Chapter 6:

When I arrived back home I went straight up to my room. I laid on my bed and looked up at the ceiling. So many feeling were going through my head; anger, jealousy, pain and…well I didn't know what the other feeling was. My brother came into my room with the biggest smirked on his face.

"Didn't have a girl in your room last night, eh?" He walked over to me and sat carelessly on my bed. I sat up and glared at him.

"There was no one in my room!" I shouted. George's mouth twitched into a smile, he knew he'd struck a nerve.

"I beg to differ, was it the same girl you saw today?" George grinned showing his full set of teeth. How the hell did he know? He couldn't have seen everything, otherwise he would have told mum and dad.

"I didn't see any girl today." I told him. I rubbed my forehead and sighed inwards.

"Oh really? Then why did I see you cuddling a girl up by Demonii Creek? Also, I am very ashamed of you Liam. You didn't kiss her! You just left the poor bitch standing in the woods by herself while you ran away like a sap." George smirked. My whole body filled with rage. Lilli wasn't a bitch and never will be.

"She's not a bitch." I snarled at George.

"Ooo…have I touched a nerve there Liam?" George smirked.

"Fuck off George. You're such a bastard, you make other people's lives miserable just so you feel better about yourself. No wonder Jessica left you." I got up and headed for the door. Suddenly George grabbed me from behind and flung me on the bed. I lifted my self up but I was knocked back down by George's fist hitting my face. I fell backwards and grabbed my face. My face throbbed with pain, I grabbed my face and saw that me nose was bleeding. George punched me again but this time in my stomach. I groaned in pain and clutched my stomach. George lifted me up by my collar and lifted me up to his face.

"You shut up about Jessica. You dirty, scummy, bastard you're nothing but filth." George snarled. George kicked me where it hurts and then punched my face again. I let out a cry in pain. I hid my head in my arms. I heard George laugh at me but someone came into the room, which soon stopped it. I felt a pair of cold hands lifted my head up. My vision was blurred but when it focused again I saw Lilli staring back at me. She smiled sympathetically at me.

"You alright?" I wheezed.

"I'm better than you." Lillie turned to George. "What the hell were you thinking?" George looked at Lilli blankly. He frowned at her and scowled.

"Who are you?"

"I asked you a question. Answer it." Lilli's voice was filled with anger.

"I'm not going to answer to you. I mean look at you…"

"George shut up." I coughed. Lillie sat on the bed and put my head in her lap.

"You shut up or do you want me to do it again…"

"You won't do it again. Now bugger off and don't tell your parents about me."

"Why shouldn't I?"

"Well, they're going to wonder how Liam ended up like this aren't they? I'll tell them everything and maybe a few of my own details." Lilli threatened. I couldn't believe than she wasn't the slightest bit intimidated by George. At school everyone moved out of his way to avoid getting kicked…George was apparently the 'fittest guy' and 'sweetest boy you could ever find' according to the girls. I was just George's younger brother who nobody cared about. George scowled at her and stormed out the room and slamming the door behind him. Lilli laid my head gently on the bed and straightened my body out. I flinched at the pain.

"Where does it hurt?" Lilli asked stroking my face. I felt slightly awkward, I had only really known her for a day or two and here she is in my room looking after me. Although, she did say that she's seen me for two weeks but that still didn't mean that she could can't really friendly with me but I felt so happy around Lilith.

"Everywhere." I whispered. It hurt just to speak let alone move. Lilli sighed and pulled my shirt up. She flinched in the sight of my body.

"Oh Liam…"

"What's the matter?"

"You've got bruises all over you body. Does this hurt?" Lilli poked my right side.

"Ouch! Yes it does!" I yelled. Lilli bit her lip and mouthed the word 'sorry'.

"Do you want me to heal you?" She asked.

"Do you have to use your magic?"

"A little."

"Then no." There was no way on earth that I was going to risk her getting hurt again and I didn't want to lose her…

"What are you going to say to your parents?" Lilli raised her eyebrows at me.

"I'll say that I fell over in the woods and fell down in a ditch because I'm a retard." Lilli laughed a little. Lilli looked my face and sighed.

"Do you have a tissues Liam?"

"I think I have some in my pocket in my school blazer. It's hanging on the back of my door." I told her. Lilli got up and went over to my door. She dug around in my pockets and pulled out a packet. She pulled one out and came back over to me. She sat beside me and wiped the blood from my nose away. When Lilli was done she kissed my forehead and put a pillow under my head.

"I heard what Axtori…the boy in the woods told you. Do you believe him?" Lilli asked.

"I don't know. I'm just freaked out big time." I told her. Lilli smiled and got up. "I have to go now."

"Why? Don't go please." I jumped up after her. My body ached with pain but I didn't care.

"I just need to go." Lilli tried to smile but she couldn't.

"Why? Will you b coming back?"

"No. I won't be coming back. I'm going because…because…it'll be better that way. I've become too involved in your life Liam. If I don't leave it now then it won't just be me who'll get hurt." Lilli turned away from me and went over to my window. I grabbed her hand and spun her round to face me."

"Look at me! I've only known you for two days but it feels like longer. When I look at you, I feel happy I don't feel useless and less of a freak. Lilli I don't care if you've only known me for two days. I really like you. No. I really, really like you. You can't leave me with the shit life I have." I bit my lip. Lilli smiled and took my hand off her. She stroked my cheeks and kissed it.

"I have to go." Lilli turned round and headed for my window.

I will continue the story very soon