I have absolutely NO excuse for this fic. Except to say that readers of Campanula were like "we want smut" and, well, uh, yeah. So here's a bit of quasi-smut.

It's a hard T but I've done M to be safe.

In a library.

What? They had dirty books back then...I think.

Princess Rapunzel's favorite room in the palace was the library.

This came as little surprise to her parents when she had confessed that for years and years she had three books to read. Her father had promptly taken her to the library and there were days when it seemed as if the only time the Princess left the room was to eat. There were also days when the Princess did not leave the room at all, staying buried in the collection of book.

A plump yellow arm chair which had once been the Queen's favorite spot was taken by the Princess and dragged over to a window where it would have maximum light. There it stayed, though who placed the sturdy table beside it, none could say. For hours the Princess would sit there, sometimes reading quietly and sometimes reading aloud to her chameleon companion. Today was the later of the two, her soft voice echoing around the library as she read aloud.

"'My apologies,' the Princess said but he only smiled devilishly at her, 'It's nothing the great Flynn Ryder hasn't gone through for the love of a beautiful Princess,' he said. And then," Rapunzel read softly to Pascal, her finger moving along the page in time with her eyes, "Flynn Ryder swept the beautiful Princess into his arms and-" Rapunzel felt heat in her cheeks as her eyes scanned the pages, "oh my."

Pascal leaned forward with an inquisitive sound but Rapunzel was engrossed in the book. It would seem that Flynn Ryder, the infamous character, had some very interesting ideas what to do with Princesses when he had them alone. This was the third of the Flynn Ryder books that Rapunzel had found and while the other two were more than appropriate for children, this one may not have been quite so. Rapunzel felt her blush increase as she looked up, glancing around to see if there was anyone else in the library.

Assured that she was alone, Rapnzel bent forward over the pages and continued to read, her voice hushed to counter the echo in the spacious room.

"He swept the beautiful Princess into his arms and kissed her passionately for all to see. None would touch her after Flynn Ryder had made it clear that she was his," red faced Rapunzel looked over at Pascal who seemed to be at as much of a loss as she was.

"The entire night they danced together, but their minds were only on-" she sucked in her breath, "what would happen next," frantically she turned the page of the book.

"Flynn carried the Princess up to the bedroom and set her on her feet before his lips captured hers. His arms wrapped around her, pulling her to his broad chest as he slipped his tongue into her mouth, guiding her backwards. The Princess was an excellent dancer, she had no problem retaining her grace and poise as they moved across the room in an entirely different kind of dance. So great was her poise that when the reached the bed the Princess managed to turn him so that it was Flynn who laid down first, her body on top of-on top of his," Rapunzel breathed.

"'Well,' the ever dashing Flynn said with a wink, 'this is something I could get used to.'" Rapunzel continued, "with a smile the Princess kissed him long and soft and while her lips were against his, Flynn reached up and flipped them, laying his weight over hers. His hand slid up the length of her leg, fingers sliding easily under the layers of her skirt, all the way to the tops of her stockings. Then he-"

Rapunzel let out a squeak, pressing her lips together as she fought not to read the next word aloud. She was certain that her face had never been quite so red before or her grin quite so silly. Her deportment tutors would be mortified to find her curled up in the chair reading a book such as this, but Rapunzel could not tear her eyes from the page as the character on which Eugene had based his entire persona proceeded to ravish the beautiful Princess. Biting her lip Rapunzel continued to read as Flynn did things to the Princess that she had never even thought possible. But then again the book she was holding and it's contents were hardly what one could consider 'suitable' conversation topics.

So engrossed in the book was she that she did not realize that someone else was in the library with her. Three shelves down, Eugene listened to Rapunzel fight to stay quiet as she read about one of Flynn Ryder's conquests. When he had heard her first start to read the surprise had been so great that Eugene had very nearly dropped the book that he held. He knew he probably should have revealed himself or said something but the sound of her reading, her voice getting more breathless by the second had frozen him.

Of all the books in the damn library she had to pick the one that featured Flynn Ryder ravishing a Princess.

Even now that he had adopted Eugene as his every day name, there were times when he forgot to respond to that. But the response to Flynn was automatic. And he had read the book she was currently engrossed in. So the knowledge that she was reading that while he was standing there only made it more difficult to stand still and keep quiet. Especially when he heard her let out a soft gasp, courtesy of the works of Flynn Ryder, not Eugene Fitzherbert. Peering through a crack in the shelves he saw her bury her face deeper into the pages, her fingers gripping the leather bindings of the book for dear life.

Forcing air through his lungs, Eugene struggled to stay quiet as he watched her turn the pages, sternly reminding himself that this was so not what he should be doing. When her head rose he could see the blush staining her cheeks and the surprised look in her jade eyes. Tearing his gaze from her Eugene grabbed the first book he could find. One on a very boring topic. Trying to get lost in the pages, he fought not to cringe every time he heard her shift on the chair or gasp at one of Flynn Ryder's sexual exploits. He knew those books were, uh, descriptive. And Rapunzel was a curious girl.

Only the thought that the King would very likely strangle him if he did anything close to ravishing Rapunzel before their wedding night kept him standing there fighting the urge to try death by papercut.

"Oh Flynn," Rapunzel read aloud, her voice breathless.

"God damnit," Eugene swore, turning to the bookshelf and leaning his heated face into his forearm.

Turning the last page, Rapunzel stared down at the book, knowing her eyes were wide with surprise. Rapunzel looked at the chameleon on her shoulder who returned her gaze, his eyes equally wide as his body took on a flushed shade that matched the one on her face. To read about Flynn Ryder doing that to a Princess-well it hit a bit too close to home. She was a Princess and she had a 'Flynn Ryder'. Looking down at the book, Rapunzel looked over at Pascal.

Would her 'Flynn' do that?

Rapunzel bit her lip and looked back at the bindings of the book, the descriptions of what the dashing Flynn Ryder had done to the Princess with his calloused hands made her toes curl in their slippers. From what her tutors had said, people did not do things like that until their wedding night. But they had no mentioned anything like what Flynn had done to the Princess. And they had not been married at the time. Pressing a hand to her heated cheek, Rapunzel looked at the window. She knew that Eugene was very good at kissing, but their kissing hadn't been anything like what had transpired between the Princess and Flynn. Rapunzel looked down at her leg, wondering if it really would reach over his shoulder as he-

"Oh my God," Rapunzel buried her face in her hands, shaking her head as if to clear the images from it.

Somewhere in the library book hit the ground.

Rapunzel's head flew up, ice flooding her veins. Someone was in here. Clutching the book to her chest, Rapunzel looked at the book shelves. Someone had heard her reading that book aloud. What if it was one of her tutors? Or worse, what if it was her parents? She looked desperately at Pascal who ran off to investigate. Forcing her legs to work in spite of their jellied state, Rapunzel hurried through the shelves. She did not have to go far before she found the source of the sound and suddenly she found herself wishing that it was her parents, tutors or maybe even all of parliament.

Anyone but Eugene.

Ducking back to the aisle that ran between the shelves, Rapunzel flattened herself against the wood of the shelf, fighting to get her heart rate to some kind of normal. Eugene, her Flynn Ryder, was on the other side of the shelf and Rapunzel knew he had heard everything. Every squeak and gasp and not to mention he had heard her reading aloud! Reading about his persona ravishing someone who could very well have been her own persona.

"Hey 'Punzel," Eugene said finally, his voice reaching her burning ears.

"Oh hi Eugene," Rapunzel squeaked out, "I didn't see you there before-" she tried to make her voice normal, "I hope I wasn't too loud."

On the other side of the bookshelf Eugene fought the urge to bury his face in his hands. Rapunzel's innocence, endearing as it was, was quite literally going to kill him. Be too loud? When reading a naughty book about Flynn Ryder and a beautiful Princess? He was going to be dead before she turned around. Either from that or the very angry chameleon who was currently in his hand, still struggling to murder him with his annoyingly long tongue.

"No, ah, I barely heard you," he said, glaring at the overly protective chameleon who he had a feeling still did not know what was going on.


And then, in a show of, what was usually endearing but currently very unwelcome, curiosity and compassion, Rapunzel looked around the corner.

There was no getting around the evidence that Eugene had been listening to her read that book. No more than it was possible to hide the fact that Pascal was currently attempting to kill the future Princess-ravisher. Pascal had turned back to his standard green color but Eugene knew his face was still red, almost matching Rapunzel's own blush. Their eyes locked and for a moment neither of them moved until Pascal reared his protectiveness of the Princess and redoubled his efforts to kill Eugene.

"Pascal, no!" Rapunzel cried, "he hasn't even ravished me yet!"

The moment the words left her mouth Rapunzel regretted them. Both the chameleon and the would-be Prince froze in their struggle, their eyes widening before they looked back at her. Rapunzel felt heat on her cheeks but she held her ground, locking eyes with the both of them.

"Well he hasn't," she pointed out.

It took everything Eugene had in him to point out the last word in the sentence. Pascal on the other hand seemed to have no problem remembering what that last word was. By some cruel twist Rapunzel came closer to them and Eugene fought to cringe away until she picked up the chameleon from his hands and moved him onto the book shelf with a stern look before turning back to Eugene.

"Sorry about that," she said ducking her head, the blush staining her cheeks.

Eugene looked down at the Princess, very aware of what she had said. Rapunzel was looking at the ground, toying with the edge of the scandalous book she was reading. Eugene was painfully aware of the fact that their current situation could go one of two ways. Either they could suffer through the awkwardness and questions before eventually confessing something to each other. Or they could take care of that right now.

"It's nothing the great Flynn Ryder hasn't gone through for the love of a beautiful Princess," he said easily, leaning against the bookshelf next to her.

Rapunzel's head flew up, her green eye widening at the devilish grin he sent her way. Part smolder, part something she had never seen before, Rapunzel's heart leapt into her throat even as the blush on his cheeks began to fade. He had been standing there that whole time, listening to her and yet as she looked at him Rapunzel got the feeling that he was not teasing her. Rapunzel's lips parted as she looked at him, her lower catching in her teeth as she desperately tried to remember what happened next.

"Hold on," she said grabbing the book and beginning to thumb through the pages before she came to the one she was looking for, "then you sweep me into your arms," she read.

Eugene's arm came obediently around her waist, slowly encircling her body but leaving an appropriate amount of distance between them. Then, without warning, he pulled her body flush against his. Rapunzel gasped at how tightly he held her against him. She barely managed to move the book out of the way as their chests pressed tightly against one another, the arm around her waist leaving no room for her to wiggle away. Not that such a thought crossed her mind. He titled his head to the side, looking at her, his warm brown eyes dancing with mischievousness.

"Next?" he asked.

"Kiss me," she breathed.

He was more than happy to oblige, his soft lips capturing her already swollen ones. Rapuzel wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pulling him even closer as his other hand slid around her shoulders. A soft sound escaped Rapunzel's lips as Eugene's parted hers, deepening the kiss as his arms pulled her closer, sending Rapunzel's head spinning in a way that she had only read about in books. Her fingers tightened on the pages of the book as she fought to keep any semblance of control. Especially when one of his hands-which she knew were as calloused as Flynn Ryder's-slid across the sensitive skin of the back of her neck.

A gasp of protest was torn from her as he drew back, his hand lingering on her neck before it slid the length of her arm to where she held the book. He plucked it from her fingers and turned his head to look at the words, even though Rapunzel was quite certain that she was past the point where she could read things with any kind of comprehension.

"It says here that we're supposed to dance now," he said before looking down at the Princess in his arms.

Rapunzel seemed to be fighting for air. He looked at the unsteady rise and fall of her chest, something he could see as well as feel, what with it pressed so firmly against his own. His eyes dragged up, past the smooth column of her throat, where he knew her pulse was fluttering. Next they landed on her cheeks, now flushed for an entirely different reason before landing on her swollen lips. Clearing his throat in an effort to maintain the charade of giving a damn about what the book said, Eugene looked down at the text before looking back at the Princess.

"So," he forced himself to stay in control, "dancing?"

Rapunzel looked at him and then at the book. She felt dizzy with what he had done to her. She barely felt as if she could stand, much less dance but Eugene looked at her curiously and even though Rapunzel imagined he was joking she wasn't entire sure. Rapunzel did not realize that he had pulled back further until the cool air blew across the skin exposed by her dress. Inhaling sharply, Rapunzel leaned back against the wood of the shelves, fighting the aching state his passionate kiss had left her in. In front of her Eugene leafed through the book with a seemingly critical eye.

"Well it seems like we dance and then we feast, then I carry you up to your room and I-"

The book vanished.

Eugene looked at his empty hands before lookup up to see Pascal dragging the book up onto a higher shelf. The chameleon stuck his tongue out at Eugene. The former thief glared up at Rapunzel's oldest friend who seemed far too infuriatingly satisfied with himself for Eugene to question how the chameleon had grabbed the book which was easily four times his size and gotten it that high up.

Without warning however a pair of hands seized the fabric of his shirt and twisted him so that his back was against the bookshelf once more.

Before he had time to react Rapunzel's lips were against his once again, just as soft and lingering and hot as the book had described them to be. She had always been bold but this was something entirely different as she leaned forward, pressing her body against his and effectively sandwiching between himself the smooth wood of the booshelf. It took Eugene's shocked and delighted mind a moment to get his hands around her waist once more and pull her tightly against his chest in a bold move that still had her pause in kissing him. Taking advantage of her momentary pause, Eugene dragged his lips from hers and looked at her.

"Well," Eugene said, quoting from memory, "this is something I could get used to."

"Hey Eugene?" Rapunzel said breathlessly. He raised an eyebrow in her direction, "shut up," Rapunzel said with a smile devious enough to rival his own.

Eugene was happy to oblige as she sealed her lips tightly over his once more.

Moments later Rapunzel's back was against the wood once more, One of Eugene's hands against her back and the other pressing into the wood beside her head. Without warning his lips left her swollen ones. But before she could protest or tell him to forget the book his lips were pressed against the column of her throat.

Rapunzel's eyes flew open in surprise before they shut as she gasped at the sensation of his lips on a new part of her skin. Her head rolled to the side to grant his wicked mouth better access as her fingers dug into the fabric covering his shoulder blades. The hairs of his goatee were scratchy against her skin but the teasing contrast to the softness of his lips was enough to send her head spinning even worse.

"E-Eugene," Rapunzel gasped out, her fingers digging even further into his shoulders as he continued to wreak havoc on her.

At the breathless gasp of his name, Eugene smiled against her skin but did not stop as he continued to ravish the Princess in his arms. Though he was certain that if she had not been in his arms hearing her say 'Eugene' like that would have been enough to get him across the room. Placing a lingering, heated kiss to Rapunzel's lips, Eugene drew back and looked at her. Rapunzel's eyes fluttered open as she looked up at him, her eyes mirroring exactly what he felt. A smile slowly stretched across her face, her lips parting softly.

"What?" she asked with a tilt of her head and Eugene realized that she saw nothing wrong with saying his name.

Saying his name like that.

For the first time he realized that he didn't see anything wrong with it either.

"Nothing," he said leaning forward and capturing her lips again.

And that was the last time Eugene Fizherbert ever played Flynn Ryder.

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