Chapter 1:

"Hello? Anyone there?" I stepped carefully into the cave. Ice cold water dripped off the ceiling and insects scuttled around by my feet. I saw a dim light glowing not far from me in the cave. There was a black, short figure standing in front of the light. I walked forward and saw that the figure was a girl. Her long, wet, black hair hung loosely behind her back and she wore a dirty, white dress. She was completely soaked in water and she had patches of dried blood on her arms and legs. I noticed that she wasn't wearing any shoes and that she was shivering uncontrollably. "Are you alright? Are you hurt?" I stepped closer to her. She didn't turn round and I don't even think she heard me either. I put my hand out and touched her shoulder. Nothing. Not a flinch or a shrug to get me off her. I pulled my hand back, it was wet and had blood mixed in with the water. She was hurt and I had to help her. I walked round in front off her and nearly screamed. Her eyes were shut but the had pure black rings around them, her face had scratches all over it and her mouth was covered in blood. She opened her mouth slightly and blood poured out of it. I took a small step backwards but I bumped into a large rock standing in the way. The girl lifted her arms and rubbed her eyes.

"Help me. Please help me. I-I-I can't see, I can't feel, I-I-I can't…I can't…Help me. Please, can you help me?" Her voice had a slight foreign accent to it and it was sweet and crisp but I could here pain in her voice. The girl kept her eyes but when she spoke blood dripped from her lips. I swallowed a walked towards her.

"Can you open eyes?" I asked, shakily. Nothing. I didn't understand, why didn't she reply? I put my hand on her shoulder; I squeezed it and shook her a little.

"I can't see, I can't see…Help me please…" She shook her head and held on to the roots of her hair.

"Why don't you just open your eyes then? Honestly, it's not that hard," She was annoying me slightly. I put my thumbs over each of her eyes gently and opened her eyes. I flinched away when I saw them. Her eyes…Well, you couldn't really call them eyes; they were just neither black, no white nor colour just plain black. She kept her eyes open. She smiled showing a set of perfectly straight teeth. The blood had stopped coming out but her teeth were stained with dark red colour. She wasn't normal and she wasn't human. She looked like she'd been tortured and left to die; she looked like some sort of freakishly demented demon. I wiped her blood from her cheeks and gently stroked the edge of her chin. I realised that I was shaking and sweating; I wiped my fore head and stepped away from her. I didn't want to admit it but I was scared. No, I was more than scared; I was terrified. The girl stepped forward and smiled at me.

"Thank you." The girl held her hands in front and went on her tiptoes.

"I-I need to go n-now." I stepped to her side but I was stooped by her putting her small, cold, wet little hand on my chest.

"Where do you need to go to?" She didn't look at me; she carried on looking forward. I took my phone out and looked at the time. It was nearly eight o'clock.

"Home, my parents will be getting worried about me." I took her hand off me chest and stepped forward. I felt her grab my t-shirt; I turned round to see her facing me.

"Are you coming back?" There was no way in hell that I was going to go back there.

"I don't think so. No, I won't be coming back." I took hold her hand and pulled it off me. I started to walk back toward the entrance of the cave. I soon started to run all the way home.