Part 2: what happens in the 8th grade


I'll write their part of the story of 8th grade. I'll just tell you now something really sad happens and a special gift that changed Beck and Jade's lives forever. It starts on December 6 exactly.

"'Beck! Jade yelled to him when he was hugging this girl.

"Oh its nothing she is just a friend, Jade." Beck said sounding serious.

"Is she your GF ?" The girl wanted to know.

"No, she's just…" Beck started but then Jade left and he went after her. Luckily, school was over. She started crying, avoiding Beck's strange look because she did not want him to see her cry. Jade did like Beck a lot, she was just shy about it. She left the school walking to her house.

When she gets home, Jasmine says "Jade come with me." She didn't explain why or where, she just took Jade on her motorcycle to the hospital. "What happened? Why are we here? Jade asked worriedly all these questions. "Joanna, her Leukemia is bad again. She has been here since last Tuesday." Jasmine said, in a really worried tone. "Why didn't you tell me? Its Friday, and I've been staying at Cat's since Monday night cause you said I could stay to do that project…Oh, so that's why you told me to stay until today." Jade said hugging her sister and asked "Is she okay? Can I go see her?" "Yes you can, Jade go through the main hallway in the west wing. In room #113."

Jade ran as fast as she could. Her little sister needed her. When she got there she saw a pale, long-haired little girl. She looked thin and with dark brown hair, exactly like a "little Jade". She had tubes trough her nose and her hips. She had her right leg amputated. She woke up and asked "Jade?" as she yawned. "Yes, it's me, Joanna." Jade said "How are you feeling?" "Better now that you are here." the little 7 year old girl said. "Probably it's one of my last days."

"Please don't say that, but I know you've been afraid of time passing since you were five. I know why." Jade said, crying, as she hugged her sister."

Since that day, Jade had been visiting Joanna for a whole week straight. She got worse and worse each day. Jade sat alone at lunch and rejected when people asked her to sit with them. She was in pretty much a state of depression. That night was December 12, her dad's birthday. She didn't go home, or to the hospital after school. She had math tutor. She had been getting bad grades since the Joanna thing started. When it ended 6:00pm, she went to Venice beach, which was not that far. She sat on this big rock and gathered little ones. She ran to the ocean, shoeless, and threw the rocks. She started crying, left her shoes and then went home. She wanted to apologize to Beck about avoiding him, but she didn't want him to know about Joanna, yet.

She got home, showered and her dad brought her food up to her. He sat down and said "It's going to be alright, my girl." He always called her that since her mom died. Then he went back to the hospital and Jasmine came home with her. Joanna needed her dad to sleep in with her because you can never leave a child alone in a hospital by law.

While she ate, Jasmine came, moved her mattress to Jade's room and slept in her room. Jasmine hugged Jade and said "She is really not doing well." Then they both went to sleep."

The next day was Friday again. She decided she was telling Beck. After school, she went to Beck's house. She knocked softly, but he heard. I'ts not normal for her to do that. Usually, she just knocks harshly.

"Come in." he said. Jade ran in, saw him standing there, and hugged him. "I'm sorry for…everything. Being so harsh on you and, and not telling you." Jade apologized. She was crying bad. Her pale face had turned tomato-red. "Tell me what?" Beck asked. Jade let go and sat down, pulling Beck through his shirt towards her.

"Okay, let me just tell you the story. Last Friday, I found out that Joanna's leukemia got bad again. That she had been in the hospital since the Tuesday before. You know I had been staying with Cat since the Sunday before for the project. So Jas took me to the hospital and I didn't know why the hell we were going there. She then told me because Joanna's leukemia. I saw her in a critical state, with one leg amputated and tubes all over her. Since that day, I have been acting so weird. And that night, Joanna said that she knew it was one of her last days and that she was getting really scared of time. That I made her day." Jade had finally explained everything to Beck. She crawled onto Beck's chest and he hugged her. She cried for a long time and said finally "Thanks." "For understanding what I'm going through." "I love you."

That night Joanna passed away. The next day was the funeral. Jade must have been the saddest person there. Then, someone touched her shoulder. It was Beck. He helped her stand up and he said "I am truly sorry. I know you will never get over this so…" He got out a little jewelry box. "I want you to have this." It was this black pain necklace with a black, shiny rock on it. "My uncle gave me this before he died 3 years ago. He gave me this one too." He had an identical necklace on his tan neck. "He said to give it to a person I truly loved and never want to forget." He put it around Jade's snow- white neck and then she turned and asked shyly "Do you really love me?" Beck said "Yes, you are the best thing that ever happened to me, my best friend, I will never leave you alone." He said those very big words like he really meaned them. And he truly did.