The Greatest Play Ever

By: Isabella 'Izzy'

Look, I have to be honest with you that this is my first fic and I really hope this turns out as well as I hope it goes. I know I've got Des to bak me up from any flmaers but still, I'm REALLY nervous!

This story is inspired from an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender, in season 3, the epsiode just before the 4 part finale. The epsiode itself is called 'The Ember Island Players' and you might be able to find it on Youtube. You will find the Youtube poop to it though, and it is called the exact same title as this fic. I decided it would be hilarious if this happened similarily to the Clone Wars characters.

The full summary here is that the Sith have created a play based on some of the events of the Clone Wars. However, they might've "changed" the characters a little bit...maybe out of character...

And it just so happens that at the premiere of the play, the Jedi are on the V.I.P list. This should be interesting...

"Cut and scene it! Right there! Perfectly!" battle droid #46729 cried out with joy. Though most droids don't really think (with the exception of C-3PO and R2-D2 most likely), even this one had to agree that this assignment was probably the strangest one it had ever recieved yet in it's artificial lifetime.

46729 never really expected to recieve an important part of the war, nor did he think he'd be remembered for it. Not that he would be know, but according to the General (General Grievous to be exact), this was pretty important.

Now after all the oil, malfunctions, and wires placed into this project, it was finally finished. So far, everything had been running ever-so-smoothly, which was more like a miracle since they were testing the project out in front of the General, Mistress, and even Count Dooku!

The trio smiled with snickering glee, all three having their eyes glow with evil and mischief; Making themselves oblivious to the appeal that they were untrustworthy, not that trust mattered right now.

Count Dooku clapped his hand together and actually smiled! Not a happy one though, but this was probably the closest any droid would ever get to in their lifetime (before getting sliced/blasted/chopped up by a lightsabre or a blaster) to seeing the Count satisfied.

"Wonderful wonderful! Yes, if I do say so myself." he exclaimed. Even the Mistress seemed to agree, though she didn't smile. Then again, when did she ever smile? A smile that didn't involve cackling, that is? The General himself coughed before cackling himself; Muttering something about "This is how I always pictured the Jedi scum."

Another droid enetered in upon, ruining 46729's moment of victory. In the other droid's hands were small, neatly folded envelopes.

"Shall I send the messages to the V.I.P' yet sir?" the droid asked casually.

Dooku waved his hand and made a sign to shoo the droid away.

"Yes, yes. Do what you shall, but leave us." he ordered, the droid turning to leave.

"Well done droid. You actually made yourself worthy." the General sneered. But to 46729, that was just as good of a compliment as a girl saying she loves him.

Somehow though, through the misfit laughter shared upon three with 46729 watching, the droid got a bad feeling about all of this. He was sure of it.

"Hey Skyguy! Check this out!" Ahsoka Tano cried, waving her hand to signal her master over towards her. In her other hand laid a small note that had been found on the doorstep of the Jedi Temple. This morning, she and her master, Anakin Skywalker, were supposed to go pick up a few supplies to make breakfeast, but this note changed everything.

"What is that Snips?" Anakin asked, a bit cautious. To him, he started to become a worry-wart about everything. But then again, if you were him, who wouldn't? He always had to worry about his secret wife, his job, Obi-Wan, everyone finding out about his secret marriage, Sith, Sepratists, Ahsoka, the clones, missions, battles, important missions, hostage situations, losing friends and family, and yeah. You pretty much get the point. This guy needs to start taking Ibuprofen or something or else he's going to melt like lava and lose his hair. Hint, hint.

"I found this note just now! It looks fancy! Let's open i-"

"NO!" Anakin roared unnecessarily. Ahsoka staggered back a bit while Anakin heaved in breaths, mumbling ot himself to keep calm and other therapatic crap.

"I mean uh- we should report this to the Council! Yes! That's what we should do!" he said calming down. Ahsoka rolled her eyes in annoyance though.

"Ugh! Master! You ALWAYS wanna report things to the Council! Yesterday you thought it was a necessary emergency to report ot the Council that we ran out of bread!" she cried, waving her arms. Anakin opened his mouth to object, but Ahsoka beat him to it.

"And just the other day you thought it was necessary to report to the Council that the sky was broken because the two suns kept dissapearing and coming back!"

"Hey the Sepratists could've been building a weapon that destroys planets!"

After Anakin concluded his reasons for each and every Council report, all Ahsoka ended up doing was facepalming herself, wondering how HE was the master and SHE was the padawan.

Anakin looked at her in horror and shock and pointed towards her forhead.

"Ahsoka...k-keep calm. But-I think you're turning RED!" he screeched. Ashoka rolled her eyes and snatched the note out of his hands.

"Let's just report this to the Council and get this over with." she muttered dryly. Anakin smiled for a minute because she agreed for him for once, but the he frowned at her for being a hypocrite.

"HEY! You just said it was unneccessary to report to the Council!" he called out after her. She didn't turn around, instead she turned her head slightly and called:

"You 'comin'?"

Anakin hesitated for a moment, but then he made up his mind in short term (noticing how the two suns seemed to be 'stalking' him as they slowly rose higher into the morning sky.) and ran up to catch up with her.

"WHAT do you want NOW Anakin?" Obi-Wan asked annoyed and tiredly. The whole Council barely got enough sleep last night because:

A. Nute Gunray had taken a liking to Hologram prank calling, though he was extremely terrible and kept them up as he begged for a do-over at each time he messed up. (Which was all the time.)

B. Someone started a rumor that Freddy Krueger exists and the Jedi Temple was built on top of Elm Street.

C. Anakin would constantly get up, unable to sleep, and would beg each and every Council member (especially Yoda) to see if there was a monster in his 'fresher.

"This better be neccessary. I barely got enough sleep last night because Nute Gunray kept trying to insult my mother on the hologram." Shaak Ti sighed, her normally beautiful pale violet eyes exhausted with bags under her eyes.

"Oh well this is!" Anakin insisted, raising his finger, pointing upward to the ceiling. A few Council members took the wrong idea and looked up.

"Oh for Force sake's! Anakin there are no Gremlins living on the roof!" Mace Windu screamed, jumping up from his seat. Yoda motioned him to sit back down, while Mace took out a medication and fed himself some pills. Ahsoka almost dared herself to ask what that was, but Adi Gallia lightly shook her head, strongly insisting her not to do so.

There was an awkward moment of silence until Yoda broke it...sort of. Somehow, the whatever-he-is ended up being asleep the whole time the Council meeting even started and he ended falling face forward towards the floor out of his seat.

"FAIL!" Plo Koon randomnly called out. Mace and Anakin ended up staring at him for several minutes, then towards Yoda, and then got straight back to business.

Anakin cleared his throat before beginning his 'speech'.

"My fellow Council memebers...and Mace Windu-" he began, making Mace turn an ineresting shade of red.

"-I have come before your honorable prescence in joy and the needed urgency for I feel-"

"JUST GET ON WITH IT!" Obi-Wan shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Okay sheesh! I personally and sololey found a suspicious invitation on the doorstep of the Jedi Temple." Anakin concluded, but not before being jabbed in the arm by Ahsoka for not giving her credit to finding the note.

"Well, open it and read it." Adi Gallia calmly commanded. It appeared that she was the only Council memeber to get sleep because she had stolen her ex-boyfriend's ear plugs and slept soundfully the whole night.

As Anakin opened the letter, he frowned.

"What is it Anakin?" Obi-Wan questioned, finally calming down.

"Argh! Blast this letter's in Japanese! Oh man!" Anakin whined, throwing the letter down on the floor in frustration.

"Wait-what the heck is a 'Japanese'?" Plo asked confused.

Mace ended up getting up and grabbing the letter up to read himself. He frowned even more than usual and gave a death glare at Anakin.

"It's upside down you moron." he said rather annoyed. Anakin pretended not to be hurt while Mace opened up the letter and began to read it, it read:

"You are solmenly invited to attend as V.I.P's in the whole heartdly dedicated play of 'The Clone Wars'. The location is the Coruscant Theater of Drama and Tragedy and will begin this evening. Hope to see you soon!"

Mace raised a brow out of suspicision. "Hmph, I don't trust this invite. It's not even signed!" he discovered. Adi rolled her eyes.

"Mace you don't trust anything. Not even the clouds, you think they're spies for the Separtists and just last week you told me-"

"Ack nerf moo shee! (random blabbering to cutt off someone) Uh, heh heh, very funny Adi but no one needs to hear that story right now..." he interrupted her, looking rather nervous.

Obi-Wan was suspicious for a moment, but then he shook it off.

"So are we going or what?" Ki-Adi Mundi questioned impatiently.

"Wow! Where have you been!" Anakin randomnly shouted.

"I've been here this whole time Anakin-"

"PAY ATTENTION FOOL!" Mace cried out with random fury, releasing some of his one unknown anger issues.

"Ahem. So well, it's decided then we shall attend the play. Just Anakin, myself, and his padawan-"

"Hey c'mon! Wait a second man! How come it's always you three that get to do everything?" Kit Fisto questioned.

"Well because we just always have done everything really-"

"How about giving us a chance!" Shaak Ti whined.

"But I-"

"You're selfish! The Great Pumpkin doesn't like selfish people!" Plo cried, pointing at Obi-Wan.

"No you dope head it's SANTA CLAUS! There's no such thing as the Great Pumpkin!" Adi snapped.

"How do YOU know?" Plo quesiotned confidently.

"When we were all seven, you made us all wait in a pumpkin field for him and he never even showed up you idiot!" Kit yelled.

"That's because he was just running late!" Plo defended.


"You wanna go fish boy?"

"Bring it on Mask Face!"

"People! People! Please calm down!" Ahsoka screamed at the top of her lungs. To which, nobody listened. All of a sudden, a cartoon like smoke cloud appeared and everyone but Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and a currently unconcious Yoda began to violently fight.

"And this is the part where I WONDER how these idiots got on the the Council and I DIDN'T!" Ahsoka muttered, face palming herself.

"-Snore- No Ladies, ladies. There's plenty of the Lil' Green Man to go around! Hee hee hee!" Yoda giggled in his sleep. As if a record scrathc was made at a party, everyone stopped fighting and stared at Yoda in horror. (Though they still had each other on a death grip.)

"Lil' Green Man?" Shaak Ti repeated in disgust.

"What kind of ladies would be stupid enough to hook up with him?" Plo accidently said out loud.

"Probably his species...or Gremlins." Mace answered rather loudly.

"W-what? WOULD SAID THAT?" Yoda suddenly emerged wide awake from his sleep. Everyone pointed towards Mace to which he pointed at Adi.

"Traitor." Adi mumbled.

"Ear plug stealer." Mace gritted through his teeth.

"Wait a minute! Did-Did Yoda just talk FORWARD?" Kit questioned pointing at Yoda.

"The balance of the univerese is all wrong now! Ahhh! We're all going to die! Tell Padme I lo-"

"Anakin calm down. We are NOT going to die. Secondly, tell Padme WHAT?' Obi-Wan suspiciously asked. Anakin sweated and pretended to act dumb.

"P-Padme? What! Psh. Naw! That's silly! I said uh-tell SHAGme to um...die?" Anakin made a horrible recovery. Obi-Wan rolled his turquoise eyes.

"You are a strange, strange, strange, odd litttle boy." he mumbled to himself.

"This play you speak, what is it?" Yoda casually questioned as if nothing ever happened. The other fellow Council memebers followed his lead and did so.

"It's a play we were mysteriously invited to. Now, how's about we ditch this dreadful meeting and go get ready for the play?" Obi-Wan suggested.

Everyone nodded, and all got up to leave. Little did they exactly know what they were TRULY about to see...and they weren't going to like it either.

Augh! Finally finsihed the first chapter! Well, what did ya think? Look I know the characters are OOC but I wanted to have some fun with them first so the first chapter wouldn't be of such a drag.

Don't worry, SOON we shall be getting towards the fun, and there things shall be getting interesting! ;)

-Isabella a.k.a Izzy