guard's face.

He kicked the table up and it hit another guard in the face. Ariya pulled her brother behind her and used her staff to hit three guards in the face and chest. She kicked up and hit another one in the back, pushing him into three other guards. She didn't like this – she was not used to fighting in such closed spaces. It was too crowded here and the silver haired Princess was worried that other innocent people would get hurt.

Jason huddled in the corner as Lu Yan picked up his gourd holding his alcohol. He threw it in a guard's face, catching it as it rebounded.

"Go!" Ariya exclaimed as she pushed him down the stairs. He stopped short, but she ran into him. He fell forward, but she caught the back of his shirt, falling forward as well until Lu Yan caught the back of her jacket. The warrior pulled them back just in time for Jason to not have his face slashed through. Jason landed on a small table as Lu Yan kicked the guards back down the stairs. Ariya kicked a guard in the face and punched one in the stomach before stabbing one in the side with her staff. Lu Yan and she made a great team.

Lu Yan continued to fight with the Monkey King's staff while Jason crouched behind him. Suddenly, by accident, the warrior pushed Jason off of the landing they were on. Ariya screamed and tried to help her brother back onto the landing, but she, along with Lu Yan were forced to jump down to the lower level.

Ariya bit her lip. This wasn't going good at all.