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-My Precious Imouto/one-

Being dead was boring, he decided, especially when he was tied down to a place that was inhabited entirely of civilians. They were everywhere here, no matter how far he floated off, north, south, east, or west, they were there. No shinobi to speak of no matter how hard he searched.

Uchiha Itachi was really getting frustrated, something that was almost out of character for him. So Sasuke had killed him about two months ago and he has yet to enter either a heaven or hell. He knew that there was no way that this place could be either of those because none of the creatures here were able to see him. No, he was a ghost and he was confined to a place where it was normal for females to have premarital intercourse and where men could live with their parents until they were twice his age. This really wasn't his 'scene' as many of the teens his otouto's age said. How he hated this place known as 'Japan'!

"Oi Itachi! Look over there at those civilians un! Heh, heh. They seem to be having fun~." Deidara said from his spot off to the side of the building that he and two others stood.

Another thing that frustrated him. He was stuck with Kisame, Deidara, and Sasori from his past life. Kisame and even Sasori were tolerable at times, but he couldn't stand having the blonde constantly surrounding him. Even in life they had time away from each other, but here, his old acquaintances wanted to keep together so they would go to whichever realm together.

"Deidara, keep your thoughts to yourself." Sasori commanded his old partner as he stared down at the bustling city with a blank expression.

It was then that he felt something. A small tingling feeling in the back of his self-conscious. There was something off about this town that they had just came to… Itachi climbed to his feet and blinked a couple of times. Was it just his failing eyesight, or was there really a large creature in the distance with a white mask covering its face?

Without a word to his former teammates, he made his way towards the large being with adamant curiosity. He hadn't seen such a creature in any other region or village in 'Japan'. He came up close to it, cloaking his chakra just in case. He had no idea what kind of powers such a beast held. Now that he was closer, his nose quivered in disgust. Such an awful scent; worse than decaying flesh…


Kurosaki Karin's eyebrow twitched as she made her way towards the vast amount of spiritual pressure. She could tell that it was a hollow just by the energy, and one thing was for sure: she was pissed. She was right in the middle of a soccer game against Tachibana Daisuke, her number one rival at her school! It had taken her months to convince him that she was good enough to take him on, and now that her chance had finally come, Kurakara town needed her protection against a freaking hollow!


She glanced over to the side and saw a red headed teen with incredibly messy hair and a scowl on his face running towards her with a steel baseball bat over one shoulder. She smirked. "Hanakari… Finally decided that your vacation was over and that you had to help out with this shit, ne?"

His scowl deepened as he flanked her and resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "Ururu and I were out training with Tessai-san in the north. There are other places in need of hollow killers, you know…"

"Whatever, let's just kill this thing and get home. Yuzu is making miso soup."

An obvious blush covered the boy's matured face. "…C-can I come over tonight? It's been awhile since I've seen Yuzu-hime's angelic face…"

"And just what does that make me, a demon?" She snorted.

"Jealousy is very unbecoming, Kurosaki." He responded with a grin. This was the way that they were. They didn't mean anything by their small fights; in fact, they were probably considered best friends. Jinta liked her twin and she was really okay with it, but she would tease him about it just like now.

"So, are you going to ride up on a white horse?"


"You said that she was a 'hime', so you must be her gallant knight! Where's your horse?"

His tanned skin flushed once again. "Just shut it."


"Kurosaki, just get out of the way!" a voice from below caught his attention. He glanced down to see two teens his otouto's age standing at the base of the massive beast, arguing. One was a male who had incredibly messy flaming crimson hair with a simple pair of loose ebony pants and ivory shirt who held in his hands what was known as a 'baseball bat' in this place; his assessing eyes shifted to the girl and narrowed as he studied her… She had the looks of an Uchiha. She wore a pair of short black shorts that showed off legs of an athlete, a black tank top with the words 'death or glory' written in blood red. She had a red 'baseball cap' and had her long, silky looking midnight black tresses pulled back into a loose, messy ponytail. She currently had a scowl on her attractive face and held a 'soccer ball' loosely beneath one arm.

"Shut your mouth Hanakari, I told you that I can handle it myself!" Itachi sensed a sudden spike in the girl's chakra levels and noticed how the large creature angled its body towards her and the boy. He too took an instinctual step forward, as if to move to her defense, but caught himself, frowning. What was he doing? Why risk himself for someone he didn't know? Preposterous!

All of a sudden, the thing's large talon-like fingers were diving towards the redhead, who was still too busy to notice it coming for him, however, the female was not. She foolishly dove in front of the boy, ready to take the crippling blow for herself

That baka! Itachi dove forward, his jaw clenched tightly. Is she looking to get herself killed?

"KARIN!" The redhead's eyes widened in horror as he moved forward to pull her out of the way, but he was too late.

"Baka." A flash of black and red dazed him briefly and he heard a loud Clink!

Two figures were thrown back and shoved into a wall, Karin losing conscious as soon as she made contact; however, there was a massive amount of spiritual pressure coming from the hole that she was in.

Jinta's eyes widened. "K-Karin!" He dashed towards the hole, only to be stunned to the ground. He was frozen! His shaky eyes rose to see a young man in the mouth of the hole, Karin draped over his shoulder as if she weighed nothing. His empty ebony hues were locked on the creature and his lips were pulled down at their corners.

"… Youkai… You have wandered into the wrong path this night. Your strength is great and I will honor you with a quick death." The man lifted a hand and all of a sudden, the hollow's blood was spilling everywhere and its head toppled to the ground.

"…O-oi…" Jinta made his voice loud enough for the spirit to hear him. "A-are you from the soul society?"

"Soul society? Is that what they call heaven here? Hn…" He turned and was about to leave, once again pausing at the boy's shout.

"Where are you taking Karin?"

"…It doesn't concern you child." Was all he said before seemingly disappearing into thin air, taking his best friend with him.



"Hey Itachi un! What have you got there?" Deidara was suddenly at his side and lifted the teen known as Karin's chin up to inspect her. "Ooh!" He giggled. "She is quite the beauty… Who is she?"

"She is my imouto." He responded, his Sharigan blazing. The look he gave his fellow Akatsuki members was a one that clearly said 'challenge me and die'.

Sasori merely nodded. He didn't care if Itachi had become attached to a human. As long as they stuck together, he couldn't care less. Kisame studied the girl and muttered "What a pain," but didn't protest and Deidara was bouncing with joy, literally.

Kurosaki Karin, welcome to the Akatsuki family.


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