Author's Note:: My other Tate (Tony/Kate) fic is on hold for now while I'm a little busy, however I did manage to find this. It's based from an RP I was doing with a friend. This is set probably during Season Three of NCIS. No Ziva, or at least as a main character, sorry Ziva fans but I'm a true Tate shipper. Enjoy though, and remember reviews are love.

Disclaimer; I own not one thing, DPB and the crew of NCIS own.

"Kate..." Gibbs sighed as she neared him and had her head bowed, "Look, I know I may be an old dog, but I pick up on things...I know about you and Tony."

Kate looked up and she bit her lip a little, "Does that mean I'm out on my ass?" she frowned a little at the words coming from her own mouth.

"Of course not. Kate..." he began as he began walking away, speaking over his shoulder, "Just make sure DiNozzo keeps it in his pants at the office."

Kate stood there gaping after Gibbs while he walked away from her, his smirk etched across is face. She raised her brows and blinked several times before she finally scoffed and called after him, "I'll keep that in mind!" she really did not know what to say now that Gibbs had said that to her. How the hell did he know about she and Tony? She stared at the wall for a few dull moments before she shook her head and descended the stairs, to return to her desk once again.

Tony was back by the time she rounded the partition and he was hovering by the front of her desk, looking at something ,"Tony!"

"What? Your phone was ringing, I was making sure...Daniel knew that you're taken."

Kate glared at him in her usual fashion, "You answered my phone?"

"Yeah, but it was a guy, Kate." Tony tried to reason with her.

"What did you say to him?" she hissed back a little.

"Nothin'." Tony smirked, "Just that you're not interested in dinner with him...Oof!" Tony doubled over as she punched him in the gut.

"Tony, why'd you do that? No, I don't wanna know!" she looked to him and glared as he neared her desk.

"Look, Kate, all I told him was that you're not interested, you have your eyes on someone else." Tony shrugged a little and smiled to her. The smile was not the usual smile he gave her when being suggestive or trying to tease her, it was a natural and genuine smile.

"Tony..." she glared to him before her face softened and she smiled at him, "Thank you."

He smiled back at Kate and watched her, "So, can I take you out tonight?" he asked gently, glancing to Gibbs.

"Not out, but you can come over, and we'll hang out." she smiled to him, "I'm not in the mood for a restaurant."

"Who said I was going to take you to a restaurant? Could've just been planning a trip to Wendy's..." he smirked a little to Kate.

"Come to think of it, that would be more your style." she grinned.

"No, I'll come over. You want me to bring anything with me?"

"Just yourself." she smiled.

"Good." Tony nodded and leaned up then from her desk before he began moving back to his own. Rounding the edge of the desk, Tony watched Kate, she was getting on with her work, typing up a report or something, but still she looked beautiful, just sitting there. He sat down and softly, he nudged the mouse since his computer had gone into sleep, the screen saver was bumping around the edges of the monitor.

He opened up his emails and clicked on the 'Compose' button before glancing over at Kate concentrating once again. Tony gently smiled to himself before turning his focus back to the monitor, and looking to his keyboard. He hit the letter 'K' to bring up Kate's email address into the 'Recipient' field before he began typing out an email for her;

Kate, I am looking forward to hangin' with you tonight.

He erased it and frowned a little before he began another new mail, erasing that again. Tony couldn't think of anything to say. Or rather, he knew what he wanted to say, he just didn't know how to put it into words for Kate to read, until it finally hit him that he should just tell her, so he did;


I think I'm in love with you,


(Big D, little i, big N, little ozzo...)