Author's Note:: My other Tate (Tony/Kate) fic is on hold for now while I'm a little busy, however I did manage to find this. It's based from an RP I was doing with a friend. This is set probably during Season Three of NCIS. No Ziva, or at least as a main character, sorry Ziva fans but I'm a true Tate shipper. Enjoy though, and remember reviews are love.

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Tony loved pranking Kate more than he did pranking McGee. It was one of his favorite hobbies. He didn't prank Kate too often. Everytime he thought about pranking Kate, he remembered what she did to McGee after he stared at her ass one day when they were in the NCIS gym. That was one of the main reasons why he only pranked Kate every once and a while. He was afraid that she would kick him in his most favorite body part. He knew that she liked it, but she just had to pretend like she didn't. Gibbs, on the other hand, didn't like Tony's pranks. He didn't like it when Tony pulled pranks. Whereas, Kate knew that Tony was afraid of what she could do to him if he ever pissed her off enough to do it. He had been witness to McGee's assault. She had no hang ups about doing the same thing to him, maybe even harder to him though. Kate often felt on edge with Tony around, though it was a good feeling and she loved it. Everything he said or did around her was something else to make her feel more alert and more chance to look at him. Something she enjoyed to do.

They both loved being around one another. She was a great partner and he always had her back. Even though she pretended like she got annoyed with everything he did, Tony knew she really liked his charming personality. Tony loved to flirt and mess with Kate too, especially about her tattoo. That wasn't the only thing he messed with her about. He messed with her about if she still had her catholic school girl uniform, and about her sex life too. Whenever Tony would make cracks about her sex life, Kate often blushed and found herself getting embarrassed for the lack of sex in her life. She had been getting more since she worked at NCIS, but still it wasn't as near as much as Tony was getting, and somehow she envied that. Sometimes, she wondered if he lied about his dates just to make himself seem more desirable, not that he needed to be, she thought.

Tony knew that he could get Kate to crack, either it be on him by putting a bullet through his skull or if she just got too pissed off with him, he knew he would break her one day, though now, Tony was almost at the point that he was willing to beg on his knees. He wouldn't admit it, but god it was killing him. He had to see her tattoo. He was going to keep bugging her until she gave in. He was sure he could hold out longer than she could. He knew Kate, and he knew that eventually she would get so annoyed with him and just want to shut him up quickly so she would end up showing him her tattoo.

More often than not, Kate would just let Tony win over her, just so he would pipe down and not bug her anymore. She felt like letting him win just now, with the tattoo thing he kept asking her about. Looking to him, she saw the want for that vital information in his eyes and she smirked a little to him. He had put on his famous DiNozzo smile and flashed it, just for her, even though he was talking about her panties. Ever since McGee had been brave enough to be crawling around fixing DSL lines or whatever he was doing when the air conditioning had shut off, and when he'd happened to be underneath Kate's desk and glimpse up her skirt, Tony had been ever so curious about her underwear.

He was waiting for that moment when usually Kate's elbow would connect with his ribcage, but she hadn't hurt him yet which he found unusual. What Tony found even more unusual was that Kate was a little nearer to him than she ever got while working a case, or ever, though he didn't mention it. Instead Tony just muttered, "Wow, you're really sticking your butt in my face today, are you sick or something, Kate? You know, you really don't like that great...Oooh! Okay!" he winced a little, slightly winded. Kate had just jammed her elbow back into Tony's ribcage and winded him, though he did get a strong waft of her perfume and her smirked through the wince on his face.

Kate just shook her head and rolled her eyes before turning back to the task on hand, "So you're wanting to see my butt, and get into my panties?" she muttered, almost nonchalantly as she picked at the metal that had some fibres trapped against the edges that had been serrated away.

"No, I just want to see you in that Catholic schoolgirl uniform, you still have it?" Tony whispered into her ear.

Kate hadn't realized how close Tony actually was to her, until he whispered in her ear. It caused her to gasp and she let her eyes widen before she took a moment or two to regain her composure. The brunette inhaled deeply before she wet her lips and looked to the evidence bag and she bit her lip a little. She could feel Tony's eyes staring at the back of her head, she felt those tiny hairs on the nape of her neck standing on end under his gaze before she murmured, "You still think of that?"

Tony shifted so he was still behind her but now more to her left side, so he could lean on the wall and look to her. The handsome Italian detective looked to Kate and he smiled, not a smirk but a tender smile and he nodded, "Only every night, Kate." he gave her a few seconds to let that statement process in her mind before he continued, "I know you do too. Perhaps we should get together again, relive that fantasy. I know you want to, Kate. Admit it." he had started to smirk then as he noticed the rising blush in her cheeks as she continued to collect evidence with those tweezers.

He could play her mind games all day long. The more Kate teased him, the more Tony teased back. He was actually enjoying this. He was having fun, and he had no intention of stopping any time soon. Tony could see that Kate was contemplating his offer, he knew she had feelings for him, who wouldn't? But he had feelings for her too, feelings that ran deeper than the sibling-esque connection they had always had. They had both come to that realization when Tony had opened that envelope that contained the Y Pestis, and they had both had to be contained in the de-contamination unit at Bethesda. When Kate was leaving, she had certainly had the mind frame she would never see Tony again, it had frightened her. Not the thought of never seeing him again (though that did have a large impact upon her) but the realization that she had strong feelings for him, romantic feelings.

She sighed a little and stopped what she was doing before she glanced up at Tony and blinked a little, "Tony, please...I don't think it's a good idea. Not this time." Kate shook her head to him and looked back to the tweezers that were still poised in mid air, "I just don't think it would work out, I don't want to risk it."

"Kate..." Tony began with his trademark smile, flashing his teeth charmingly to her, "Come on..." he touched her hand to make her look at him, "Just give in to me." he smirked and tilted his head, gesturing a space between two storage crates that was most definitely hidden from other eyes; Gibbs. He smiled encouragingly to Kate and took her hand in his, "Come on, we can go make out without him seeing us." he turned to see her expression as he began to lead her away from the spot they were picking evidence and he chuckled, "Be a little daring, huh?"

"Daring? Tony, we're supposed to be working!"

"You didn't say that when we were over in Paraguay..." Tony smirked before he gave Kate a knowing glance, and looked her over, just as he had done in Paraguay.

"Gibbs wasn't within fifteen feet when we were in Paraguay." Kate pointed out and smirked knowingly back to Tony.

"Well, he won't see us. Come on Kate, live a've almost died once. Come on." Tony winked and began to lead Kate away, willingly she followed him.