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This is a sequel to 'A Christmas To Remember'. It's not going to be a 'normal' story. This is actually dedicated to my baby cousin Abigail. This story will be a log of her life so it won't be completed for quite some time. Obviously, Abigail here is completely based off of the real Abby. However, Harry and Christine are not based off of my aunt and uncle. This is NOT going to be a drama (unless, God forbid, anything dramatic happens to Abby in real life). It's supposed to be a very happy and fluffy (probably to the point of unrealistic) story. I hope you all enjoy :)

By the way, this chapter is not up to date. I started late. The next chapter will be up to date. ~markaleen

July 30th:

Abigail Grace Stone was born. Nine pounds, seven ounces.

It was the happiest day of Harry and Christine's life. They finally had a little girl of their own. She was a content little girl. It was so exciting watching her grow. (And fast!)

Christine had cut down her hours at work so she could be home with Little Abby more often.

Almost everyday before work (whether Christine was working or not), they would both spend time together with Abigail. It was time they both cherished.

2 Months:

Harry looked at his watch and realized that he was going to be late for work. "Oops! Lost track of time. I've got to be going." He stood up, as did Christine. "Alright." She gave him a kiss and handed Abby to him so he could say goodbye.

Harry held Abby, "Now… you be good for Mommy, and don't do anything cute until Daddy comes home." He handed her back to Christine.

Christine had Abby facing Harry and made her wave goodbye. "Say, bu-bi Daddy…"

Harry smiled and gave Christine another kiss. "I'll miss my two gals."

"And your gals will miss you. Give everybody our love."

"I will."

Just before Harry shut the door Abby grunted. Harry walked back into the apartment, "Hey squirt… I wasn't kidding. Nothing cute until I get home."

Christine giggled as Abby let out another little grunt.

"Fine, have it your way."

Christine added, "Maybe we'll try to come and visit later."

"I'd like that."

"Now you get going! You're really going to be late!"

"Oh yeah! Almost forgot. Love you both. See you later."

Christine sat down on the couch. "So, Miss Abigail… how about we feed you, let you take a little nap, get you changed, then go visit Daddy and Mommy's friends at work?" She noticed that Abigail had fallen asleep. "Alright then… nap first."

"One more case before lunch."

"Sounds good Sir. People versus-"

Harry cut Mac off when he saw Christine walk in with Abigail. "Christine! Abby!"

Mac looked at the file in his hand, "No Sir, I have People versus Thomas."


"I'm just kidding."

Harry called a recess and ran to Christine and Abby and gave them both a big kiss. He took Abigail and showed her off to everybody.

They stayed through the lunch break.

After Christine and Abby had left, and before session started again, Dan pulled Harry aside.

"Cute kid, but doesn't she interfere with your sex life a lot? I mean it's bad enough that you're stuck with the same woman for the rest of your life, but now to add a little cry machine?"

Harry rolled his eyes, Typical Dan. "As a matter of fact Dan, she does. But it's okay."

Dan gasped, he was shocked to hear another man say that. "Bite your tung!"

Harry put his hand on Dan's shoulder, "Dan, Dan, Dan… I know it's hard for you to understand and believe but… well… this is something you'll have to figure out for yourself."

Dan's eyes were following a tall, blonde woman who had just walked by. "You're right Harry… I think I'll start trying… right away."

"Oh Dan?"


"Session starts in ten minutes."

"Yeah, yeah."

Harry rolled his eyes once more and walked away thinking, He really has no idea all the joy he's missing…"