Chapter 25- Epilogue

"You cannot do this to us!"

"I can and will… You three have disappointed me something most grievous..."

"But Brother-"

"Was the Ruling God, whom I have appointed in my stead. He may not have done things the way I would have, but he understood the Balance! If there was any benefit to your foul misdeeds it was giving the Divine Powers to the mortals. Weak creatures that can either corrupt or create beauty."

"Do you have nothing to say to this, Brother?"

"What is there for me to say? I fell from Grace due to you three."

"And this is why WE should be ruling! Your attitude is horrible! You're so smug and conceded!"

"Coming from the Purist? Don't make me laugh. You killed anyone who was not Hyrulian. You even tried to kill off Hylians -the direct descendants of Mother herself!"

"Sister! Speak to him! He listens better to you!"

"And what can I say to him? I'm sorry? I was weak? You should let us rule?"

"Such courage you have to speak to me as such."

"Goddess of Courage, ring a few Church bells?"

"Enough. It is decided. You shall be punished as I see fit and you will learn unity and respect or you will remain mortals longer than I already determined…"

"Yes, Mother…"

"Son, remain."

"Yes, Mother."

"I cannot restore you-"

"I do not wish to be restored… I wish to remain on earth… I like living as a mortal even if I'm still Immortal in a sense… I like my people, my friends, my family…."

"You also love that boy… Yes… Like Mother like Son, I guess… His Ancestor was my greatest champion, my most loyal bodyguard and friend… He was also my most faithful lover… I will not promise you anything, my child, but I will see what I can do…"

"Farewell Mother."

"Goodbye…. Oni."

"Over here! Hurry!"

"Is he still alive? Hand me the knife, we need to cut his clothes off and we may need to open a few wounds to clean out the infection."

Time was so strange.

"Oh gods, how can anyone survive this long with such wounds!?"

"- -! Pass me the bottle of alcohol! Hopefully he's deep enough in his sleep he won't feel this…"

One minute seconds would tick by like a lifetime and then the next years passed in a blink of an eye.

"There… that should do it… Thank you, - -, without your help we might have lost him!"

Faces and voices all familiar and yet so alien to him. Memories old and new, touches and sensations that evoked such strong reactions out of him; almost painful reactions with the depth of emotion and familiarity behind them.

"He can rest in my home. It's the only place with enough space and I don't mind looking after him."

"- -, are you sure?"



So strange…

It felt as if he had slept for an eternity and at the same time as if he had only closed his eyes just mere seconds ago. He didn't remember how he got to such a state of utter blankness, but he did remember a war, winning and then falling. He remembered three young women –Your younger sisters, a voice chimed in the back of his head- and then this strange sense of floating.

His mind was awake as voices washed over him like the calm waters of the Zora's domain. It was warm around him, but not the sweltering heat of the Goron's Mines. He slowly became aware of himself. Pain, dulled with medicines and sleep rolled all over his body from his toe nails to his hair. Then the sharp aches of salves in deep wounds and the feel of where a needle had pricked in and out of his body multiple times to close the really bad ones. Bandages tied tightly over his wounds, but not enough to cut off blood flow.

The next things he became aware of was the bed he was on, not soft, but not rock hard either. The blankets weren't the finest material around, but they kept the cold at bay and the heat in better than most blankets of average material and make. The air was rich though, a thick creamy stew was brewing. Spices mingled together in a warm heady aroma that teased his nose and made his mouth water and stomach moan mournfully.

He fought hard to open his eyes, they felt glued shut, but he peeled them open and blinked as much of the sleep crust from his lashes as he could before he stared almost blankly at the ceiling It was thick wooden beams with a thatch ceiling to keep warmth in and what looked like a layer of mortar and brick and most likely an outer layer of clay and shillings to deviate water off the roof. The walls around him had shelves either over flowing with books, parchment and what looked like jars or were sparsely filled with precious items to the owner.

A peasant's home or someone who liked the simple pleasures of life. With a quiet moan he slowly sat up and at the edge of the bed, taking deep breaths to easy the rising pain even as his magic tingled at the edges of his wounds, leaving a cool feeling as the pain ebbed away and he was sure the wounds would slowly begin mending themselves. Beside him was a simple tall stool with a tray balanced carefully on it filled with a wash basin, a pitcher, soiled bandages, jars of salves and medicines, normal tools used for other jobs around the house covered in his blood from trying to clean his wounds.

He stood up slowly, one hand on the frame of the bed to keep his balance as the other pressed into his face, trying to dull the sudden throbbing of his head and fight of the wave of dizziness. Once he was stable, he took a tentative step forward, hand shooting out to catch him on the railing that kept him from falling from the ledge and to the main room below. He saw the house was spiral designed; each level of the house was reachable by ladders and a pulley system. Wandering to the lift, he climbed on and after a moment he was on the ground level, slowly stumbling to the table where places were set up for more than one person.


He looked up at the shocked shout to see-

"Link?" He breathed out, not daring to believe his eyes.

"Oni… Oni!" Link cried out and ran to him, hugging him softly so as not to agitate his wounds, though Oni could tell Link wanted to crush him in his arms. "You're finally awake! I was so scared- Kafei and Anju weren't sure you'd make it, but you're so stubborn!"

"Heh, you just complemented me and insulted me all in one go." Oni kissed Link's tear streaked face. "I remember the war… We won, but then I fell…"

"Yes. Princess Zelda shot you in the back with a cursed arrow… You almost died…" Link whimpered.

"Hmm… Where is that brat?" He growled low.

"Awaiting trial." Link told him before laughing softly and kissing his lips softly and breathing a shuddering sigh. "I can't believe my own cousin would go so far to take the throne… Hiding my identity from even me and then making me her playmate to keep a close eye on me… Making me dress up as a woman and stand-in for her whenever she got word of assassins; hoping they'd kill me…"

Oni's eyes flashed with rage but it cooled as Link nuzzled into him, holding him just a bit tighter.

"Then you show up from Gerudo Valley, marriage contract in hand. Even when I was dressed as a woman and lying to you, you only spoke truth to me, were so kind… then the war with the Twilis…"

"It's in the past… The Twili Princess is now Queen is she not? We have peace now, right?"

"Yes, yes… Midna apologizes for her father's insanity and warmongering. Her husband offered his life as compensation if you did not make it. I refused." Link murmured.

"Always protecting everyone, Link… but never yourself. But then that's why I protect you." Oni chuckled. "My sisters?"

"Din's driving poor Impa mad and Nayru is trying to keep Vaati calm. Farore's the only one who seems to be taking things in stride. She's with Bo and Ilia as we speak, taking a census of the people and animals here in Ordon. She figured she do her duties as a Scribe and kept busy that way." Link assured him his sisters were fine, their usual selves, but fine.

"Link-" Ilia began, but gasped seeing Oni up and about. "Lord Fierce! You've finally woken up!"

"Yes… Sorry it took so long, I was terribly weak."

She nodded, tittered softly before turning out the door and shouting out to everyone that Oni was alright. Soon more familiar faces began appearing in the room. Eful with his marionettes, though they looked different from the last time, these dolls were more well-made, using finer material and painted to look like his friends. There was an Oni and a Link doll beside him at all times as he held Skullkid's hand.

The other Imp held Eful's trumpet as he giggled and his two fairy friends let out a bell like sound as they floated over his head. Vaati came in next, dressed in black slacks and a red tunic; he looked older, more mature, though he still held a bit of a boyish charm to his face. His hair was still long and still the same lavender color he remembered, his skin still an ashen tone with its royal markings. The Wind Mage jumped on him, before he began scolding him away.

"Honestly! You do too much! What would have happened to Link if you had died!?" Vaati huffed, hands on hips in what all dominant partners learned to be the 'Angry Wife' stance.

"He wasn't thinking at all, Vaati. You know how we get… When we want to protect our loved ones, we don't allow any other thoughts to pass through our minds. Now stop chewing him out, it's just going in one ear and out the other anyway." Ganon huffed, picking up his smaller lover and smiling. "Cousin, it's wonderful to see you again."

"Ganon…" Oni nodded, noting his cousin's armor-less uniform and how he did not pick up his long hair, but he still wore his headdress. "How have things been in my absence?"

"Those who still support Zelda are being dealt with; those who are harmless will be moved away from Hyrule. Those who pose threats will be put to work in the Goron Mines… Darbus has assured us that they will not be harmed by him or his people, but he can't promise that accidents don't happen."

"Good. How is Queen Rutela?"

"I'm fine my lord, Ralis is supervising the rebuilding of the Eldin Bridge. Venus is tending to the sick and weary. Our people fought well, but still many were lost." Rutela sighed, shaking her head in sadness.


"I've been keeping Farore, Nayru and Din in line, those three are troublesome together, but it seems they each found their calling. Farore has taken to recording everything that happens in our kingdom, wars, peace, treaties, censuses, livestock count, harvest, the welfare of our people, weddings, funerals, births; everything. Nayru has become our Oracle, keeping track of the passage of time, alerting to us to good and bad fortunes. Din has become the royal entertainer, her dancing is very good." Impa chuckled softly. "Though I'm THIS close to strangling that redhead…"

Vaati laughed softly as Nayru rarely pestered him. Impa glared at him and he shrugged, looking away from her stink eye. Bertha and Isis were there as well, laughing silently as everyone fell into the seemingly familiar routine of reporting the news and bickering all at once. Link smiled softly at Oni as he leaned his head on his shoulder, their hands twined together lovingly as they watched on.

Eventually Oni grew tired and everyone left, but Ganon and Link. Link grabbed his things and headed into the in suite bathroom to wash for bed and change as Ganon helped Oni back into bed.

"Do you remember?" Ganon asked.

"It's all vague… But… I'm glad… I have everyone, especially Link." Oni chuckled softly, looking towards the bathroom door. "I guess Mother allowed it, but I'd have searched the world over for him again, King, Peasant, Knight, Farmer, God, or Demon; it doesn't matter what I am, I'd search for him over and over again… He's my very soul."

Ganon nodded smiling softly, "You didn't notice did you? His stomach? Don't you think he's gained a bit of weight?"

Oni blinked as Link came out dressed in a long night gown with soft cotton adjust able pants on underneath. It didn't look like he had gained weight or lost any because of how the clothes fell around him. Ganon shook his head, standing from the edge of the bed as Link blinked and cocked his head cutely to the side.

"I'd best go take Dawn and Sola out for a run, they've been indoors since we brought you back home, Oni-sama…" Ganon's eyes twinkled with mischief as he bowed and left the room.

"Hmm, he's been acting so strange…" Link mumbled as he climbed into bed, sighing softly as he rubbed his belly a moment before he curled up into Oni's side, careful of his wounds still. "He's been making me eat more fruits and vegetables than normal and Vaati even gave me these clothes. He said to get use to wearing them now because later on they'd be the only things I'd be able to wear…"

Oni blinked before a memory came to him and with it a sudden realization. He shot up in bed, careful not to hurt Link. He ignored Link's protests as he placed one hand on his chest, using his inhuman strength to pin him down and placed his ear on his belly. Link pouted as he pinched Oni's hand repeatedly, waiting to find out what got into the Fallen God.

"Link… do you recall what I once said?"

"About what? You said many things, Oni; you can't expect me to recite it all even if my memory is very sharp." Link mumbled, petting Oni's silver hair gently, a sudden feeling of peace settling over him.

"The night we married…" Oni specified; smiling softly as the wonderful memory came back, vivid and so perfect.

"Link... my foolish little queen... You think that I can't make that possible? After this I will gain back my Godhood and with it, I'll have all the power I once had and more... I can move mountains like they were mere pebbles; I can turn oceans and stop the sun! I can do so much, so why can't I make it so you, my bride, can bare me a child?"

The memory came so quickly and sharply that Link nearly jumped, but then he thought about what Oni had said, what Link had wished and mourned over beforehand and then suddenly he squeaked and blushed, shoving Oni off his belly to feel around for any signs that he was carrying and hadn't realized it.


"Hush now, breathe… There's a good boy." Oni laughed as he calmed Link who was quickly going into a panic. "I told you once I could make this so… Please do not despair. This is a child made of yours and my flesh: conceived in love and will be born into a world of peace and happiness. A child we will call our own."

"B-but-I-how will I give birth! I'm no woman!" Link meekly cried.

"No need to panic… I'll take care of that when the time comes. For now let us sleep. You will need a lot of rest and food from now on." Oni chuckled as he silenced Link with kisses and pulled him close.

Link stubbornly fought the coaxing, wanting to know what magic his husband would work on him to give birth to their child, but eventually he was too sleepy to care and so snuggled up to Oni and drifted off to sleep…

Time passed by in a chaotic manner, Oni was fully recovered within four days and took the reins of his kingdom and began leading as if he had not been on Death's door for months after the war. Within the month it was confirmed Link was indeed pregnant with Oni's child. A week after it was announced to all who lived within the Sacred Grove and Ordon, a celebration made and it lasted for weeks!

Oni divided his time fairly during the early stages of the pregnancy, spending the days with the council, village leader, sitting in meetings, peace conferences and trials. While his evenings and nights were spent with Link, talking, cuddling or making as much love as they dare. The Great Temple of Faron Forest was restored to its former glory as was the Lakebed Temple of Lake Hylia, Snowpeak was also rebuilt, the kind Yeti's opening a snow resort for tourists and folks lost to stay at. Gerudo Desert was now Gerudo Valley, still a stretch of desert between the Valley and Lake Hylia, but the Valley itself was rich with green and vibrant desert colors, the air always warm and filled with spice.

The Gerudo and Sheikah were blissfully happy, welcoming visitors with open arms and always willing to do whatever Oni or Ganon asked of them. So when they heard of the young Prince or Princess to be born, they were ecstatic!

Hyrule Castle was being renovated into an academy for anyone, regardless of their class could go to learn and study, and Kakariko and the Goron Mines were an active Smithy town and Prison. The Gorons were fair and stern and always made sure everyone was safe, civilian or in-mate. Zoras guided those traveling the vast rivers or enjoying the games that some of the humans who lived in their domain ran. Termina was thriving with life!

Great Bay belonged to both the Gerudo Pirates and the Zoras, Avel and her girls protected fishermen and Zoras alike out in the open waters from monsters and other pirates, Zora warriors paying the favors back and sometimes falling in love with the feisty women. Snowpeak was a hot spot during the spring and summer with Goron races, Frog Choirs and feasts! Woodfall was an exotic swamp and the Dekus were always happy to see visitors, though they still fiercely protected the royal gardens.

Ikana Canyon was peaceful for the Stalkin and Gibdo once more, now that the Garo had been finally forced out of the lands. Captain Keeta slept and challenged those brave enough to wake him to a race and a duel. Sharp and Flat created haunting melodies as the Old Witch ran a Poe dueling game with four friendly Poe Sisters. Igos du Ikana ruled his silent kingdom justly, but at the request for help from any of the tribes or even Oni himself, he was quick to answer. Kaien and Kinnat still bickered, but were fierce warriors and seemed to view Link as their own and with him pregnant they were never far from his shadows at night.

The trail for Zelda took months! At times Oni wanted to just kill her and be done with it, but a small distant part of his mind told him that by doing that he was proving those who always said he was quick to kill to solve all his problems right. Not to mention that Link would never forgive him. At some point in the young Hylian's life he viewed the witch as a sister, but even after her utter betrayal he refused to see too much harm comes to her.

Oni had also enjoyed those trials too. To see Link sitting at his side, belly rounding with each passing day, calm and loving with those he saw as family, keeping their tempers in place, but losing his own upon his former friend when she would say things even Oni would not dare say to anyone! He had enjoyed the times when Link's temper took too much hold and he would waddle right up to the former princess and slap her, calling her things he's wished to call her long before this point in time.

By the time Link was too big to leave the bed, it was decided that Zelda would live on a plot of land far away from anyone and anything, only a supply cart driven by Kaien would be delivered to her every month until her passing. She was to live alone for the remainder of her days. Isis and Ganon with the help of Vaati and Zant cast a sealing spell on the plot of land that would prevent Zelda from ever leaving. Link didn't have to voice it, but Oni knew Link was eternally grateful Oni hadn't chosen death as her punishment.

A few more months passed one day Link went into labor. Oni had been away, visiting Termina to talk with the Mayor and his wife about the Festival of Time when Impa appeared at his side, startling the others in the room. Even Oni had been a bit shocked to see his Tribal Sister there.

"Brother, return! It's Link!" She squeaked out, making Oni instantly go into panic and protective mode. "The baby comes!"

"Baby!? Oooh, go, go! We shall meet at another date, but this time we'll come to you, your Excellency!" Amoura assured Oni as her husband nodded his head, chuckling as he watched the first time father panic set into Oni's eyes as he quickly ran to the guest room he was staying in and grabbed his bag. As he ran back out, Kafei was standing with Impa and Anju, kissing his wife goodbye before he pulled on his Keaton mask and vanished in a swirl of leaves.

"Thank you, Madam; Mayor!" Oni bowed and with Impa they vanished.

"Ooh, he's just like Kafei was!" Anju laughed softly as her own twin daughters ran over to her from their hiding place.

"Is daddy coming back?" One girl asked.

"Yes, he's going to help the Queen give birth to Oni-sama's baby. He'll be back once the Queen and baby are alright, but in the meantime, you're going to help me!" She laughed as they groaned, but followed her to the kitchen…

Ganon was blocking the door to the Royal Bedchambers as almost all of their friends and family crowded the door. Only Isis, Bertha, Ilia and Uli were in the room at the moment. The Ordon kids were pestering him trying to see Link, but he did not move an inch. Rusl grumbled, he had taken guardian ship of Link after his parents passing and should be with him now, but Ganon just growled and told him to stay out.

Just when Bo and Fado were about to tackle Ganon, Oni and Impa came running down the hall, their cowls long lost somewhere in the castle as Vaati and Kafei brought up the rear. Ganon reached out his arms to stop the men, but Kafei slide between his legs into the room, Vaati shrinking and running passed his lover as Oni elbowed his friend and cousin/Tribal Brother in the side, knocking him out of the way with Impa slamming the doors shut behind them.

Inside the room, Oni rushed to the bed, dropping to his knees as he took Link's hand in his own, kissing the knuckles and telling Link he looked so radiant at this moment. Link winced a smile as the women and the two male healers got him finally situated.

"Oni-sama…" Impa called.

Oni nodded his head, kissing Link's hand once more he moved to the foot of the bed and then under the blankets. Link felt his hands on his stomach and groin, but because of the vast amounts of pain he felt at this moment, he did not feel any pleasure. Soon Oni's hands grew warm with magic and his body felt as it were melting to Oni's will. It was a strange feeling, but he did not panic because he knew Oni would not do anything to hurt him or the baby. Once Oni was done, he moved and allowed the team of healers to work. He sat beside Link, holding his hand as Ilia gave the younger man water and tiny cubes of diced fruit to keep his energy up. Impa prepared hot water and towels as Isis took her place between Link's legs with Kafei and Vaati on either side of her.

Kafei handing her tools and herbs when she called for them, sometimes rubbing Link's belly to help him breathe through the contractions as Vaati got some of the emergency items ready, wanting to be ready to take over if things got to complicated. Uli and Bertha got blankets and a bassinet ready and had washed up their hands, ready to help if they were needed. From there it was a waiting game. Though the contractions started, it seemed the little one was content to remain in their dame's body for a while longer. Hours bleed into days before finally Link was screaming as he did as told. Pushing with each wave of pain as Isis guided the baby out through the slit Oni had formed in Link's lower abdomen just above his groin.

He held Oni's hand as tight as he could, wishing he could break the Fallen God's hand, but glad Oni was said being so he had a solid anchor to focus through the pain. He took a break, barely three heartbeats long, to catch his breath and with a mighty yell, the pressure was gone for a moment. Isis worked quickly severing the cord connecting the child to the mother after clamping it insure that neither bled out too much before handing the wailing infant to Uli who moved to Impa and together they cleaned the child up.

Vaati gasped as Link lurched up a bit, face red as he pushed again. Vaati's hands shot out to catch the second infant who was clearly not happy with the sudden temperature change. Shouting with powerful vocal cords to the world as Kafei, quick to get over his shock clamped the cord and cut it allowing Vaati to move with the baby as Ilia came to take his place. Bertha helping the Minish bath the child as well, her battle hardened face breaking out into a loving smile only a mother could give as she saw the second child.

Link arched his back, crying out in pain, but not matter how he pushed the babe would not come. Oni knew instantly something was wrong and called Vaati to take over. Isis moved away to clean up as Kafei did the same, both coming back in case they were needed. Vaati pressed his hands gently over the belly and then one hand into the slit, he looked up panicked as he pulled his hand out.

"Two more, but they are trying to exit at the same time… We'll have to cut him open…"


"Do it! I don't care about me, I'm worried for them!" Link shouted in pain.

Oni looked torn, but his face hardened as he moved to where Vaati was, passing his and over the slit and within a moment or two the flesh was back to normal and he moved away. He stood back as the others got Link flat on his back, completely nude now and Vaati had Ilia hold a bit between Link's teeth as Isis and Bertha held down his arms and legs. Kafei placed his hand on Link's chest and nodded.

The first cut was only a guideline for real thing. Vaati made eye contact with Link, one and on his belly, the other holding the knife over the lower half of his stomach. Link nodded, closed his eyes and his body went lax. Vaati steadied is breathing and made the second, deeper this time, but still shallow. He sliced down the swell until he was just above the groin. He grabbed a towel and pressed it on the wound before he made two more smaller cuts down the first. Setting knife aside, he set the towel into the water basin beside him and began to carefully reach into the thing opening, the skin was still stretched from months of swelling so it was easy to fit his hand in and would be easier to pull the last two babes out.

He felt the head of one baby and a little bit over was the second. He carefully gripped the child and began to pull it slowly from its mother, the other baby shifting about, seemingly pushing the other out so it could come out next. As soon as he had the first one out he moved as Kafei quickly moved in and began to slowly pull the last infant out. As soon as both babes were free of the womb, Kafei passed the last born to Bertha and quickly cleaned his hands and the towel before he pressed it to Link's stomach.

Oni came over then, his face still hard and unreadable as he pressed his hand over Kafei's and a soft pink glow appeared, healing Link as Kafei slowly moved his hand away. The others moved as Oni sat beside Link once more, the blonde elf was tired, it was written clearing on his face, but he was blissfully happy.

"Are they well?" He mumbled tiredly.

"Yes, Link… Three boys and one girl… so adorable." Ilia gushed.

Oni smirked then as Link nodded, eyes closing as he sighed in relief. Oni placed his hand over Link's heart, feeling it beat strongly, but still fast, slowing into a steady rhythm as Link entered a healing sleep.


"He's sleeping. He's exhausted, it's best we let him rest as much as he can…" Oni assured, his face softening finally as he kissed Link's forehead and turned to the horde of helpers. "Now let me see my little ones."

He walked over to the bassinette, a cramped fit, but the babies didn't seem to mind after all they shared a space smaller than this for nine months. Te boys surrounded the only girl and Oni couldn't help but laugh at the Irony of it all.

"If you take out my daughter, what do you see?" he asked.

"Three princes who are going to destroy us all…" Bertha laughed.

"No. The Tri-Force." Kafei told her. "But with the little princess in the center, they are the Golden Power."

"Power, Wisdom, and Courage are nothing without Unity. We'll name them when Link awakens. Thank you for your help; get some sleep, but do not tell anyone how many Link had or their gender." Oni ordered. "I'd like to tell them all myself."

They nodded, cleaned up, left milk for the babies as well as nappies and clothes before leaving the room. Oni sighed, looking at his four little ones and smiled at them all.

"Sleep well, my little starlings… Dream of warmth, love and happiness, do not fear, I will always be here as well as your mother." He cooed, touching each infants' little hands before he turned to his own bed and climbed in, but sleep did not come to him, he was awake and alert.

He was no fool to think that everyone was happy with the results of the war that the correct side had won or lost. He knew many who followed Zelda, many who would hear of his children and would dare to try and kill them or even Link, to kidnap those he loved so deep he'd do whatever he could to keep them safe. He was no fool, he was not blind and he was not deaf. He knew the dangers and he knew that some things cannot be prevented or changed. But he would be damned if he let Fate take away his happiness as soon as he got it, he'd fight to the very end…

Link awoke the next morning to cooing and giggling, rolling onto his side he saw the bassinet and his personal guard all around it. He moaned as he sat up, getting their attention and two quickly came to help him sit comfortably against the headboard and pillows. The others brought over each baby and Link took them into his arms, awed at the adorable little beings. So tiny and fragile, but so strong and perfect! He kissed each baby in turn, whispering their names into their ears, smiling softly as he lost himself in his children.

Maybe, just maybe it'd be worth the pain again to bear more of Oni's children, but for now these for were all he would ever need and Oni too. Speaking of his husband, where was he? As if summoned by his thoughts, Oni walked into the room, his council right behind him and a few foreign diplomats as well, all talking over the other, arguing and making enough noise to wake the Stallord! The babies began crying, not liking the noise and Link was mad. He handed the babes to his guard, threw the blankets off and staggered to his feet.

Oni saw this and made to make him rest, but his mouth dropped when Link walked passed him and punched one council member in his mouth.

"I don't care if war is at our doorstep! You will lower your voices, you will not speak to my husband as if he were a disobedient child and you will not dare to cow him or me! I am tired, in pain and very cranky! You just made my children very upset!" Link hissed. "If you do not want to be thrown from the balcony then leave my chambers at once!"

"Your bed warmer needs to be taught respect-"

"Excuse me, did you just call me a Bed Warmer? Really, I must still be sleeping then, because I know you are not THAT stupid…" Link hissed, snapping his fingers. Kaien and Kinnat grinned evilly at the frightened lot and when they pulled out large deadly swords, the council and diplomats ran for it. "Much better. Honestly do they think you're their pawn?"

"I'd say yes, they are that stupid to think so. But you, my love should not be out of bed. I am sorry for bringing them here, but they were demanding I send you away so I can marry a woman and produce an heir."

"Only if that woman is Ganon." Link chimed and Oni sputtered and twitched as the girls burst into giggling fits.


"I'm serious Oni! You may be King, but MY word is Law!" Link growled, crawling back into bed, being handed his children and settling them against his side comfortably as he yawned, sleepy again. "Honestly, Mido, Pipit, Owlan, your father is so silly… Aryll, I hope when you are queen you don't allow others to walk all over you."

Oni huffed, but was smiling, Link had named them. He liked those names, especially Aryll's. Shooing the guard away, he climbed into bed on the other side, curling around his children and his lover.

"I never thought I'd be this happy… Thank you, Link…"

"I should be thanking you, Oni… Without you, or rather Sheik, I wouldn't be here nor would I have fallen for him and when he became you, I fell that much deeper. And now I have little ones to love, to spoil and adore. Promise me that no matter what happens, you will always look out for us? And if I should ever die, do not mourn me. I will love you even in death." Link smiled.

Oni shook his head.

"I'd look all over the earth for you, Link… I will. I promise." He whispered…

And so prosperity ruled, Oni was a great king, his closet friends and family helping him rule long and well. His children grew up and claimed their own kingdoms, joining together in peace and helping one another in times of war. Link passed away at the age of 34, killed protecting Aryll from an assassin's arrow. The king and his people mourned the man for a year, but when anniversary of his passing came, a feast was held in his honor. Oni watched his people, friends, family and children grow old, have children of their own and pass away, but he and a few others were always a constant.

A dark being of unknown origins possessed Ganon one day and that was the day Oni lost his friend and cousin. Every life the man lived he grew more cruel and wicked, always hunting for power, mad with the need for it. And each time Oni found it harder and harder to fight him. So one day he and his sisters left, but Oni had one last thing to do before he left…

"I'm sorry to come so late, Russ…" He said to his brother-in-law. "But… I'm sorry I cannot bare this anymore. Lin's passing was too much and—I'm just so tired of the pain… Please take care of my son. Raise him as your own, teach him the ways of our family and make sure he's stays safe…" Oni wept, holding the tiny infant in his arms before passing him to his portly relative.

"You don't have to ask me that, Feir… I'd do it in heartbeat… What's the lad's name?"


"Ah, as is the oldest family tradition. To name him after our Ancestor… Link my boy, you will be loved and know your parents loved you…" He cooed to the infant as he turned to head inside. Oni smiled bitterly before he turned and vanished into the night…

~16 years later~

It was storming terribly, the window howled and he tossed and turned, moaning as his dreams were haunted with hellish nightmares before finally a voice called out pleadingly:

"Help me… I'm trapped in the palace Dungeon…"


NOTE: There will not be a Sequel! The "Sequel" is the game Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past! Do not ask!