*This chapter is rated M for R/K fun times.

Tears of Glass – Part 25 – The Ribbon Comes Off

They plunged heedlessly into the raging downpour, neither caring if they got wet or not, because soon both would be stripping the other of their clothes. The rain was coming down harder than it had before and they were soon both drenched. Kahlan lowered her brow as she ran behind Richard, slightly disappointed that her hair was, no doubt, ruined… but then again, why did it matter? It was about to get ruined anyway.

Kahlan narrowed her eyes and tried to concentrate. It was hard work running in high-heels. She wanted to get to their suite at the inn, as much as Richard, but she wanted to get there in one piece. Kahlan knew that if they went any faster she would probably trip or break one of the heels. And she didn't want to break them, especially since they were a gift from Richard.

She pulled on him. "Richard… I can't run in heels," she breathed out through panting breaths, her chest heaving from the exertion.

Richard stopped and nodded, turning to look at her. His eyes grew wide and fell to her chest. "Kahlan…," his voice trailed off, as his eyes seemed to become transfixed on her chest.

Kahlan flushed, remembering how low the neckline was, and with so much rain, the dress was clinging to her a lot more that it had when it was dry. "Richard!" she snapped. "My shoes!"

"Right," Richard gave a nod and smiled, and knelt down, making sure not to jerk his hand that was tied to her too much. Kahlan placed a hand on his shoulder for support as she lifted each foot and he removed the high-heeled sandals with a deft expertise that amazed her.

Richard stood back up, holding them in his free hand. Kahlan used her free hand to hold up the hem of her dress, ensuring that it would not get muddy as they continued their mad dash for the inn. They ran through puddles and laughed, enjoying themselves. She had never found a rainstorm to be this erotic or sensual before.

After removing her high-heeled sandals, it did not take them long to reach the inn. They rushed inside and sprinted up the stairs. Kahlan was breathing heavily, a combination of their mad dash and the anticipation of the night of passion that awaited her with Richard.

Richard stopped at the door to their suite and turned back to her, smirking. His drenched hair stuck to his face and Kahlan let out a soft chuckle as she pushed it back from his brow. "I've got a surprise for you," he said.

He pulled the latch and the door swung open. Kahlan gasped and her smile grew so wide it almost hurt her cheeks. Hundreds of candles lay spread out across the floor, giving the room a warm glow. Two vases were placed on the nightstands on each side of the bed, and both were filled with roses. And the bed, spirits, somehow he'd had the time to litter the entire bed with the red pedals of even more roses. Richard pulled their tied hands up and kissed the back of her hand.

"Do you like it?" he murmured softly, gazing up at her with his warm brown eyes that glowed with a golden sheen in the candlelight.

"Oh, Richard…," Kahlan was quite literally speechless. No one had ever done anything so romantic for her. Well, to be honest, she had never really been in any romantic situations until she had encountered Richard. Most men were afraid of confessors, because of what they could do to you with their powers. The only men that ever talked to her were usually the wizards, and most of them were old men.

Grinning ear to ear, pleased with the reaction he got from her, Richard led her into the suite and closed the door, bolting it shut so that they would have no unwanted intruders. Kahlan turned to him and gazed into his handsome face, losing herself in how the candlelight danced off his features. She raised her hand and placed it on his cheek.

"Oh, Richard," she felt near tears of joy. "It's perfect!"

"Good," Richard whispered, dropping the sandals and pulling her to him in an intense passionate kiss that left Kahlan breathless.

While she was still numb from the impassioned kiss, Richard took the circlet off her head and placed it down on a nearby chair. He reached back up and tickled her neck. With his one free hand he undid the fastenings of the diamond necklace, and skillfully removed her earrings, before placing them down with the circlet. Blinking, and regaining her focus, Kahlan undid his belt and detached the Sword of Truth from his waist, setting it down on the floor. As she did so, Richard kicked his shoes off.

He pulled their tied hands up and kissed her hand, guiding her towards the rose pedal covered bed. They climbed up on it and Kahlan eased down amongst the pedals, giggling softly as the silky pedals tickled her back. Richard shifted over her, using his free hand to push her dress hem up, and danced his fingers up her legs, caressing her thighs. Kahlan closed her eyes and sucked in a breath when she felt his fingers reaching for her underthings. Richard gripped the fabric and began tugging at it. Kahlan shifted, raising her hips to assist him as he pulled her small black shorts down.

They locked eyes as he continued to pull her underthings down past her knees. He shifted over her and leaned forward, pressing his lips softly against hers. Kahlan closed her eyes and moved her lips with his. His tongue slipped between her parted lips and soon they were tasting each other, losing themselves in one another. Kahlan lifted her feet and Richard pulled her underthings up and smiled, tossing them to the floor, before returning his attention to her lips.

Kahlan raised her free hand and gripped his face, pulling him closer, pushing her soft feminine body up against his hard masculine body. Her heart was racing and she could not wait for Richard to be inside her. Sure, they had made love before, but not as husband and wife. Spirits, she wanted him so badly. Kahlan let out a soft giggle, laughing at herself, thinking that reading that romance novel had probably stimulated her more than she had thought.

Richard moved his lips to her cheek and ran wet heated kisses down her jaw and chin, nibbling at her neck. As he did so, his free hand drifted back up her leg and began rubbing her inner thigh. Kahlan moaned softly and rolled her head back, leaning into the pillow, giving him more access to her neck as he sucked on her supple flesh. His hand continued to dance up her leg until he reached her femininity.

She flirted her eyes open when Richard moved over her, looking deeply into her eyes, as he began to caress her special place with his fingers. He moved his fingers over her folds, making her wet. Richard smiled down at her and watched as she responded to his ministrations. Kahlan's mouth dropped open as flutters of pleasure rippled throughout her body. Her stomach muscles tightened and she let out a gasp as Richard slipped a finger past her folds and inside her. Spirits, he'd never done this before… never pleased her with nothing but his fingers.

Kahlan reached up with her free hand and clutched at his shoulder, pulling him down for another kiss as he added another finger to his ministrations between her legs. She felt lightheaded and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of ecstasy produced by the slightest movement and touch of Richard's hand on her femininity. He was working her so well with nothing but his fingers that Kahlan thought for sure that she would reach release. But that's not what she wanted. She wanted more than just that. She wanted Richard, himself, inside her… and she wanted to please him as well.

"Richard…," she managed to gasp his name through panting breaths.

Richard looked up and smiled, continuing to move his fingers. Kahlan closed her eyes and caught her breath as this thumb drifted across her special place, eliciting an explosion of pleasure in her velvet core. Richard grinned, no doubt pleased with the reaction he got from her.

"Richard… Richard!" Kahlan murmured through her heavy breath, half gone in the rapture his fingers were giving her.

"Yes, Kahlan, my sweet?" he leaned down next to her, softly planting warm kisses on her neck and shoulder.

"Richard… I… I want more than just your fingers inside me," Kahlan murmured in a low voice heavy with wanton need. She was having difficulty hiding her obvious desire to have him inside her. "Much more," she added in a warm whisper against his cheek.

He continued sucking on her neck, and she could feel his lips curling into a smile. Richard moved slowly, kissing his way back up to her lips. Kahlan parted her lips and Richard seized them with his, slipping his tongue in. Kahlan closed her eyes and brought her hand up to grip his hair as he pressed his lips against hers. As he backed away, she teasingly bit his lower lip and let out a breath of delight, feeling his fingers slip out of her.

Richard raised his hand up. Two of his fingers were dripping wet with her essence. Richard smiled at her and Kahlan watched with wide eyes as he slowly inserted each finger into his mouth and licked off the dripping essence. When he'd cleaned both fingers he eased down next to her and smiled.

"You taste wonderful, my Kahlan," he purred, leaning forward to kiss her. Kahlan closed her eyes, tasting some of herself on his lips. She was surprised at how she tasted. Richard's free hand began tugging at the straps holding up her dress, but was only able to slip one side down, exposing her right breast.

He leaned over her and began kissing her right shoulder, working his way down until he reached the beginnings of her soft flesh. He kissed the top of her breast, and brought his right hand up to caressed her side as he opened his mouth and sucked on her nipple. Kahlan took in quick breaths and pushed up off the bed, softly pleading with him to continue. His hand squeezed the side of her breast as he continued licking at her nipple and kissing every inch of her flesh.

When he began kissing his way back up to her next, Kahlan moved both her hands, forgetting that one was tied to Richard's. He jumped a bit and laughed. Kahlan blushed, embarrassed that she had lost herself so much in the rapture his lips had on her body that she had forgotten about the ribbon.

"What do you want, my little nightwisp?" he asked, pushing back her hair from her brow and gazing into her eyes.

As a response, Kahlan pushed forward and captured his lips with hers, kissing him gently, as she directed their tied hands down to his waistline. She pulled back for a moment. "You know what I want, Richard," she whispered huskily into his ear.

Soon, all four of their hands were down at his waistline, tugging and pulling at the laces of his trousers. Kahlan arched her neck to look down, waiting to see him when he was freed. She growled, frustrated at how difficult it was to do anything with only one hand. Her frustration only seemed to make Richard laugh. She knitted her eyebrows together, trying to concentrate. Eventually they got the laces freed and she tugged at his trousers.

Richard moved and shifted until his trousers dropped down past his knees. He squirmed around a bit and finally he was completely free of them. While he was focused on removing his trousers, Kahlan had set to work unbuttoning his shirt. She was pleased that her single freed hand seemed quite capable of unbuttoning each notch. His shirt parted and she caught a glimpse of the hard muscles that had been hidden underneath the fabric of his tunic.

Kahlan immediately ran her fingers along his muscles, memorizing every curve and line upon his chest. She danced her fingers down his hard abdomen and down past his waist until she came to the one part of Richard she had been waiting all day to feel. Richard let out a low groan when her fingers wrapped around his firm manhood. He was so warm and his skin velvety to the touch. Kahlan began to dance her fingers up and down his length, stopping at the base to tickle his balls, cupping them in her hand.

Richard did not move and allowed her to explore and feel every inch of his manhood. She knew she should not be surprised at his response to her touch, but it still amazed her at how hard and stiff he got around her. She flirted her eyes up from her hand to his chest, and then gazed up longingly into his eyes. Richard smiled softly and leaned forward, using his free hand to rub her thigh, and push the hem of her blue dress further up.

Despite the fact this was not going to be her first time with Richard, Kahlan still felt her chest tighten in the anticipation of feeling him enter her. It was a sensation she wished she never grew tired of. And a feeling she wanted to feel for the rest of her life. Richard moved over her, his breath warm and moist, as he positioned himself over her. Kahlan opened her legs, feeling a tingle run down her spine as she felt Richard's hardness brush against her folds.

Richard moved his hand up and cupped her face. "I love you… so much," he murmured and leaned forward to kiss her. Kahlan closed her eyes and moved her lips along with his, highly aware that as they kissed, Richard was gently moving his hips. Her mouth opened and she gasped in delight as she felt Richard push completely past her folds and filled her inside with his hardness.

Holding their tied hands by their hearts, Richard began moving his hips back and forth, taking himself barely out of her before plunging back down into her depths. Kahlan moaned and groaned with escalating need as she felt the stirrings of explosive heat and passion inside her. Richard's free hand came up and kneaded her breast, teasing her nipple with his thumb, as he danced kisses down her neck and sucked on her supple flesh.

Kahlan did not know what to do, the sheer amount of pleasure she was feeling at this moment was almost too much to handle. Though she had had made love with Richard before, Kahlan felt like a maid accepting a man for the first time. Her whole body tingled and felt numb as Richard continued to thrust back and forth inside her. She loved how he never stopped kissing her and touching her. His hand just did not want to leave her flesh.

Richard was quickening his pace, as he felt her grow wetter. She felt him pushing deeper and deeper with each thrust. And she was rapidly losing all control over her powers. They were roaring for release, wanting to be let loose. It was all she could do to keep them in check, wanting to feel as much as she could. Richard tensed and he reached up with his hand, hastily capturing her lips with his mouth. His hips were pressed hard against her and she could feel him deep inside her. Richard let out a soft groan and continued kissing her as she felt the warmth of his seed explode within her depths.

Suddenly, a wave of bliss rippled through her body, and her mind felt fogged and lost in all the sensory input she was receiving. Spirits, how could she feel like this when it was not her first time? Was it a result of her mood, the fact that it was her wedding night, or was it something more? Was something magical at work? As the wave of ecstasy passed over her body, Kahlan felt her inner muscles tighten around Richard and she bucked her hips up into him, as she felt a deluge of sensations roar throughout her entire body, exploding out from her very core.

Kahlan raised her eyebrows and parted her lips to moan his name as she felt a pool of wetness seep out of her and soak the mattress. The feeling was heightened by the release of her powers, which could not harm Richard. She blacked out for a moment, the combine feelings of orgasmic release coupled with her confessor powers overwhelming her like never before.

When she came too, the ribbon was loose and slack. Richard had already moved his hand away and was touching her all over with both hands. Kahlan squirmed with delight and brought both her hands up to grab his face.

"Oh Richard…," she murmured. "What did I ever do to win you're love?"

Richard smirked and leaned down to plant wet kisses along her neck. "You won my heart the moment you came into my life, Kahlan" he answered, whispering against her throat in-between kisses. His hands were caressing her sides, one down near her hip while the other massaged her breast. "You gave me a reason to fight, a reason to live." He moved and gazed down at her with his warm brown eyes. "Without you, Kahlan, life is not worth living."

Kahlan's heart fluttered with his declaration of undying love and she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down for a long deep kiss. "Well," she said, grinning and raising an eyebrow. "I hope you're not fully satisfied, because I'm in the mood for a little more fun!"

"You must have the ability to read minds, Kahlan," Richard said, sitting back and removing his shirt, tossing it to the floorboards. "Because I don't plan on having any sleep until well before the sun comes up."

Kahlan could not believe she squealed like a little girl at his statement, but she did. She raised her hands up as Richard pulled her blue dress up over her head. However, he did not simply toss it to the floor, like he had with his clothes. He folded it up carefully, before leaning over the side of the bed to place it gently on the floor. When he rolled back up, Kahlan spun him around and climbed up on top of him, straddling his lap with her legs.

Richard laughed and sat up, kissing her, running his hands through her hair and down its length until he gripped her hips, kneading his fingers into the soft flesh of her rear. Kahlan ran her hand down his chest and gripped him, pleased that he was already ready for another round. She moved over him, adjusting herself for optimum entry. Richard buried his head in her breasts, kissing and teasing them with his tongue as Kahlan eased down over him, feeling him fill her up inside.

She gripped his shoulders as she bucked her hips wildly, wanting to feel the heights of passion she had felt before. Richard held her, ensuring that they would not be separated, as he continued to kiss her. Their bodies thrived together in unison and dripped with the sweet dew of love as each sought to please the other. They rolled around and changed positions so many times that Kahlan lost count.

Surrounded by the rose pedals and the soft silky sheet of the bed, Kahlan allowed herself to drift away in the pleasures they had that night and well into the morning. She did not know how many times Richard had brought her to release, and no doubt her essence had soaked the mattress to its very core, but she did not care. And Richard had probably seeded her so many times that Kahlan would be surprised if she was not with child.

The sun was well on its way up into the sky by the time they both plopped down onto the mattress, exhausted. Kahlan sighed contently and curled up next to Richard, snuggling. She ran her hands over his sweaty chest and loved the feeling of their two moist bodies intertwining as they began to go to sleep. Richard's hand aimlessly ran up and down her back, tickling her spine, as her fingers ran circles around his chest.

"I love you, Kahlan," Richard murmured, half asleep.

Kahlan scooted closer, resting her weary head on his shoulder, listening to the pulsating beats of his heart as it pumped blood through his veins. "I love you… Richard… my Seeker of Truth," she murmured back. Slowly, with the arms of the man she loved around her, Kahlan Amnell, the Mother Confessor of the Midlands, went to sleep.


*I might do a sequel to this story, I'm not sure yet.