This is my new fanfic for Pokémon. This is based on the new games Black and White, since the games have not been released in America I have no idea how the story unfolds, so I'll just go with what I've got in my head. Enjoy (sarcastic laugh).


Battle I: Who Am I?

I was launched back nearly five feet when that Hyper Beam made contact with my Crobat. Crobat launched itself into me and nearly knocked me out. I heard luaghter from my opponent as my Crobat layed there unconsciences as did my Tyrannitar, Charizard, Metagross, Luxray, and Dragonite. The figure just stood their laughing looking down at me I felt like battling myself, but given the pokemon he was using I figured that it wasn't worth. The figure stepped into view although I could only see his face from the bottom of the nose down. He pointed his finger at me and he shouted a command to one of his pokemon.

"Magneton! Just as we talked about!"

The Magneton began sparking all six ends of its magnets and it began to course electricity through my head as I began to lose consciencousness. I put my head down in defeat when I heard something make contact with the Magneton causing the flow of electicity to be disrupted. I looked up to find all six of my pokemon attack the Magneton and knock it out. The figure had a look of disbelief.

"You have brainwashed your pokemon to the point where they will risk their own saefty to save an evil person like you. I will liberate them and make them feel freedom."

"I can't let you hurt my friends, I will never let you. I can't let you do that!"

I rose to my feet and joined my pokemon in what could very well be our final battle. To think in all my years of training, I would be defeated by an unknown who just walked off the street who challenged me to a battle and I blindly accepted it. I smiled as he used pokemon that matched mine in power and defeated mine as I defeated his. Each pokemon fell one by one as he used a Revive item to bring back his Magneton and continued with his little idea of shock-therapy. My head just pounded as he kept commanding it to pour on more voltage into my head. I watched as he continued to laugh he took my pokeballs out my pockets and returned them and released all six of them. When he did they forgot all about me and ran away. I smiled to myself and was prepared to allow him to kill me. Magneton poured on the last bit of voltage causing me to close my eyes. And the way I saw it, it would be the last time.

I woke up to a bright light. I looked around the room I was in and I felt as though something was off. Well, I felt all right, but something was off. I got off of the sofa I was apparently sleeping on. I walked around the area and I found myself most likely in a laboratory of some kind. I shook my head and found a mirror, I figured I would make sure that I was still myself. I walked towards and started feeling a headache progressing to my the back of my brain. I walked up to the mirror and found something I'd never seen before; my face.

"Who is that? Or better yet, who am I?"

I stood there in a daze and found myself in front of a mirror asking myself that question, "Who am I? Who am I? Who am I?"

I kept asking that question so much that I didn't even notice someone behind. She placed her hand on my shoulder, I jumped back and found myself face-to-face with a young woman who I'm guessing worked here. I placed my hand on my head and I felt my hat come off. On the inside of my cap I saw a small photograph. It showed myelf with four people. There was me red cap with a black pokeball design on it, brown hair reaching past my ear and neck, eyes as brown as my hair, blue hoodie-jacket, light-black khaki pants, and red sneakers; a young girl with a similar hat to mine except it was white and had a red pokeball design, blue eyes, large dark-brown hair in a ponytail, a white t-shirt with a black vest, a pair of denim jeans, and black boots with pink laces; another boy on the other side of the myself, black hair with a strand going upwards, dark-blue eyes, a pair of glasses, blue jacket with a white shirt with several red lines on it, black jeans, and blue sneakers; another male in the center of us all; a black and white cap, greeen hair in a pony tail, a white shirt with a black one underneath, several bracelets, a medallion, a rubix cube hanging from his pants, pair of gray jeans, and a pair of green shoes, and finally another girl on the other side of the first girl, she seemed slightly older, she wore a green hat, blond hair, green eyes, white dress, orange vest, orange stockings, and light yellow shoes.

She picked up the picture and gave it back to me. She had violet hair and a small hairpin that was in the shape of a violet, blue-violet eyes, glasses, a white lab coat, a pink shirt underneath, and pink shoes. She smiled to me and looked down. I saw the picture once more and I just found myself going through what memories I had left.

"I'm Makomo, what's your name?" she said in a very soothing voice.

"Touya, my name is Touya." I said without even thinking.

Both of us looked at each other; her with a smile on her face and myself with a confused look. How did I know my name? Or better yet, how did she know that that would spark my memory?

She looked at me confused as another women entered. She was slightly older and looked at us both. She had light brown hair that looked similar to a Beedril's hive, a small pair of red earrings, white shirt, green skirt, white lab coat, and red and white shoes.

"So, sir. I see you've met my colleague, Makomo. I am Professor Araragi. And who might you be?" the professor said.

"He's introduced himself as a boy named Touya." Makomo said.

"Touya. Nice name. So tell me, Touya; what were you doing alone in Yaguruma Forest so late at night?" The professor asked.

"I don't know, as far as I'm concerned I'm lucky to remember my own name." I replied.

Both professor's looked at each other when Makomo leaned over towards me and put a small light into my face. I groaned at the sight of it and she turned it off immediately after I reacted. She asked me to remove my jacket which revealed a solid black t-shirt as she searcehd throughout my pockets.

"There are signs of pokeballs that were recently in here, professor." Makomo said.

"Interesting. Tell me, are you a trainer?"

"I don't know."

"Classic case of amnesia; can't remember a thing. Take him down to the lower level and we'll give him a CAT scan, Makomo." Araragi requested.

"At once, ironic he's here the same time I am, huh?"

"I guess."

After the scan they both were looking at the results as I tried to sneak away. I was halfway in between the door and the scan table when Araragi threw another cotton swab at me.

"What did I tell you, Touya? Stay here until we're done, okay?"

"Fine." I said in a disgruntled tone.

After five more minutes of waiting they turned their attention from the results of the scan to me. They began performing a complete physical from my heartrate to my reflexes. For some reason I felt like a high school science project. They took weight measurements, height, and blood samples. By the time they finished they were still baffled by one thing in particular. Araragi turned to me and explained.

"Do you see this area of your brain here?" she asked.


"Well this area controls your memories. And as you can see, by this CAT scan you've been wiped clean as a new computer. The only way to have this happen to someone is either forced memory removal done mostly by government officials, or extreme voltage from most likely a pokemon. Obviously this wasn't forced because there are no marks on your forehead, so a pokemon did this. But at the voltage level enough to make you forget everything except your name it insinuates that this amount of voltage was enough to kill a person nearly in their late thirties, and you survive with just no memory."

"Is that a bad thing?" I asked inquisitively.

"Not really, but this means that most likely your memories will not return." Makomo replied.

"So what do you suggest I do?" I asked.

"I am liscened to begin young people on journies of discovery of discovery with newly chosen pokemon partners. So I'm going to do the same with you. I will allow you to select one of three pokemon; Snivy, the grass snake, Tepig, the fire pig, or Oshowott, the sea otter. All are perfect for those starting out or restarting in this case their journies. Do have an idea on which one would like to have?" Araragi said.

I thought for a moment. Okay, this woman is allowing a complete stranger to enter her lab and get me started on an adventure that uses skills to navigate through. What the heck am I supposed to do?

"May I see them?"

"Of course, come with me."

Both professors whispered amongst themselves while on the way down. Araragi nodded in agreement to what Makomo had said and they opened the door to where the pokemon were being kept.

One could easily decipher which one was which and I was no different. I identified the small blue one as Oshowott, the spunky red pig as Tepig, and the green pokemon in the corner as Snivy. I leaned over the fence that was keeping the pokemon in and Oshowott and Tepig rushed up to meet with me while Snivy sort of just drearily strut its way up to the edge. Oshowott and Tepig began jumping up and down in excitement thinking they were going to be picked by me for my journey. Snivy on the other hand had an interesting aura around it; it said "don't mess with me". Snivy lifted his head slightly and we both met eyes with each other. Snivy turned around and began to walk away when I jumped over the fence to cut it off. Snivy kept its eyes closed as the rest in attendance was in shock. I looked down at it and smiled. Snivy returned the favor and jumped onto my shoulder. Oshowott and Tepig both had looks of despair and put their heads down in defeat. I jumped back over and was about to make my way out when Araragi and Makomo put their hands on my shoulders.

"Are you sure? You've just woken up Touya, there's no need to rush this along y'know." Araragi said.

"I agree, from the brief moments I've spent in here I've seen that as the most temperamental things I've ever seen." Makomo said shifting her glasses.

"I don't care." I said while the two professors stood there. "All I need to know is if this pokemon is willing to be my friend, and if I need to work hard to become his friend then so be it."

Both the professors followed me as they prepped me for the journey. Makomo gave me back my bag and Araragi gave me a pokedex and five extra pokeballs. I accepted their items and asked them a question that had been on my mind for a while now.

"Why have you been so nice to me? You two found me in the forest and are prepping me for a journey and taking one of your pokemon as a gift, why do I deserve this?"

Both professors looked at each other and giggled.

"Because no person is absolutely hopeless, including people who have no memories to live off of." Araragi said.

"You had six pokemon in your possession and now you have one. It's a major step down so why not give you a bit of a boost up your way to the top." Makomo said.

I looked at both of them and thought on what they said and smiled once I figured it out.

"Thank you, both of you." I said bowing.

I turned around and ran out the door to wherever the winds of fate were to take us. I looked up at my shoulder to see Snivy just as eager to leave as I was and we watched the sunset on the first day of our new adventure.

"Hey Snivy, you wanna hear something that I think I may have written a long time ago." Snivy nodded. "Beginnings are merely the end of one thing that lead to another. Endings are just the beginning to something new. But the difference between it all is what you are willing to do once something has ended and what you are ready to do when something alse begins."


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