Story Title: Hate Is Misguided Love

Characters/Pairings: Derek/Casey, hints of all canon couples in the show

Plot: Pre-George/Nora wedding – after Vacation with Derek and beyond

Notes: This is kind of my attempt at the 'ultimate' Dasey fanfic. I wanted to really delve into the characters, their motives, and their relationships. I wanted to provide some back story, and explore Derek and Casey's characters in greater depth than I ever have before. I want to keep the dialogue as close to real Life with Derek dialogue as I possibly can, and really make everyone seem in-character.

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Chapter 1: "Hate is misguided love." –Author Unknown

Ask anyone and they'll tell you, he was never really happy with his dad dating again. Sure, there was the occasional one-date wonder, which was usually a beautiful, younger (sometimes inappropriately-so) woman. Or the 'we-should-just-be-friends' lady that found out Georgey had three kiddos at home. But this one… this one is serious.

He can tell by the way his dad practically dances around the house and kisses Marti jovially on the cheek before leaving for work (sick), the way he hires a baby sitter like five times a week so he can go spend time with this 'Nora.'

From what he knows, Nora isn't too young, and she has two kids of her own, so she's not afraid of the fact that his dad has a teenager, tweenie, and toddlerette. She has a good job. and she makes his dad deliriously happy, and, to be honest, this scares the living crap out of him.

He was the one that took his parents' divorce the hardest, his rebellious stage becoming more drastic because of their break up. He'll deny the fact that he ever got emotional, but there were days when he would sit up in his bedroom listening to them fighting and just… cry.

But Marti was so young, and Edwin didn't have a dad figure to look up to in a lot of instances, so he continued to put on this constant charade of an apathetic, tough as nails sort of guy, his grades slipping further and further into oblivion.

Finally, when the divorce was finalized and his dad won custody, (which he knew was going to happen; his dad is a lawyer and far more responsible than his mom), his schoolwork was monitored more carefully. He was never the best student, but he had at least pulled his marks up to Cs and Ds rather than straight Fs.

But as his dad started dating different women, he started bringing home a new girl every week as well. He was totally unaware of what he was doing. In his mind, he was just a popular, lady-loving, grade 8 boy, but in reality, he was mirroring his father's actions, his rebellion strengthening.

Then his dad meets Nora, and his world sort of flips upside down. Here's this woman that totally loves his dad (weirdness and lameness included), and he can hardly believe this is really happening, especially when they date for over three months… and his dad actually wants him to go meet Nora's kids, the eldest in particular.

He doesn't find out anything about her until they actually meet. Sure, his dad mentions (in passing) that Nora has a teenage girl around his age, but, frankly, he thinks nothing of it. Until he sees her, that is.

He's planned a little prank for their meeting, having one of his best friends, Ralph, pretend to be him. He almost instantly regrets this decision when she shows up, with bright blue shimmering eyes, perfect skin, and a killer bod. She's wearing a school-girl uniform, and this just kind of turns him on more. He keeps on with his plan, though he can't help but interject a few of his statements into her and Ralph's conversation. It kind of sucks that she instantly hates him, her prudish, private-school mannerisms showing. He quickly realizes that although he may find her attractive, their personalities clash worse than toothpaste and orange juice.

The next time they meet, he reveals his real identity to her, and she's livid. They banter back and forth their entire lunch date. On one hand, he's really pissed that this girl is going to become his sister. On the other, he feels a challenge coming on, and he's never one to pass up a challenge. She has enough wit that she can actually semi keep up with his sardonic nature, something he hasn't ever found in anyone before. He… might even find their arguing really entertaining.

When his dad proposes to Nora, he knows they'll make each other happy. He truly is happy for his dad, but he watches his almost-stepsister out of the corner of his eye, his heart sinking in his chest.

She really is pretty, even with those unflattering bangs and that geeky retainer. She's smart too. He never told anyone this, but he likes smart girls.

He can't help but think that the biggest challenge of this new family thing is going to be trying not to jump her bones.

"Don't look at me. Don't talk to me. Don't even think about tripping me! This is our parents' wedding, and you can't be doing anything to screw it up!" Our parents' wedding. It sounds so… utterly disdainful. She can hardly believe that her mother would marry a man with an ape for a son. But whatever makes her mom happy, right?

"Relax, Casey! Besides, you should be worrying about tripping without my help. You're such a klutz." her soon-to-be-stepbrother retorts, and her face flushes in anger. He's utterly barbaric, and he already knows far too much about her, their families having spent a lot of time together before the wedding. "My crotch still smarts, thanks." He smirks at her, and now she's turning red out of embarrassment.

She assumes he's talking about their little incident at the rehearsal dinner the other night that involved her tripping over her own two feet and flying through the air, her head landing in his lap. Not only was she in the most awkward position ever, but everyone in the entire world was watching. Needless to say, she was completely mortified as she stood up hastily, accidentally using Derek's thigh to support her. As if that wasn't bad enough, she had to endure Derek's jeers the rest of the night. 'Gee wiz, no need to be so forward, Casey.' 'I know you want me, but wasn't that a little extreme?' 'So not subtle at all.' And the fact that she gets all hot and bothered thinking about her head in his lap… this just makes it worse.

"Stop making fun of me and act your age!" She shoves him, hard, in the ribs, which contradicts her prior statement of acting one's age, but sometimes rules must be broken to get the point across.

He hunches over, pretending to cry out in pain. She rolls her eyes at his antics and he smirks, straightening out. "Fine, I'll act like a mature and responsible fourteen year old and walk you down the aisle like it's the most important job in the entire world."

"Good, because right now it is the most important job! Mom has big expectations for this day! Every woman wants her wedding day to be perfect." she says, smoothing out her dress. This is when she notices that his tie is crooked, and she absentmindedly starts to fix it, one of her hands resting on his chest as she does so.

He looks down at her hands, and she can't help but notice a slight red spreading across his cheeks. She breaks away, quickly realizing what she's doing. His mind seems to clear as she does, and he retorts, "Are you sure that's every woman, or just you? Because I'm pretty sure you're the only psycho in this wedding that's striving for perfection."

She gapes at him and then smacks his arm. "I really wish I could kick your-"

The music swells and Derek's eyes get wide. "Woops, that's our cue, missy! No more time for arguing!"

She panics, realizing that they need to start walking down the aisle now if things are to go smoothly. "Oh no! Grab my arm and smile. Do it!"

She latches onto Derek, and they plant themselves where they need to be. Forced smiles on both of their faces, they walk down the aisle in time to the music.

She glances over at him for a moment and sees that his cheerful expression is less than convincing. "You're not smiling wide enough." she says through gritted teeth, staring straight ahead again.

"Maybe if you weren't gripping my arm so tightly, I would able to force a smile instead of this pained expression." he says in response, and they continue their banter in hushed voices.

"Why George picked you for best man, I'll never know, even if you are his son."

"You should be called the maid of horror, not honour."

"You better have the rings ready or I will kill you."

"Make sure not to drop the bouquet, Spacey!"

They finally stop when they reach the alter, having to separate and go to their respective sides. They pay no attention to each other until the 'I dos,' and suddenly she finds herself trying to catch his eye. He looks at her, a genuine smile forming at the corners of his lips, and the blood starts rushing to her face again. 'He looks really handsome,' she admits to herself, the golden light shining on his hair through the stained glass windows, his suit making him seem… dignified. His lips part a little and she's totally staring at his mouth now, inappropriate thoughts creeping into her mind. She hastily snaps her attention back to her mom and George, happy for a distraction when the minister announces that it's time to kiss the bride.

The recessional begins as the ceremony ends, and she laces her fingers around his arm a lot more gently than she did the first time, silently cursing her thoughts of 'we look good together.'

They don't talk to each other at the reception. She pops chocolates in her mouth, watching him dance with Marti, secretly wishing that she was the one being spun around in his arms.

That night she lies in her hotel bed and contemplates her feelings for him… She decides she was just caught up in all the excitement and grandeur of the wedding. It meant nothing. Besides, she went to an all-girl's private school for so long, and she thinks that if it were any attractive boy she would be acting this way.

She knows she's incredibly stupid for ever thinking her and Derek could have any sort of future. They're siblings now, after all. Well, stepsiblings, but still… He's horrible and rotten, and she hates him.

This doesn't mean he makes for bad eye-candy, though…