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Merry Month of May


Alice told him that she first had come back to Underland via looking glass travel in the month of May; she had climbed through from her cabin, seeing a tea party in progress and wondering why her friends could not hear her on the other side. This had left Hatter with endless curiosity about this month. He pestered her about it, asking questions so as to fathom what it was about May that had brought Alice back to him. Time was tricky and temperamental, but Above he had seen fit to send the Alice back to a Hatter Below in the month of May.

Alice, good though she was to humor him, finally tired of continuously describing May and settled on a rhyme—something she knew he would very much like, after all—as her explanation of the charming month:

"In the merry month of May

When green leaves begin to spring,

Little lambs do skip like fairies

Birds do couple, build and sing."[1]

Green was a lovely color, quite cheerful. Leaves were pleasant and could sing if properly taught. The less said about fairies the better, but lambs were particularly entertaining and their parents supplied bushels of wool for felting hats, so he could never fault them for their apparent fairy-like tendencies in May. And birds, well, he enjoyed their singing even better than tree song. May must be a most pleasant month, he concluded: a month for coupling, nesting, and singing. This was the month Time selected for Alice to return to him.

As long as Alice continued to step through her looking glass, it would always be May for Hatter.

[1] "In the Merry Month of May" is a traditional folk rhyme.