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Dreams Come True

Blaine knocked on Kurt's door.

"Come in," he heard faintly from behind the thick wooden entryway. Kurt was sitting at his desk at his computer, finishing up a paper. He only looked up when Blaine placed a hand on his shoulder. Gently, Blaine leaned down and placed a kiss on his boyfriend's lips.

"Hi." He said simply, a smile growing across his face.

"Hi." Kurt responded, his eyes lighting up. He watched as Blaine grabbed a chair from the other side of the room, placing it in front of Kurt and straddling it. Kurt spun around completely in his chair so that they were now facing each other.

Blaine rested his chin on the back of the chair, then reached for Kurt's hands.

Kurt sat frozen for a moment. Was Blaine about to break up with him? There was something in his deep, beautiful eyes but it wasn't concern or anything like that. Still it wasn't a look that Kurt was used to seeing even after the five months they had been together. It was a mixture of smugness and content. Finally after what felt like an eternity, Blaine spoke up.

"Happy Anniversary." He said smoothly, caressing the back of Kurt's hands with his thumbs.

A wave of relief splashed over Kurt, but then a new feeling of panic took its place. Kurt hadn't gotten anything for Blaine. "Blaine I-"

"Shhhh." Blaine released one of Kurt's hands and placed a finger over his mouth. He then let his finger trace the edges of Kurt's lips. "It's ok if you didn't get me anything. Just having you there with me is a gift enough."

"Having me where?" Kurt asked, tilting his head to the side a little as he let out a smirk. Suspicion running rampant in his head. Blaine reached into his pocket and pulled out two plane tickets. Kurt scrutinized the lettering on them then excitedly grabbed them out of Blaine's hand. "Orlando! Does this mean what I think it means!"

Blaine sat up straight in his chair and held a clenched fist to his mouth as if he was holding an invisible microphone. "Kurt Hummel. You won yourself the best boyfriend in the world. What are you gonna do next?"

Kurt gave him a sly grin. "Well, to be fair, I worked very hard to get you as my boyfriend."

"Exactly. Which is why," he kissed one of Kurt's hands, "your hard work," then kissed the other, "deserves to be rewarded." He leaned in and gave Kurt a peck on his soft lips.

Kurt sat dumbfounded for a moment, then broke the moment of silence. "When do we leave?"


"Saturday that's-that's tomorrow." Kurt said, his eyes following the older boy as he headed to the door. "What about classes?"

"I've got it all worked out. We're allowed to miss three days of classes before our grades drop. So don't miss anything after we get back!" Blaine raised his eyebrows a few times. Kurt thought it was so sexy when he did that. "Better get packing. Oh and get a good night's sleep. We leave early in the morning." He winked and closed the door behind him.

Kurt was in a daze. "I'm going to Disney World!"

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