4 Years Later- Summer 2006

"Dr. Kimberly Adelaide Legaspi, you have got to be kidding me." Kerry said in all seriousness, using Kim's full name in its long entirety as she entered the bedroom she and Kim shared in their Victorian era house. The hardwood floor was covered with clothes, ranging from running shorts to a couple blouses to multiple pairs of jeans, and their bed was covered with piles of folded clothes and groups of shoes.

Kim peered out from their walk-in closet, a sly smile on her face. "Give me fifteen minutes."

Kerry shook her head, sighed in exasperation, and backed out of the room, her left hand held up in defense. Over her shoulder, she called out, "We'll be waiting in the car."

Kim smiled to herself and got dressed quickly, pulling on jeans and a tee shirt before tidying their bedroom as best she could. She pushed the piles of clothing into her suitcase and zipped it shut then, after one last glance around the room, exited and headed down stairs and out the door.

"Don't even say it." Kim said as she sat in the passenger seat and checked her watch.

Kerry shook her head as she put their sedan into reverse. "I didn't say a word."

A small smile found its way to Kim's face as she pulled her seatbelt over her chest. Turning in her seat, she set her eyes on the slumbering toddler in the back seat. The two year olds brown curls were strewn against the back of her car seat, her pale eyelids covered the blue orbs lightly, and her dress-clad chest moved up and down in a slow, slumbering rhythm.

"Has she been asleep long?" Kim asked, turning back to face front.

Kerry shook her head. "Just when I buckled her in; she gets hypnotized, I swear."

Kim chuckled and smiled to herself as she watched the rustic houses of their Brookline, Massachusetts home fly by. When she and Kerry first decided to make the move from Chicago to Boston, they had done extensive research; sure, Kim had grown up in the Bay State, but the couple wanted to explore all of their options before settling. When Kerry had gotten a job at Mass General, they decided to move as close to the hospital as possible while still remaining in a suburb with a strong school system. Much to Kim's family's pleasure, they settled on Brookline, which was right down the street from Ken and Katherine's home and was only twenty minutes from Jill and Kevin's place.

The neighborhood had proven to be the right fit for them; in Chicago they'd be one of few gay couples in their neighborhood and, the neighbors they did know, were mostly young professionals who, much like them, had chosen to live in that particular area because of the closeness to the center of the city. In Brookline, however, they actually knew their neighbors and, much to their delight, three out of five of the surrounding houses belonged to families just like theirs: same sex couples who had, or were planning to have, children.

Finally, six months after their move to the East Coast, they began the process of having their family. After one unsuccessful try, Kim became pregnant with who now served as the pride and joy of their lives and who was snoring lightly in the backseat: Sophia Katherine Legaspi-Weaver.

"Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, Maggie…" Sophie babbled as she walked around the back porch, her brown curls bouncing as her head bobbed in a rhythmless motion.

The thirteen year old smiled as her cousin spoke her name and scooped her up, sitting the two year old on her lap. "Sophie, Sophie, Sophie, Sophie…" she chanted back at her, sending the toddler into a fit of giggles.

Kerry smiled as she watched the two interact; each girl had a soft spot for the other. She thought back to two summers previous, when Kim had given birth to their daughter: it was an exceptionally cold summer day, the thermometer reading fifty three degrees as the rain pounded on the hospital windows. The exhausted mother of her daughter was asleep, out cold as soon as the newborn was safe in Kerry's arms. In the meantime, Maggie had come in with Jill, the twelve year old being the first of her siblings to meet Sophia. Quietly, Kerry had given up her seat to Maggie, allowing her niece to hold the newborn. The look of sheer delight outweighed any hesitations Kerry had about allowing Sophia out of her arms.

"Kerry?" The redhead broke out of her nostalgia and glanced up at Maggie, who was staring at her questioningly. She smiled when she got her aunt's attention then spoke. "Are you and Auntie Kim going to have more kids?"

Kerry's cheeks burned but she laughed shortly. Once Sophie had arrived, she and Kim agreed that they wouldn't wait too long before adding another; though Kerry had no experience when it came to siblings, she and Kim agreed that it was best for their children to be close. That being said, they began the process of trying to conceive for the second time around Sophie's 18th month. Six months and two failed tries later, they were waiting for their most recent try to prove positive or negative. However, because of the risks associated with IVF and Kim's increasing age, they chose to keep the process on the down low, subconsciously afraid that talking about it would somehow jinx it.

The redhead half-nodded half-shrugged, "Eventually…" she said nonchalantly before questioning Maggie, "Why? Do you want more cousins?"

The teenager nodded, adjusting the two year old on her lap. "My mom isn't going to have anymore, so it's up to you and Auntie to, well, you know…" she responded.

Kerry laughed. "Did your mom tell you that she isn't going to have any more kids?" she asked, smiling.

Maggie nodded very seriously. "She said that Chloe had the energy of two other kids and that any more might make her and my dad crazy…"

The redhead bit her lip, trying not to laugh but not bothering to secrete her smile. "I see…" she said, "Well, I understand where she's coming from…Chloe is kind of a handful."

Maggie's eyes twinkled and her mouth turned upwards in smile. The blonde nodded in agreement before going back to giving her attention to Sophie, who was now twisting one of Maggie's long ringlets around her chubby fingers. Blue eyes met and the toddler instantly dissolved into a fit of giggles.

"Well aren't you two just a barrel of laughs," Kim's voice carried as she stepped onto the deck, "and I hate to break that up, but your mom wants to see you." She told Maggie.

The blonde's eyes widened; she knew what was coming.

"Something about you and Chloe having to clean your room?" Kim offered, holding out her arms for her daughter.

Maggie groaned and handed her cousin over before pushing herself off the chair and trudging towards the door, preparing herself for the wrath of her mother.

Both Kerry and Kim's eyes remained glued to their niece as she exited, walking free of any aid. Through physical therapy and an immense amount of hard work over the past four years, Maggie had progressed from using both of her crutches to one to none at all. She still limped, and she would always have cerebral palsy, but neither woman could explain how wonderful it felt to see the fourteen year old gaining more and more independence and mobility as she matured.

The two women turned back to each other, smiling knowingly but leaving their emotions unsaid. Instead, Kim sat down with Sophie in her lap. "You aren't going to be like that, are you?"

Sophie looked up, eyes studying her mother. She sat still for a moment, a pensive look on her face, before shaking her head from left to right rapidly.

Kim smiled and pulled her closer. "Good," she responded, glancing up at Kerry, "we won't have much time to handle any sass when there's a baby to take care of."

Kerry smiled at the comment and Kim could tell that her words had not fully registered. Kim continued staring at the redhead, watching in delight as her expression morphed into a look of shock and realization.

"Di- did you-" Kerry stuttered, "Did you just…?"

Kim nodded, her mouth spreading into an uncontrollable grin. "A baby. As in another. As in it worked."

Kerry's face broke into a grin and she began to giggle in near-hysteria, tears of joy and shock falling from her eyes. "Why didn't you tell me? How long? When?" The questions flooded her brain and came out in a jumbled mess. "Oh my god…"

Kim chuckled, adjusting Sophie on her lap. "I found out this morning when you were at work, didn't tell you because you were at work, and I called my OB- I have an appointment Monday." She responded, smiling, "I hope that suffices."

Kerry wiped her eyes and nodded, chuckling softly. "It does…wow." She shook her head. "Wow. Finally."

Kim nodded and reached out for Kerry's hand. Grasping it, she gave it a firm squeeze. "Finally." She agreed, nodding.

And finally was right.

Finally was right.

Look at that, guys! It's the epilogue I promised then took back then said I might do. I finally did it! So there you go! Enjoy!