Sorry this chapter is a little late... ~markaleen

10 Months:

It was Memorial Day and Mac and Quon Le had invited everyone to their house for a cookout. Harry and Christine had brought a little tent for Abby to protect her from the sun. They put some toys in with her to keep her occupied; Quon Le even gave her a pot and a wooden spoon to play with. She said Renee loved to use them as a drum. Abby picked up on the concept right away. Everyone enjoyed watching her and she seemed to enjoy being the center of attention. Every time someone walked by she'd smile and laugh.

Abby automatically loved Mac and Quon Le's niece, Casey. Christine let Casey play with Abby. Both Abby and Casey were having a fun time. Though when Casey was holding her in the air, Abby spit up all over Casey's face.

"I knew it was coming!" she laughed.

Everybody was laughing, especially Harry. Once Christine cleaned Abby up and gave Casey a towel she lightly hit Harry's arm with the back of her hand, "Harry stop laughing!" (she said as she was laughing).

He took a deep breath trying to stop in self from laughing, he did a little bit, "I'm sorry for laughing so hard, Casey, I just know how you feel and it's nice when it happens to someone else."

"It's okay, believe it or not that's not the first time it's happened to me. Though it is the first time it's ever been on my face." she smiled.

Harry turned to Christine, "I understand why you laugh at me now..."

Christine giggled as she put Abby back on the ground with Casey.

As the day went on Abby grew tired. She was back in her play tent not really interested about the other people around anymore. Harry and Christine were trying to stay out of her site because they knew she would cry for them if she saw them. Eventually she crawled out of her tent and spotted Christine. She wailed as everyone awed, "Ma-ma!" it was her first word (other than bob) Christine darted up and grabbed Abby. She was speechless; she knew if she said anything she'd start crying. Everyone asked if that was her first word and Harry answered yes. Shortly after, Abby fell asleep and that was their cue to go home.

They arrived home and were glad to be home. Christine put Abby to bed and joined harry in the living room. She sat on his lap in the recliner chair because all of their luggage was on the sofa and they were both too tired to move it.

It felt like it had been a long while since they really felt alone. Abby was usually awake at this time but the trip must have exhausted her. They quietly sat watching a movie on television until Christine suddenly kissed Harry. Sometime went by until he joked, "Is this your way of telling me that you're bored with this movie?"

Christine laughed, "No, this is my way of telling you I love you."

Harry knew what Christine was thinking about, "You still can't get over Abigail today can you?"

"No… but can you blame me? When you really think about it that was the first of many times I will be called ma-ma. And it also made me realize how fast time has gone by."

"I know what you mean… soon enough she'll have kids of her own."

"It's hard to imagine."


After a few moments of quite, Christine confessed, "I do worry about her though…"

Harry was stunned, "What?"

"I'm worried about her growing up."

"How come?"

"Because, what if we do something wrong? What if she turns into one of those scary kids who does drugs and listens to scary music and dresses in all black or one of those loose girls who wears skimpy clothes and sleeps with every boy she sees?"

"There's no reason she should turn out like that, Christine, you don't have to worry about that."

"Yes I do. What we teach only goes so far, she'll be influenced by school and friends and anything really." Just then they heard that Abby had woken up. Christine started to get up but harry stopped her, "I'll get her."

"Thanks." She said as she wiped her tears away.

After a minute or two Harry came back with Abby. He handed her to Christine as he 'made her talk' "Don't worry mommy, I will turn out just fine."

She smiled but couldn't think of any way to respond to that without sounding fake. Harry sat back down and had Christine sit back down on his lap. "Look at her, she isn't even a year old yet. Let's not worry about sex and drugs until she knows how to say 'let's go back to your place'" he winked.

She couldn't help but laugh. He had a point. She quickly forgot about her worries as she watched her baby fall asleep in her arms as she felt safe in the arms of her very loving and caring husband.