The ground was black with blood and littered with bodies as the war manifested.

The head of one army was a man in a mask. The mask was shaped like a heart with two horns on top and few at the bottom. It was painted a dark almost royal purple with crimson lines that outlined two large golden eyes with green pupils. The man was called Majora and his powers were fearsome, a god of pure hatred and loathing. He led his army in hopes of winning so he could rule as dominant god and destroy the world.

At the head of the other army was a young looking man. His silver white hair fell to his shoulders and he was tall, lean with well trimmed muscles, not like Majora who was a bit larger from overpowering muscles. His skin was pale and with red markings on his cheeks just below his eyes, and a blue one in the shape of a diamond on his forehead. His eyes were completely white, the irises a shade darker than white and the pupils were a milk white.

If one looked at his eyes they'd swear he had none. He was dressed in blue leggings with a blue long-sleeved chain-mail and a white short-sleeved tunic over it. His boots reached his knees and had steel caps on the toes and heels. A blue sash acted as his belt and he wore a white hat to shield his head and hair from blood and from getting in his way.

"You are a fool! The world will be so much better with death and destruction!" Majora yelled, swinging a long sword that had razor-sharp jagged teeth that were similar to sharks' teeth.

"You will not win." he said back. He was no better than Majora, being a cruel god himself, but he would not let Majora win, not after he destroyed his people, and their lands turning what he once knew into a vast desert.

Majora swung again, forcing him to dodge back out of reach; his own sword, all his weaponry in fact, was shaped like a double helix. He swung the sword and a blade of blue light shot out of it, hitting Majora in the side. The man let out a terrible scream and then charged and he did as well.

At ten feet away, they both looked murderous as they charged towards the other.

Five feet away, their weapons were drawn back even further!

Three feet, they yelled each others' name!

Impact! The thunderous clash of the Saw Blade and the Double Helix echoed over the battle field freezing both armies in their tracks, stunned.

Majora was pushing down on his own sword and then it happened; he broke through and cut Majora cleanly through, almost in half. Before he cast a spell and began sealing the evil being into his own mask. Once he had finished sealing the evilness that was Majora away, he was struck down by an arrow in his back. He hit the ground and glared back at his shooter only to gasp and stare at his sisters.

"Din! Why!" He yelled, as she walked up to him, slamming her foot down on his left hip, smirking when he cried in pain.

"Because, dear brother, we no longer need you. We'd have fought if you hadn't done us the favor of getting rid of Majora. Thanks for that," she said graciously as she yanked the arrow out and grinned even sadistically. "And for all that power and strength you have? You are nothing when we combine our powers together and attack as one... Nayru! Farore!"

He growled, she had tipped her arrow with something that was spreading through out his body leaving him weak and unable to move. The three goddesses began to chant, each holding their hands in different symbols, symbols he knew that were for cursing, sealing, and banishing.

Din held her hands so that her thumbs and fingertips touched and made a triangle in the gap of her hands. Nayru held her hands so that only her thumbs and index fingers touched; the others spread wide while the gap looked like a tear drop. And as for Farore, she held her hand similar to Nayru, her thumbs and index fingers touched, but the other fingers curled in instead of spreading out making the gap look similar to that of a leaf.

They chanted together as he cried out in pain, feeling the instant effect. As they chanted he began to shrink until he was almost as small as the Hylians.

'Oh God!' he though as his godly glow dimmed slowly; the curse was making him mortal, and he could do nothing to stop them. Only watch and writhe on the ground in pain.

He thought it was over until he felt even more pain as he was slowly, but surely broken down and forced into a mask that they made to look like his face.

He was being sealed into a mask!

In an act of desperation, he pulled out his crossbow, preloaded with a double helix tipped silver arrow, he turned to his closest sister and fired. Farore screamed in agony as the arrow pierced her left hand and he chanted a quick spell just before he vanished into the mask completely, ending the sealing.

Din then sent it away to somewhere where they would never have to see it again, thus the banishment was now complete.

"Farore! Are you okay!" Nayru cried as she ran to her sister's side and looked at the wound. She grabbed the arrow and pulled it out and healed the wound as Din finished destroying the rest of Majora's army.

"I'm fine," Farore huffed holding her hand. "Thank you. Din, what was the spell that brother cast before we sealed him?"

"I don't know, but he hardly had any power left thanks to that poisoned arrow I shot him with. He was probably trying to cast a teleportation spell that failed miserably since he was still sealed away. Now let's forget about the 'Deity,'" Din said with a sarcastic sneer as she said his name, like it was poison on her tongue.

"Yes, he's gone now and we no longer have to live in fear of him. Now, let us recreate this world that brother made and make it our own and no one will know the truth behind what we did. The Golden Power will now be called the Tri-Force since we no longer need brother's piece." Nayru added in, smiling as they nodded.

They stood in a circle, their marked right hands each with a piece of the newly dubbed Tri-Force glowing brightly. They each emanated their own color. Din was red, Farore was green, and Nayru was blue. Soon the lights blended into a rainbow and it shot out of them and all over the world bathing it and recreating everything. They erased everything possible about their brother, changing history, and the faith all together. When they were done they sat back on their thrones and watched as life began anew.

Many years passed since then, the goddesses ruled well, but soon grew lazy and bored so they each chose a clan that they created and blessed them with some of the power from the Tri-Force.

When they did this, Farore cried out in pain when her left hand began to hurt, a dull glow coming from it, but just as quickly it was gone. They brushed it off as an agitated old wound and paid little attention to it after that.

Meanwhile deep in the desert, the remaining Shiekah trained and followed their old God's ways. Yes, he had been cruel, and often pure evil, but he was also fair and just.

One day, an old shaman found a mask buried in her herbal garden she knew it was special and did her best to break the curse and seal, vowing that she and her descendants would work on it until it broke.

Nearly three hundred years after that did the old shaman's descendant succeed in breaking the spell cast on it. Standing before her was the Deity in all his glory, but he was very weak from being trapped so long.

She told him of all that he missed and told him that all the other races, aside from the Hylians, still believed in the old ways and were willing to help him become strong once more. Telling him also of the chosen tribes of the goddesses, but instead of getting mad, he surprised the Shiekah when he said that he had been hoping that such a thing would come to pass.

Soon after, the shaman brought the Deity back to his people, who were overwhelmed with joy at his return.

He began his training not long after, but he warned his people that he would assume a human persona, so as not to alert his traitorous sisters of his presence when they believed him to be locked away forever in a coerced exile.