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Rosco the Time Traveling Salesman

Epilogue Number Two: Emachinescat and Her Extra Epilogue

Somewhere amidst the pyramids of ancient Egypt, a time-machine appeared. The Pharaoh sent his finest guards to go see what this contraption was - perhaps a gift from the gods? - and all were in awe as a gangly red-haired man leaped out, grinning ear to ear.

"Hullo," the man said cheerily, "My name's Rosco, and I'm here to make your dreams come true."


Thousands of Years Later ~ 2010

A team of renowned archaeologists were working in Egypt, excited beyond belief because they had just discovered the tomb of a previously unknown Egyptian king. "Imagine what will be contained within this tomb," one of them said blissfully as he hefted his digging tools and got ready to excavate.

"Yeah," another said dreamily, eyes shining with the prospect of yet another educational and expensive treasure. "The mummy, the gold, the statues, the jewels..."

They worked for a while, carefully digging into the grave, intent on uncovering some ancient artifacts that would make the world cheer from the excitement of it all. They'd be all over the news after this find!

The leader of the group, a man named Tim, finally broke through and, flashlight on, stepped into the tomb of the lost Pharaoh of Egypt. His anticipatory grin faltered as his jaw dropped and he gaped, "What the-?"

Instead of the vast troves of treasures the ancient Egyptians buried with their dead kings for them to take along with them to the Underworld, there was another, rather unconventional type of treasure splayed out in the musty tomb before the archaeologist team. The cavern looked more like an ancient bachelor pad than a tomb. A big screen TV was propped up next to the coffin, an X-Box placed on a pedestal next to it. A microwave and a mini-fridge were in the corner. Posters of the Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga lined the walls and a vast CD collection was stacked next to a stereo.

Tim rushed forward with a few of his colleagues and they approached the coffin and together they lifted the lid and peered inside. The man to Tim's left burst out laughing. "Okay, who's idea was this? Bob? Jimmy? Chris?" One by one, the men he named shook their heads incredulously. This had to be the strangest thing any of them had ever seen.

The king was dead, alright - a mummy, and an old one, if they'd ever seen one (which they had, many times). But the preserved dead man was wearing what looked like the ragged but relatively well-preserved remains of a black T-shirt that read in modern English: VOTE FOR PEDRO.

One of the men quirked an eyebrow. "Napoleon Dynamite?" he asked hesitantly. "But... what does this mean?" He gestured to the whole strange scene before them.

"That the Egyptians had really crummy taste in movies?" suggested Bob.

"That the Egyptians were even more advanced than we ever imagined was possible?" Jimmy ventured.

"That this Pharaoh is having the greatest time ever in the Underworld?" Chris decided.

"No..." Tim said slowly, eyeing the X-Box with a great longing. He'd always wanted a game system, but with his salary he had never bought one. He bit his lip as if debating a course of action before springing toward the "treasure" and announcing gleefully, "It means 'finders, keepers'!"

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