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Pokemorph: Origins

The Question

As Ash and company settled down in the lobby of the Ecruteak City Pokémon Center, many questions swarmed through the young hero's mind, most of which focused around Ho-Oh. Turning to look towards the entrance he saw Morty and Eusine, who had also joined them after their harrowing adventure in search of Suicune that day. As the two checked in their pokémon before sitting down across from him, Brock and Misty, he couldn't help but ask -

"What is the history behind Ho-Oh?" The question seemed innocent enough, but from the reactions around the table Ash soon thought otherwise. Misty perked up as if she wanted to hear the answer too, while Brock acted a little suspicious of the matter. Both Morty and Eusine had dark looks on their faces, and glanced at each other before going back to their sodas.

"What, is it that bad?" Misty asked, asking Ash's next question for him.

Morty sighed. "It's, really a long story, and not one for kids at that." He replied, honestly avoiding the question.

Eusine pitched in, "plus a lot of the story is lost to time, and there's been so many versions claimed to be true that a lot of us have a hard time believing any of them."

"So tell us then!" Ash said, standing up with his hands clenched.

"Ash…" Misty whispered disapprovingly, grabbing onto his arm and gently pulling him down.

Morty sighed. "No, its fine Misty the boy has a right to know." Both of them looked surprised at first, before settling down and sitting back in their seats. Morty put his hand in his head for a moment, as if contemplating before looking them in the eyes.

"I'll tell you what I know, and Eusine you can pitch in where I leave pieces out, you know about as much as I do, but like we said we're not sure how much is true, a lot of it has been lost to time." Ash and Misty nodded in understanding, and Brock crossed his arms as he listened.

"Well, a long time ago, Arceus formed this world to have pokémon and humans coexist. For a while things were great, humans and pokémon built wonderful cities together and there was lots of peace…" Morty started. They all nodded, they had all heard the stories as kids of pokémon and humans living together even more closely than some, like Ash and Pikachu, do now.

Eusine cut in. "But it didn't last…tell me, have you heard of Pokémorphs?" he asked, a very serious look on his face.

Ash pondered for a second, while Misty looked totally confused. "I've never heard of them before…" she muttered.

"I've heard the name I think…but I can't remember where from." Ash added as well.

"I have." Brock said, in a creepy dark voice that was very unlike him. Ash spun to look so fast he fell out of his seat, and even Misty flinched.

"Jeez Brock, what's with the dark tone? It can't be that bad can it?" Ash said, trying to lighten the situation, and looking to Morty and Eusine for help. Surprisingly, their faces were just as serious as Brocks. "H-hey, what's going on here?" Ash asked, altogether uncomfortable with the situation.

"Let me explain Ash." Eusine started. "Pokémorphs were created by mankind for sinister purposes, and because of them the world was almost destroyed." Ash's face fell…this certainly wasn't anything like what he heard – which frankly wasn't much of anything.

Morty chimed in. "What Eusine means is that though humans initially created the pokemorph, the 'morphs themselves soon created others of their kind. Soon, the world was overrun with the creatures and a great war broke out."

"…but, what is a pokemorph anyways?" Misty asked. Morty, Eusine and Brock all paled for a second. How could they leave out that detail?

"A pokemorph, as we call them, is a creature that is both human and pokémon. It looks like a human and acts like one, except some of its physical features are…different." Brock supplied.

Still looking confused, Morty piggybacked, "what we mean is, they may look entirely human, but have the ears of a Zubat, or a Shinx tail, or their skin may be green, or they may have feathers instead of fur, or even other arms and legs in extreme cases." Ash and Misty both tried to imagine what this would look like, and were having some success with it.

To drive the point home, Brock stood Ash up. "Close your eyes." He said, before pushing him in front of a mirror.

Brock ran over to Nurse Joy, who had just finished with the care of their pokémon a minute ago, and brought them all back in their balls, except for Pikachu of course. After a few whispers to Pikachu and some shuffling, Brock told Ash to open his eyes. Ash did, and saw his reflection to hold nothing out of the ordinary…minus the three inch ears sticking out on either side of his head.



The boy, now charred, lay on the ground twitching from the sudden shock – his reward for scaring his electric little buddy.

"Okay okay, do you get it now?" Eusine said, getting impatient. Ash nodded from the ground, and Misty nodded as well. "Anyways, these pokémorphs, they not only have some weird looks about them, but they can transform into pokémon themselves and use their abilities." He said, pointing this time at Pikachu. "Imagine a guy your size that is a pokémon trainer, and can deliver just as powerful of a shock as Pikachu in a heartbeat." Ash gulped visibly, and righted himself to sitting on the couch again, with Pikachu listening intently in his lap.

"The pokémorphs killed a lot of people and pokémon alike. Eventually they made their way here, and burned the Brass Tower down with the pokémon Suicune, Entei and Raikou trapped inside. It was only thanks to Ho-Oh's rage at the burning of its place of residence and the killing of the pokémon that the tide turned in the pokémon and humans favor." Morty continued.

"After their final defeat, they were cursed by Ho-Oh himself; so long as one pokemorph existed, Ho-Oh would never return and there would never be true peace in the world." Euisine finished.

There was a long since afterwards. The atmosphere got tenser by the minute as no one knew what to say, until Ash asked a question, "How is a pokemorph formed?"

Ash looked up to find the guys looking even more sullen than before.

"Blood Ritual." Brock stated.

The others looking up and nodding. Ash had a bad feeling about it even before Morty explained. "A pokémon has to have a certain amount of its blood spilled into an open wound on a person. When enough of the pokémon's blood enters that persons' bloodstream, that person takes on that pokémon's qualities. The pokémon…usually dies." Morty stated, not wanting to add anymore to the already dreary topic.

"Of course, there's always gene-manipulation. In that case, a team of scientists can theoretically take a vial of pokémon genes and directly bind them to human DNA, which when placed back into the human will cause him to transform. In that case no pokémon dies!" Eusine added, trying to paint a brighter picture – and failing.

After a few more seconds of silence, Morty and Eusine stood. "Well, don't let it bother you guys too much. Like we said, it's just a story and who knows how much of it is actually true. I mean, I've never seen a pokemorph, have you Eusine?" Morty hastily said.

"Uh, nope, none that I can think of!" Eusine added, catching on to Morty's scheme.

As Ash and Misty perked up a little, Morty smiled. "There, smiling already! Well it's late, and I don't want to get on Nurse Joy's bad side, so I'm turning in. Good luck on your journey tomorrow, and say hi to Pryce for me!" Morty said, extending his hand to Ash.

Ash smiled and took the hand, standing as well. "Yeah, I will. Good luck searching for Suicune again Eusine!" Ash added, switching to shake Eusine's hand.

"Thanks, and good luck to you all as well!" Eusine replied, taking his hand heartily.

With that, the two left the entrance and walked out of sight. Ash waved until they left, before slowly letting his hand fall to his side.



"Do you think what they said is true?"

Brock considered the question before answering. "I don't know Ash; I'm no expert on the subject. I just remember hearing the stories my dad told me when I was a kid, and they knew a lot more than I remember." Ash looked downcast for a moment, before suddenly perking up again and running off.

"Wait Ash, where are you going?" Misty called after him.

"To the phone! I bet Professor Oak knows something about this! Maybe he can help us fill in the blanks!"

After finding the monitors and a few anxious seconds of ringing, the gang saw the face of a very ruffed up and very tired looking Professor Oak. "Mmmm…Ash? Isn't this kind of late?" Oak asked politely, though a bit of irritation showed through.

"Sorry Professor Oak, we didn't mean to wake you…" Ash said, rubbing the back of his head.

"Yeah, sorry Professor Oak!" Misty chimed in.

Professor Oak waved his hand in a dismissive manner. "Oh no its fine. What do you need?" He asked, slowly seeming to come around to full consciousness.

"Umm, well you see professor…" Ash started. By the time he was finished, Oak was fully awake and had half of a cup of coffee left in his hand.

"I can see why that would cause some stress for you guys." Professor Oak said, taking a sip off coffee as well.

"Yeah, so Professor Oak, can you shed some light on this? Do you know what happened?" Ash asked earnestly.

Oak thought for a minute before getting up from the computer. "Hang on…" After some rummaging around off-screen, Professor Oak returned.

"It's been quite a while since I've had to pull this out…" He stated absentmindedly, placing an old book on the desk before flipping through it. Before Ash had time to ask, Oak answered, "I looked into this a while back, a few years before you were born as a part of a discovery made by Professor Rowan at Mt. Coronet's destroyed shrine." He explained. After a little more flipping, Oak found the page he was looking for.

"Ah here it is…and it appears just as I remembered it." Oak stated. Ash and company leaned in closer to the computer screen, as if doing so would get them closer to the book itself.

"Alright, I'll read it as its narrated here. This is the summary of what was discovered as a part of this and several other discoveries over the course of the past thirty years. Now I'll read it to you once and then answer any questions, because it's too long and it's too late for me to ask every question as they come up, is that clear?"

They all nodded eagerly, and Professor Oak finished off his coffee before starting.

"Okay, so here it goes…"

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