Ch.1-A is for Abandoned

So I decided to a Organization XIII alphabet thing because I thought it'd be cool. And give people more pairings to get into. I hope you like it. First pairing is Zemyx.



Sum: No one noticed the child sitting alone on the bridge. Every day he was there, waiting for someone, and no one noticed. But Demyx noticed.

He sat there everyday. He had been sitting there since last week, always in the same spot, in the same position.

The boy was probably six. He had short steel-blue hair with a long, layered bang shielding his right eye while his uncovered eye, which was a deep navy blue, stared ahead of him blankly. He wore black cargo shorts reaching to his knees, which were drawn to his chest, and a black T-shirt with a strange black hear on the front outlined in red and had red stitches criss-crossing the organ (A/N: Recognize this symbol?).

The boy always sat there, away from people, with his legs drawn to his chest and his small arms wrapped around them.

And he never moved.

He shifted occasionally to alter his position, but he never stood up and moved.

And no one noticed him.

The people walking past the child never stopped once to ask him why he was there or where his parents were or what his name was.

They only walked past him, never sparing him a glance.

A young boy around nine that always walked the bridge with his dad on their way home from work and school did.

The boy's hair was a dirty blonde and styled into something that people would call a Mull-hawk-a lovechild that came from a Mullet and a Mohawk. His eyes were sea-green and as deep as the ocean and he wore blue jeans torn at the knees and frayed at the end and a black T-shirt with a band logo on the front- 'The Dancing Flames.'

The boy's father was twenty-nine. He had the same dirty blonde hair his son did, but kept it a bit nicer, and had black eyes. He wore a dark blue suit with a white T-shirt underneath the blazer and a red tie.

The boy slowed down, holding his dad's right hand with his left, as they passed the other boy sitting on the bridge.

He's always there…The blonde thought. I wonder what he's waiting for?

"Demyx?" The boy's father paused when he felt a tug on his hand and looked down at his son to see what he wanted.

"Can you wait for a second, dad?" Demyx asked, looking up at his father as he pulled his hand out of his dad's grasp. "I'll be right back."

Demyx's dad watched his son trot back the way they had come, heading toward a lone boy huddled on the bridge.

Demyx halted before the steel-blue-haired boy and dramatically dropped to a crouch, staring at the boy seriously.

Gradually, the boy looked at Demyx and the two stared at each other for a few seconds before Demyx blinked and the boy slowly blinked back, tilting his head slightly to the side as if wondering why Demyx was there.

"Hello." Demyx grinned. "I'm Demyx. What's your name?"


"Hi, Zexion. What are you doing here?"

"I'm waiting."

"For what?"

"My parents."

Demyx shifted until he was beside Zexion and he sat down, not taking his eyes off the boy beside him.


"They dropped me off here and said they'd return."

"How long have you been here?"

"A week."

"So why'd they leave you here?" Demyx questioned as Zexion looked away from him.

"I'm smarter than my classmates."

"So? What's that to be ashamed about?"

"And I can smell strange things."

"Strange things?" Demyx repeated. "What do you mean by that?"

"I can smell food faster than anyone else and people's natural scents."

"Like a bloodhound?"

Zexion glared at Demyx, who smiled innocently.

"So…what's my scent?"

Zexion narrowed his eye slightly but Demyx could see his nose twitching ever so slightly.

"Like the ocean." Zexion answered after a while. "And sea-breeze."

"Really?" Demyx cocked his head to the side. "But I've never been to the ocean."

Zexion turned his head away from the blonde and resumed staring ahead of him sternly.

"Um…dude, I don't think your parents are coming."

"I know. But I have nowhere else to go."

Demyx stared at Zexion thoughtfully before he grinned and stood up.

"You can come home with me!"

Zexion stared up at Demyx in surprise.

"Come on!" Demyx grabbed Zexion's wrist and dragged the boy to his feet before he lead him toward where his father was patiently waiting.


"No worries! My dad's sure to say yes!"

"And who is this?" Demyx's dad asked as Demyx and Zexion stopped in front of him.

"This is Zexion! He's my new friend!"

"Well, hello, Zexion."

"Dad, he's alone. Can he come live with us?"

"What have your mother and I told you about picking up stray dogs?"

"But, daddy!" Demyx hugged Zexion around the neck, staring at his dad with a 'I'm-already-attached-to-him' look.

Demyx's dad sighed. "All right, he can live with us."

"Yes!" Demyx cheered, squeezing Zexion once before he released him and grabbed Zexion's left hand as he took his father's, intertwining their fingers. "Come on, Zexy! Let's go home!"

Zexion looked back at the bridge as the trio began to walk before he looked back at Demyx, who was chatting with his dad and grinning brightly. Zexion looked down at their intertwined hands before he gave a small smile.

The abandoned feeling in his chest faded.

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