Yes, this will be an ongoing 51 chapter story of mine. It will probably take me two years to complete, but it will be AMAZING when it is done. Chapter One is dedicated to Adam, my best friend from my old school.

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50 Ways to Show Your Girlfriend You Love Her:

Kiss her in front of her friends

Text her during the day

Offer support in times of need

Pay for things she buys

Give her random gifts (flowers, bears)

Never forget important dates

Thank her for everything, big or small

Show her that she is more important to you than your friends

When she cries, say "Whose ass am I kicking today?"

When she's sick, stay up all night with her

When you're sick, still be selfless and care about her

Listen and recall random details about her (she loves when you listen)

Don't flirt with other girls

Even when you're busy, dedicate one night to her

Tell her she's beautiful at random times during the day

Cook for her

Respect her parents

Go for long walks together

Flirt with her even when you're together

Give her 'looks' when you are sitting together, but can't talk

Threaten to hurt anyone who makes her feel bad.

When she's hurt, take care of her.

Have your picture taken together

Laugh with her

Hang out with her friends

Introduce her to your friends

Do stuff that she likes to do

Snuggle with her

Take her to do "kid stuff"

Watch the sunset together

Tell her a secret

When she's sad, find out why

Let her cry on your shoulder

Be more overprotective than necessary

Request songs for her on the radio

Hold her hand

Watch a scary movie and let her sit in your lap (cliché, but it works)

Give her your jacket

Tease her…

…And let her tease you

Trust her with something

Let her drive your car

Write her a letter/poem

Send her good morning and good night emails/calls/texts/notes

Let her sleep on you

Watch her favorite TV shows with her

Just talk with her!

Finish her sentences

Experiment with kisses with her (i.e. French, electric)

Most importantly, tell her you love her. And mean it.

Considering that I didn't consult a website, that was a lot of effort to write. Chapter 2 will be up soon! Please review!