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Epilogue: Completion.

From the day that Sam arrived at Megatron's quarters, he felt the tug. In all the years he was with the Decepticon leader, he never guessed what was pulling at him, though he did try to get out of his cage and find out when Megatron was not in the room. He never managed to get past the lock; Hook the perfectionist build the cage so that a human could not get out, and the cage served its purpose very well.

Now he knew that the tug was the All-Spark pieces calling to each other. Megatron put him down in the hall, in front of the door. The tug was overwhelmingly strong; he just let it pull him as the door opened.

Then he was standing in grayness, facing a white glow. Am I dead at last, and seeing a deity? he wondered. He was completely relaxed. There was no pain, no fear, no stress in this grey area. Strangely enough, the glow answered him.

No. I was part of you, for a time. I am the reason you return, the reason your hair is white, and the reason you lost your voice. I needed you, you see. I needed a place to recover, as a human, you could not use my power except through the artifacts made for that purpose and through the shard of myself. Your body reflected me; changing but never aging, missing a part of itself, and never gone for good. As I became stronger, I began to be aware of you and what happened to you. I stopped renewing those who would hurt us, and enabling those who would protect us.

Sam was surprised that his speculation was correct. He wondered if the All-Spark was always this aware.

No. I do not normally remain this attached to a physical plane of existence. But humans live short, intense lives at the best of times, and as your lives became shorter and harder, I became more aware of what was happening. The voice grew cold and hard. The Lord Protector should have heard me. He should have known what you held when he saw you. He is so changed from what a Lord Protector should be that he could not hear me. He could sense my power vaguely. That is why he claimed you, though in time he became fond of you for yourself. Only his driving need for power brought him to give you up.

Sam felt a little better.

But as soon as he knew that you held the All-Spark, he should have given you the respect you deserved, as Rodimus Prime did. Instead, he could only think of how to make a new Cube to use as a weapon. The voice The voice took on rage. I give life. I give judgment when needed. I am not a weapon of war, especially against the Prime who knows me and gave you the honor we were due, or the helpless slaves on this planet of your birth.

Relief swept through Sam in waves. He could die in peace, knowing the Alliance would not be facing a All-Spark powered weapon. What would happen now, he wondered.

I can give you choices. One is to go on, if you choose. You have earned a rest. But for a time, I can help you and the Prime rectify the great harm my so-called protector and his minions have done your race. I can give you a last human life, lived in relative peace while you and the others begin the work of setting up a stable human government and lead the Earth humans out of slavery into being an independent race again. You will be able to talk, to sire children and raise them, and see the human home world join the Alliance.

Sam had to wonder what the catch was, and just how he was going to deal with the Decepticons to have that peace the All-Spark was offering.

Merge with me. Through you, I can act. I can stop them, reprogram them, intimidate them. I am that from which they came, and I can call them to me or exile them to the Pits if I chose. In return, I want your living memories as part of me when you are ready. Believe me, once I am the Cube again, you will find peace.

Sam accepted the merge. The light approached, and then enveloped him. Then he was aware of the world again. He looked up at Megatron and said, "I am complete." He could hear his voice echoing in the chamber. Then he smiled, taking in Megatron and the other Decepticons' expressions as they realized that instead of the power in Sam going into the shard, the power of the shard came into Sam.

Power rolled out of the merge, into each Decepticon on Earth. If they were willing to kill the slaves under their care, they went into deep stasis. If they were not, the All-Spark spoke to them, telling them to stop fighting. Then the merge started to leave the room and realized they would have to climb over the Decepticons that fell like bowling pins when they went into stasis. They cursed, grumbling over the indignity.


The merge took Megatron's spark in private, to be reborn at a later time. What was left after spare parts were taken became part of the Cube when the merge remade it and became part of it.

Bonecrusher was the first to be tried for crimes against humanity. Sam did not participate in the trial. When the vicious mining leader was condemned, the merge stepped up to him and took his spark publicly before the chassis left was taken away to be used for spare parts. What was not used for spare parts was smelted down.

Dead End was tried and exiled from Alliance space. He tried to return and found he was reprogrammed to never return to Alliance space unless willing to accept Alliance law. Vorns later he was destroyed when the pirate ship he was working on encountered a trading ship with better weapons.

The captain and crew of the ship Sam returned to Earth on chose to stay in Alliance space but to leave Earth. They became completely neutral and acted as a trading ship between the more remote allies.

When the massive reorganization began, Razorclaw worked with Miranda Witwicky in getting medical care organized for the pregnant women on the breeding farms. She reamed him out about thirty times in the first year, but recommended him for the head of the Population and Disease Control department before she left, acknowledging that he was a good administrator and understood the issues well enough to be fair and impartial. He accepted.

Watts and Scrapper worked with Sam and the volunteers from the Alliance on planning and building towns and homes as the transition from slave dormitories to family homes began. Watts worked well with the young men and women trained in administration and other higher level jobs. Scrapper led crews of freed men in the same job as he had before, while training the Decepticons turned Neutral who wished to stay on Earth in how to lead crews without the crutch of the whip.

Decibel worked with the Alliance to find ways to make the factories safer. As time went on and the needs changed, the factories became the centers for new towns. Decibel was able to see about half of his deaf workers receive the means to hear again.

Shrapnel's farm became the experimental center for conversion into growing food that was distributed without being made into the ration and the agricultural training center for the group families who were taking over the farms. He worked well with Hound and Beachcomber in reintroducing foods not grown on Earth in the time of the Decepticon takeover.

They stayed until there were no living humans who were born into slavery and the new human governments were stable and thriving. Then they returned to Cybertron with Rodimus Prime as members of the All-Spark's private guard.