After Hogwarts

Chapter 1

Following all the excitement at the end of term feast Harry was ready for a few weeks of rest, the threat of Voldemort was over once and for all – he was dead. It had taken the DMLE a few days but they had finally found where Voldemort and his followers had been staying. The raid on the cave was the first task for the newly graduated aurors from the time compression school. In the cave they found a lot of garbage and in a back room they found Dumbledore, or at least his body. It appeared he had been dead for several days. They also found a very large and angry snake, which they dispatched after it attacked some of the aurors. Strangely, a couple of the aurors reported that a black mist rose out of the snake's body when it was killed.

In a makeshift lab was also found were the bodies of several men and women. An analysis of these potions showed that the potion makers had been trying to make some forbidden potions to increase one's magic, these highly illegal and dangerous potions were destroyed under the watchful eye of "Mad-Eye" Moody. Other potions were found stored there but they were simple healing potions that offered no threat to the wizarding world.

In the Highlands,of Northern Scotland, five students arrived at a simple cottage, the cottage belonging to the local pastor and his wife. One of the students was the daughter of this family she was returning after her first year at Hogwarts. The father wasn't home, but the mother was; she was glad to see her daughter return. Hermione, Neville, and Luna were introduced since Harry had met both parents a couple of weeks before when he destroyed the soul fragments of Voldemort. The four visitors had tea with the mother and daughter. The daughter, Sam – short for Samantha, went to see her friend, who should be attending Hogwarts that fall, so she could meet the new friends.

When the father came in he was disappointed to find his daughter gone, but cheered up when Sam and Bonnie came in a few minutes later. Harry and Hermione had received permission to make first contact with the young girl Bonnie prior to her being asked to attend Hogwarts that fall. This permission was due to the appointment of Harry and Hermione as instructors for the summer term and the upcoming fall term. Bonnie was introduced to the new kids and especially Luna as she was the only Ravenclaw present except Sam. Harry, Hermione, Neville, and Luna explained about Hogwarts and asked if Bonnie was interested, she was. They also explained that Harry and Hermione needed to speak with Bonnie's parents and that if they refused then their memory would have to be erased to protect the magical world.

The meeting between Harry, Hermione, and Bonnie's parents went well. Harry and Hermione demonstrated a few simple charms and transfiguration spells, those from first year, and Neville explained about magical plants. The biggest hit, at least to Bonnie and Sam, was when Harry showed them about his relationship to fire. For some reason the fact that he juggled balls of fire and didn't get burned amazed both girls, and their parents. When asked if the girls would learn to do that Harry told them that not everyone was able to "play with fire" but there were three other elements to consider – air, water, and earth. Hermione suggested that they go out back and show the parents, and girls, about the others. Now came the hard part of the discussion.

As Sam heard at the end of term feast, there are now summer classes being made available for those students who wanted or needed extra help. The summer session was also for the incoming students from non-magical families, such as Bonnie. Those classes taught a brief history of magic and showed the the new students the ethics of the magical world. It would also be during this time that the new students gather their school supplies, saving the parents a trip to London. Harry, Hermione and Neville explained that Sam had already expressed a desire to attend classes this summer, so Bonnie wouldn't be alone there without any friends. They presented the official letter of invitation from the school to Bonnie and her parents. "Unfortunately", Hermione explained as she handed Bonnie her letter, "these are form letters and have not been updated to include the summer sessions".

While Bonnie and her parents talked with Sam's parents and Sam, Harry and crew stepped outside. "Bonnie's parents seem inclined to let her go to Hogwarts but from what I've seen this is a rather poor part of the country. What do you think about offering Bonnie some help with books and tuition? If they agree to her going we can send a letter offering the help in a week or so" Harry asked the others. The rest agreed that the tuition was a little high, especially for muggle-born students.

Once back inside Hermione answered most of the questions from Bonnie's parents, as expected the subject of money was foremost on their minds. Hermione explained that due to several changes there might be some help available but it wasn't up to them to decide that. Another question was what were the courses that were required first year, Sam answered that question since she had just completed that year a few hours ago.

"Mr. Potter, what of the person you mentioned the last time we spoke?" Sam's father asked.

"That person is not a problem any longer and all those that followed him are in prison. While I can't go into great detail about it, I'm sure Sam will tell you what she knows later. There is one other item I must stress, nobody can know about the magical world yet. There is too much fear on both sides about that subject. Magic isn't harmful or evil and students are taught about the evil side but just so they know what not to do. Hogwarts doesn't teach how to do harmful magic just what some of it is and how to watch out for it. Magic can be very useful if you are careful, for example once they learn how Sam and Bonnie will be able to help around the house with the chores much quicker than usual. In an emergency they will be able to summon help quickly and to defend their families from dangerous situations" Harry explained.

When Harry, Hermione, Neville, and Luna left they had a signed permission letter allowing Bonnie to attend Hogwarts, both the summer session and the fall session. The next stop was home, by way of Potter Manor. Rick and Lucy were already there and waiting when the four arrived. It was only an hour later that Dan and Emma Granger arrived to pick up their daughter, they stayed for supper. When the Grangers, and Lucy, heard what the kids had done and explained to Bonnie's parents the comments were that they wished they had been visited by the group before going to school the first time or sending Hermione.

The next morning Harry slept in until 9am. His first task was to check on the Potter properties and see what they needed and what he could do to help. There wasn't much needed, a few contracts needed to be renegotiated or new ones made. Harry made a trip to see Charlie Weasley at the dragon reserve and received a warm welcome from both Charlie and the elves. The highlight of the trip was when he met the young dragon he had run into before and the dragon just rubbed his head against Harry. Harry left the reserve with a large bundle of dragon skin to be used for more dragon hide items – gloves, boots, aprons, and armor.

Harry had been at home for a week when he received a letter from McGonagall asking if he could come to the school for a talk, and bring the rest of the heirs also. Harry called Susan but she was already going at the request of her Aunt Amelia. Harry called Luna and she agreed to meet him there the next day, finally he called Neville to make arrangements so that they all arrived at approximately the same time. Hermione said she had received her own invitation and had already sent her acceptance. Once at Hogwarts Harry, Hermione, and Neville found out that this was a meeting to finalize the summer courses and to review the applications for attendance from the students. The requests for attendance were mostly from the muggle-born students, there were a few from the half-bloods and even fewer from the pure-bloods.

Once the courses had been finalized Harry brought up the issue of tuition, much to McGonagall's displeasure. "The tuition schedule is very unfair, the so called pure-bloods pay little while the majority of the tuition is paid by the muggle-born and half-bloods. What the heirs would like to see is the pure-bloods paying more and the others paying less. There should be an extra cost if a student elects to take advanced courses, like advanced flying which I would be happy to teach if there is enough interest. Any student who has a problem paying tuition should be able to acquire help either through the school or through loans from Gringotts. I would also propose a work-study program for students with high grades, they would have a portion of their tuition reduced if they tutored younger students and receive a small amount of pay for their efforts.

"Another thing is that the new incoming students should be able to buy their supplies while at the summer session. I am sure if we approached the vendors in Diagon Alley they would be willing to setup small booths at the school just for the new students, especially the ones who are needy or live so far away from London. It might even be a good idea to have a school store where students can purchase supplies without having to leave the school grounds, mostly simple items such as quills (which I would like to see be done away with), paper or parchment, ink, and small cheap gifts. In other words basic items and expendables. If the school purchased these items in bulk then resold them the profit would go to the school.

"As Headmistress McGonagall is aware some of the renovations being done this summer is the installation of computers for the students and instructors to use. One of the items that could be sold in the school store would be high quality computer paper for use in handing in major assignments or writing letters to a special friend. Another item would be computer disks so the students could keep a copy of their work for review without tying up computer space that will be needed by the staff for their records" Harry explained.

After an hour of discussion, McGonagall agreed to accompany Harry and Hermione to Diagon Alley to speak with some of the vendors there about setting up small booths at the school on occasion. They would also stop in and speak with Ragnok about securing low interest loans for the needy students; Houses Longbottom and Potter would provide most of the funds, Gringotts would charge a small administration fee – say 2% per loan. Of all the vendors Ollivander was the most difficult since one never knew what type of wand would be needed by who. It was finally decided that there would be a selection of the most common wands and any specialty wands would be made to order, at an extra charge by Harry. The only books that would be available were those that were required for first years that summer, with arrangements made to have a supply of books covering all years in the future.

While they were talking to the vendors of Diagon Alley Harry and Hermione had another suggestion for McGonagall, they suggested that it might be helpful if on the initial visit to the muggle-born if a soon to be second year muggle-born went with the contact person. They gave the story of their contact with Bonnie's family as an example and their use of Sam. McGonagall said it might be a good idea, almost as good as the free summer session for new muggle-born students.

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