Jadelyn West: her story

Part 1: 7th Grade:


I know many of you people have wondered why Jade is so dark and mean. Here I'll write you my version of how her story should be said on Victorious. Also how she met the special boy and why she loves him so much. Here, in this story, I will reveal some of Jade West's life problems. In the 8th grade part 2, there is an even worse thing that only Beck, Cat and Andre helped Jade through. One horrible thing Jade hasn't gotten over to this day.

~ Four years before victorious. ~

-Hey, Jade! Come down now! -Jasmine (Jas) West screamed at her younger 12 year-old sister.

-What! -Jade screamed back.

-If you don't, you'll be late to your first day of school at the Hollywood Arts Middle School with me!-Jas screamed louder than before.

-Just cause you're thirteen and I'm twelve doesn't mean you can boss me around, and anyway, Im almost ready!-Jade yelled.

-Well ok but I got to meet my BF Bryce Oliver school at 7:45!-Jasmine sounded super exited to see her boyfriend, again.

-Why? You know I'm Dyslexic and you got to give the note to my teacher about that! - Jade screamed.

-Because he wants me to give him a script for a play we're auditioning for.-Jasmine said as Jade came down.

Then they walked to school, cause they live close and their dad had todrive their little sis Joanna to school cause she's only 6.

At school Jasmine finds her bf and hangs with him. Then he tells Jade:" You haven't met my younger brother yet, have you?"

No I haven't. - Jade said to him.

You will probably meet him later at school. His name is Beck and he is in your class. He's 13, a year younger than me.- Bryce said nicely and hopeful that they might like each other.

Ok, see you guys later!- Jade said, running to class.

Two periods of class later, Jade went to her locker. She had a free period so she decided to decorate it now. She'd always thought scissors were cool and she loved to seem "dangerous", since she'd been kidnapped at age 10. She was lucky the gave her back 2 weeks later with no damage. When she was decorating, the bell rang.

When she turned around to go to her class, she tripped with a boy. He was taller than her, he looked like thirteenand kind of looked like Bryce Oliver. He was also tan and he looked like he was new to the performing arts world. (she was new too, but she'd been in 2 plays as lead role in years past.) She looked into his deep brown eyes, beach tan skin and he asked:

-Are you okay?

-Yes and you?-Jade asked nervously.

- Yeah thanks!-The boy said.

He helped her pick up her stuff and held her up.

-Hey…-Jade asked him doubtfully before he left.

-What?-He said in a nice-boy tone.

-Are you Beck Oliver?-Jade asked, wanting to take it back.

-Yeah! So, are you Jadelyn West?

-Yes I am ! Your brother told me you would be here! But please call me Jade.-Jade said, really happy.

Then they went to the same class they had next and they kept talking and at lunch Jade asked "Do you want to have lunch with me and my friends."

-Sure!-Beck said to her.

Jade and her friends were known for their great acting and she and her friend Caterina for their singing. They were really cool and the best actors/actresses of the grade.

-Hi Cat and Jou, this is my new friend Beck Oliver. He is kind of new to acting but he is really good! He told me he was auditioning for the lead boy role in the play that I'm auditioning for lead girl part!-Jade said happily.

-Yeah, and I also love to dance!-Beck said to them.

-Cool so do you think Jade is…-Jou started to say.

-No! We don't know each other that much yet for that anyway!-Jade interrupted (Joy was about to say "hot" but Jade cut her off cause she knew where she was going with it.

Then, they talked to Andre and ate lunch.

Beck and Jade became very good friends soon after that day. Jasmine and Bryce kept hoping for them to finally go out, but it still didn't happen, yet.

They had really good times in the 7th grade until one day in December right before finishing that semester of school…

…Jade called Beck and told him to come over to her house. She was really sad about something. He said "I'll be right there, Jade. She really wanted Beck there with Bryce and her sisters and her dad to have dinner because it was December 12, the day before the anniversary of her mom's death. She died when Joanna was born almost 7 years before. They had a nice dinner. Jade cried silently most of it, though.

That night, Jade told Beck her worse secrets. She confessed to him she had Dyslexia, her mom had died years before, and that she had been kidnapped and terrorized by the kidnappers when she was only 10. Beck told her:

"You are a really nice girl, I would have never thought…"

–That I've been through so much?-Jade interrupted.

–Exactly, you are an amazing girl, although your dark girl rep and everything you've been through.

Jade just hugged him and they stayed really close for the rest of the year.

And that was the 7th grade part of the story of Jade and Beck. Jade told Beck her darkest secrets and those things had caused her to be mean sometimes.