Dean Winchester sat hand cuffed to the table in the holding room of the police department, trying to figure out how the hell he was going to get him and Sam out of this one. The door opened up and in walked a man with a smile on his face, "It is a pleasure to finally meet you in person, Dean. I'm Special Agent Victor Hendrickson.

"Hendrickson? Not the Milwaukee Agent Hendrickson." Dean said with a cocky grin on his face.

"Live and in person."

"All right, well how about you go get me a cheeseburger or something. I am starving." He laughed.

"Oh, yeah. Keep that game face on. Try and cover up how cornered you are."

"I have nothing to hide."

"Is that so? Well I have a list of charges that tell me other wise but now that you are here I am thinking you can be very useful to me Dean."

"Sorry buddy but I don't wing that way. Try you buddy over there in the corner. "Dean said as he waved at the other agent.

"Oh laugh it up Dean but if you don't corporate then you and your brother are going the rest of your life behind bars and I don't think the people on there are as friendly as I am."

"So what do you want from us huh? Don't keep me waiting. Please tell me what I can do for you."

"I want you to find someone of me and bring her in." he said and slid a folder over to Dean, "It shouldn't be too hard for you."

"Who is it? The hooker that robbed you blind and gave you the clap?" he laughed.

"No but I think you know her very well Dean." As soon as Dean opened the folder is smiled went away, "Oh you aren't smiling anymore now are you Dean? See someone you know?"

"What the hell do you want with her? Let me guess, she owes you money?" Dean laughed.

"Let's just say she is more valuable to me than you and Sam are at this point. I have been after her for a long time now and every time she slips right though my fingers."

"Well she does that to people. She is a sneaky two faced bitch." He said and slammed the folder closed, "Sorry but I don't know where she is. I haven't seen her since she shot me two years and took off with something very important to me."

"I want you to find her for me Dean."

"No way! Just lock me up now. I would rather rot than look for that slut."

"Alright but what about Sam? Do you really want your brother to spend the res of his life in jail because of you?"

Dean thought for a moment. He knew he was going to regret this but he couldn't do this to same. "Fine! What's the deal?"

"You bring her to me in one piece and I will take care of all these nasty charges and you and Sam can go on your happy little way and you won't ever hear from me again. Do we have a deal?"

Dean had a feeling this was like making a deal with the devil but this was there only way out. "Deal? Let me ask you something, do you want her gift wrapped for you?" he smiled.

"I don't care what you do to her. Just get her here. You have two week or your ass is right back n jail." He said and just as he was about to walk out he turned back, "Oh and just to make sure you don't screw me over, Sam stays with us."

"No fucking way!"

"Yes way. You said you can get her so go get her Dean. I will see you in two weeks." He smiled and slammed the door. Once on the other side, his eyes flashed black. He was finally going to have her back in his grasp and he was going to rip her apart.

Dean looked at the photo once more and gritted his teeth at the sight. She was the one person he never wanted to see again but now it was time for a little pay back and she would never see it coming. Layla Crawford was going down once and for all.

What'll you do when you get lonely
and nobody's waiting by your side?
You've been running and hiding much too long.
You know it's just your foolish pride.

Layla, you've got me on my knees.
Layla, I'm begging, darling please.
Layla, darling won't you ease my worried mind.

Layla moved her hips to the music as the man grinded against her ass, "Umm baby I think we should get out of here." he moaned into her ear.

A smile appeared on Layla's face. She had him right where she wanted him. She reached behind her and held onto the man's ass and she pushed back against him, "Right after this song baby and I am all yours."

The man turned her around forcefully, "I can't wait any longer." He said, crashing his lips against her.

Layla pulled away from him and as much as she wanted to kick him in the jewel she just smiled, "Why don't you go pay the tap and I will meet you out front so we can go back to my place for a little rough play."

"You read my mind." The man said and walked away.

Layla shook her head, "Sucker." She mumbled and headed out the front door.

The man walked up to the bar and got the tab, he reached into his back pocket and was shocked when he felt nothing. He looked around and there was no sign of Layla. "That fucking bitch!" he said and ran out the door, "Layla!" he screamed.

Layla smiled as she heard the man yell her name and pulled her hoddie over her body, "Guys are so easy." She said as she got into her car and head back to her hotel room. Another night and then onto another town. Life couldn't get better than this.

She pulled her BMW in from of the hotel and walk inside. "Hey Ronald." She said to the door man and handed him a twenty.

"Thank you ma'am. Enjoy the rest of your evening." He said and tipped his hat.

"I plan on doing just that. I think the Jacuzzi is calling my name. Can you send up a class of wine please?"

"Anything you wish." He said.

Layla walked into the elevator and headed up to the seventh floor. When she got into her room she locked the doors and headed straight to the bathroom.

She slowly got out of her closed and sunk herself deep into the tub. She leaned her head back and covered her face with a warm rag. She smiled as she felt the bubbles around her body. Who ever said you can run forever never lived her life. She wouldn't have it any other way. She got what she wanted when she wanted and there was no better feeling than being free. Too bad the only down fall is that it wouldn't last forever.

After about thirty minutes of washing the stick of the day off her, Layla stepped out of the tub and grabbed the silk robe from the hanger. She wrapped it around her body just as she heard a knock at the door.

Just like always she looked through the peep hole and saw the young doorman Ronald holding the bottle of wine. Layla bit her lip as she opened the door. "What took you so long Ron? I thought I was going to have to start without you."

"Sorry Ms. Layla but I had to clock out of the day but I did manage to grab you the best wine the hotel had to offer."

"Well then all is forgiven." Layla said and took the bottle from his hands, "Why don't you come in for a little while."

"It is my job to make sure you are completely….satisfied." he said, licking his lips as he looked her up and down with lust. He walked inside the large room and closed the door behind him.

Dean pulled up to the Hotel and got out. He looked at the size of the place and it made his blood boil. As she scanned the windows, he saw her on the seventh floor as she closed the curtains, "Got ya bitch!" he said. That bitch was going to get hers and he was going to be the one to bring her down.

He parked in the garage and headed in the back door and up the stairs. When he reached the seventh floor, he walked the hall slowly trying to pin point the exact room she was in.

He got to a door with a do not disturb sign and when he heard a very familiar sound he knew he had found here. This was going to be fun.

Ronald pushed Layla's robe open and began to kiss down her bare chest as Layla ran her fingers though his hair, "Oh Ron." She moaned.

Just then Dean kicked in the door and the couple sat up in the bed, "What the fuck!" Ronald yelled and looked over at Dean, "Who the hell are you?"

"Dean" Layla whispered.

"Damn Layla you are really living it up aren't ya?" Dean said.

"Who the hell is this guy?" Ronald asked and turned to Layla who tied her robe closed.

"Oh sweetie you didn't tell him. Well we are going to have to really talk about this?"

"What are you doing here Dean?" she said and jumped off the bed.

"Hold on a damn minute!" Ronald yelled and looked at Layla, "So you do know him?"

"Well of course she does. I am her husband after all." Dean said and flopped down on the couch.

"EX! He is my EX husband Ron."

Dean shook his head, "That is where you are wrong Layla."

"What the hell are you still doing here Dean? Get the hell out before I call the cops!"

"You know what, please do. You will make my job a lot easier baby."

Layla knew something was up. Dean hated cops and with his job he wanted to be as far away from them as he could get. "Ron can you excuse us please?"

"Whatever" he said and grabbed his jacket and walked out the door.

Once he was gone Layla crossed her arms and looked at Dean who was grinning ear to ear, "What the fuck do you want Dean?"

"Can't a man pay his wife, the whore, a visit to say hey?"

"No you can't and I am your ex wife."

"Hmmmm…. that is where you are wrong. See I knew you were up to something a long time ago so I never signed the papers. Me and you are still happily married. Ok maybe not happy but the whole what's mine is yours is still in tacked. You should know all about that part."

"I don't think so Dean. Cut the shit and tell me what you want so we can get on with our very separate lives."

"I would love to do that but I can't. You are coming with me. I am turning you in Layla." He smirked. "Whether you like it or not."

Layla just looked at him. This was not going to go well at all. She had to get out of this and fast. She was not going to jail.

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