Special chapter: Remember the Organization's name-stylized by Organization XIII

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It was dark in the room and only faint whispering could be heard before loud, rap-fast music began and a bright ray of light suddenly opened up to reveal Axel, who smirked.

"You ready? !" He asked.

Demyx suddenly appeared with a laugh as he slung an arm around Axel's shoulders. "Let's go!"

Several lights turned on and revealed the other Organization members, save for Xemnas and Xigbar, standing scattered throughout the lower floor of the Hall of Empty Melodies.

Xigbar abruptly appeared, floating quietly to land next to Demyx and Axel.

"Yeah, for those of you who want to know what we're all about," Xigbar grinned as he summoned his two Sharpshooter. "It's like this, y'all."

"C'mon!" Kixue grinned as she motioned for the other members to join in.

"This is ten percent luck." Luxord pulled out his cards and fanned them out in his hand.

Xigbar began to fire his Arrowguns, hitting the twenty targets that were stationed around the room, all getting bull's-eyes, in the matter of five seconds. The Freeshooter grinned as he rested one weapon on his shoulder. "Twenty percent skill."

"Fifteen percent concentrated power of will." Zexion closed his eyes as his Lexicon hovered before him and rapidly made copies of himself.

Axel grinned as he placed an arm around Roxas. "Five percent pleasure."

Roxas, apparently not liking this, frowned and gave a quick blow to Axel's groin before turning away as the pyro fell to the ground with a yelp. "Fifty percent pain."

"And a hundred percent reason to remember the name." Xemnas hummed as he calmly strode into the room.

"Xemnas!" Vexen quickly bowed and Xemnas nodded appreciatively.

"He doesn't need his name up in lights." Larxene growled as she waved her hand dismissively.

Xaldin crossed his arms as he said, "He just wants to be heard whether it's the battle or the hearts."

"He feels so unlike everybody else, alone." Marluxia shrugged.

"In spite of the fact that some people still think that they know him." Lexaeus watched coolly as Xemnas headed toward Saix.

"But fuck 'em." Axel swiped his hand to the side, obviously recovered from his previous encounter. "He knows the code."

Luxord shook his head as he said, "It's not about the salary."

"It's all about reality," Xion said. "And making some noise."

"Making the story." Saix handed a clipboard to Xemnas. "Making sure his Organization stays up."

"That means when he puts it down," Kixue grinned as Xemnas dropped the clipboard, whether on accident or purpose, and Saix picked it up. "Saix's picking it up!"

"Let's go!" Xile cheered as she jumped onto her friend's back.

"Who the hell is he anyway?" Larxene frowned.

"He never really talks much." Axel said, shaking his head with a shrug as he came up beside the Nymph.

"Never concerned with status." Zexion sighed as he opened his Lexicon. "But still leaving them star struck."

"Humbled through opportunities given," Vexen said. "Despite the fact that many misjudged him because he makes a living from giving reports."

"Put together himself," Lexaeus agreed. "Now the picture connects."

"Never asking for someone's help," Luxord said as he played a card game with Xigbar in a nearby corner. "Or to get some respect."

"He's only focused on what he wrote," Marluxia watched as Demyx, who had been playing Arpeggio to make beautiful pictures in the air, hit a wrong note and accidentally drenched Saix's reports. "His will is beyond reach."

Kixue grinned as Saix changed to Berserker mode. "And now it all unfolds, the skill of a Berserker."

"This is twenty percent skill." Saix snarled as he turned his attention to Demyx.

"Eighty percent fear." Demyx cowered.

"Be a hundred percent clear." Marluxia rolled his eyes as Demyx fled with Saix chasing after him. "'Cause Axel is ill."

"Who would've thought that he'd be the one to set the west in flames." Kixue asked as she looked at Xile.

Xile nodded. "And I heard him wreck it to The Crystal Method, 'Name of the game'."

"Came back, dropped school," Xemnas frowned at the two gossipers. "Took 'em to church."

"I like Bleach, man." Xigbar grinned.

"Why you have the stupidest verse?" Luxord questioned as he glanced at the Freeshooter.

"This dude is the truth," Larxene said. "Now everybody's giving him guest spots."

"His stock's through the roof." Sora said as he poked his head into the room. "I heard he's fuckin' with Roxas!"

Axel choked and glared at the brunette before yelling curses at him to get the hell out and Sora left, giggling insanely, as he went to tell Riku what the Organization was doing.

"This is ten percent luck." Saix said as he walked back into the room, dragging a struggling Demyx by the back of the neck.

"Twenty percent skill." Xile grinned as she summoned her two Kodachi and tossed them at Kixue.

Kixue blocked the attack with her notebook and stopped the weapons in mid-air before sending them back to Xile. "Fifteen percent concentrated power of will."

"Five percent pleasure." Marluxia smiled, pulling Vexen closer as Xile dodged the counter attack.

Demyx whined as Saix roughly released him. "Fifty percent pain."

Xaldin glanced at everyone and they instantly stood together with Xemnas at the front, their weapons in their hands. "And a hundred percent reason to remember the name."

Roxas glanced at Xigbar as the members scatter once again. "They call him Xigbar."

"He's sick and he's spitting fire," Xaldin said. "And Xemnas got him out of the darkness."

"He's hot." Luxord smiled.

Saix stared at his clipboard as he said, "Found him in Hollow Bastion with Luxord."

"What a fuckin' nihilist porcupine." Axel muttered as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Luxord glared at the pyro.

"He's a prick," Axel glared back at the blonde. "He's a cock."

"The type men want to be with." Luxord said defensively.

Axel smirked as he made a sideways L and flicked his hand up slightly in the 'pow' motion. "And gunners hope he get shot."

"Eight years in the making." Xemnas gazed toward Kingdom Hearts. "Patiently waiting for it to blow."

"Now the record with Zemyx taking over the globe." Kixue announced as he opened her notebook and showed it to everyone, the notebook holding many statistics.

Axel pointed to Demyx and Zexion who had decided to be lovey-dovey. "He's got a partner in crime, his shit is equally dope."

"You won't believe the kind of shit that comes out this kid's throat." Marluxia whispered to Vexen.

"Roxas!" Axel happily hugged Roxas.

Xion grinned as Roxas summoned his Keyblade. "He's not your everyday on the block."

"He knows how to work with what he's got." Vexen frowned as he glanced at Marluxia.

Marluxia smiled, putting an arm around Vexen as Axel ran past with Roxas chasing after him. "Making his way to the top."

"He often gets a comment on his name." Demyx looked at Zexion.

The Schemer nodded in agreement. "People keep asking him was it given at birth or does it stand for an acronym?"

"No, he's living proof." Xigbar shook his head. "Got him rocking the booth."

Luxord smiled as he watched Roxas passionately kiss Axel. "He'll get you buzzing quicker than a shot of vodka with juice."

"Him and his crew are known around as one of the best." Marluxia pointed to Roxas, Axel and Xion.

Xemnas watched as Xion and Roxas summoned their Keyblades. "Dedicated to what they do."

"Give a hundred percent!" Kixue excitedly held up a sign that said "100%".

"Forget Xemnas." Axel pushed the Superior out of the way.

"Nobody knows how or why he tries so hard." Demyx waved a hand as he laid on the ground with his Sitar.

Roxas watched as Xemnas looked back at Kingdom Hearts. "It seems like he's never got time."

"Because he writes every mission and he writes every sign." Xion explained as she looked at Roxas.

"Oh, so that's why." Roxas grinned.

Saix stared at Xemnas with a small smile. "And I've seen him at work when that light goes on in his mind."

"It's like a design written in his head every time." Vexen said as he nodded and Saix glanced at him.

They both looked back at Xemnas as Riku and Sora appeared at the entrance to the hall. "Before he even touches a pen or speaks in a line."

"And those motherfuckers he runs with." Riku growled as he glared at the Nobodies in the room.

Sora looked at Riku. "The kids that he signed?"

"Ridiculous." Riku sneered. "Without even trying."

The two glanced at each other in confusion. "How do they do it? !"

"This is ten percent luck." Xion summoned her Keyblade and quickly turned around, killing a Shadow that had been trying to sneak up behind her.

Larxene smirked as she called up Foudre and three them up into the air to form the Organization symbol. "Twenty percent skill."

"Fifteen percent concentrated power of will." Lexaeus said, not opening his closed eyes.

Demyx was still laying on the ground, playing his Sitar, as Zexion laid next to him. "Five percent pleasure."

"Fifty percent pain." Vexen backed up as Marluxia advanced on him.

Saix gestured to the Nobody symbol that hung in the room. "And a hundred percent to remember the name."

"This is ten percent luck." Xemnas tossed one of his ethereal blades between Marluxia and Vexen to break them apart.

Xaldin summoned two of his Lindworm and flipped them around before catching them behind his back in an X-shape. "Twenty percent skill."

"Fifteen percent concentrated power of will." Roxas said as he willed Oathkeeper and Oblivion to his hands.

"Five percent pleasure." Zexion smiled as he pulled Demyx on top of him.

Xigbar smirked as he gripped Luxord's chin. "Fifty percent pain."

"And a hundred percent reason to remember the name." Axel grinned as he tapped the side of his head.

"Yeah!" All the Nobodies chorused. "Organization XIII."

"Xemnas." Xemnas stood before everybody, looking as superior as he could. "Leader of the Nobodies."

"Axel!" Axel summoned his chakrams.

Xigbar smirked as he called upon Sharpshooter. "Xigbar!"

"Moogle shop!" A random moogle chirped as he suddenly appeared.

Everyone looked at the moogle before they burst into laughter.

"Good job, guys." Kixue said as she walked toward the camera and took it off the stand. "This is so going on YouTube."

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