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Jade West sat silently in the passenger seat of Beck's car. She stared out the open window and let the cool air rush through and onto her face.

"You wanna stop and grab something to eat?" Beck asked, breaking the silence she treasured so much.

She'd been extra quiet lately, and grumpy too…more so than usual. Beck was starting to worry a bit. It wasn't normal for Jade to be acting this way. Whatever was troubling his girlfriend, he wanted to find out and help. That was just what he did.

"No. Not hungry." Jade replied, never bothering to look at him. Her eyes were fixated on the mountains in the distance that could be seen from the street they were driving along.

"Well, do you wanna go back to my place? We can watch a movie or just talk or whatever you want to do."

Beck wanted desperately to find out what was bothering her. But he didn't dare ask. He new better. Asking Jade what was wrong would be the easiest way to get his head ripped off, chewed up and spit back out.

Jade sat there in silence for a few minutes before answering Beck's question.

"I think I just wanna go home." Jade said quietly.

By now they had reached the end of a dead end street. Their street. Where they always went to be alone, weather it be to have an intense make out session or just to have a private conversation.

"Jade? Are you ok?" Beck asked her. He studied her for a moment. Her hair seemed dull, as if all its luster had been lost. Her eyes had dark circles around them. Her scowl seemed deeper than usual. She looked as if she were weak.

Jade let out a long and annoyed sigh. "Beck, seriously, just take me home." Jade ordered.

Beck frowned a bit. "Are you sure you don't want to go back to the RV for a bit? I can always take you home later."

Jade thought for a moment. It seemed as if she was digging through her mind to find an answer to his simple question.

"That's fine." She finally answered.

Beck nodded and silently they began the short journey to Beck's RV. Occasionally Beck glanced over at his girlfriend. Each time he saw the same image: Jade sitting quietly, hands on her lap, looking out the window.

What could be bugging her? Beck wondered as he drove. Did her and he parents get in a fight? Was she angry with him? Or maybe had she just been having a bad week?

Soon enough they arrived at the RV. Jade slipped out of the car and followed her boyfriend inside.

"Anything you want to talk about?" Beck asked, as they sat on his couch. Beck snaked his arm around Jade's shoulder. She leaned into him and rested her head on his shoulder.

"I don't have anything to say. Just turn the TV on or something."

Beck did as Jade commanded. He reached over to the remote and flicked on the TV.

A commercial for the ice cream stand in the mall came on, The Sweet Treat. Beck remembered the first time he and Jade ever went there. It had just opened and it took a lot of begging before Jade agreed to go. Normal people love ice cream. But then again Jade wasn't normal, really.

Beck remembered how she hemmed and hawed about going, saying how much she hated ice cream. Then when she finally got there she ordered a small strawberry ice cream cone, just to hush her whiney boyfriend. Her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and she smiled, something Beck rarely saw. She devoured the entire thing, saying how creamy and delicious it was, and how much it wasn't like anything she'd ever tasted before.

Beck wondered if Jade remembered that or if she chose to block out that memory. Jade often chose to block out those moments of happiness as if they were something to be embarrassed about.

"Hey Jade?" Beck spoke up.


"Jade?…Babe?" Beck looked down and found that Jade had fallen asleep, clearly not about to wake anytime soon.

Jade asleep? Something really must be bothering her, he thought. Jade never fell asleep so early.

He looked at the digital clock on his night stand. It read 7:06 p.m. Much too early for Jade to have fallen asleep. Jade was usually a night person. The earliest she was ready for slumber was 10:30.

He was both surprised and worried. She'd only fallen asleep so early once before and that was a year ago, when she had been sick with the flu.

Could she be sick? He wondered. Lightly, he placed a hand on her forehead. Cool as a cucumber.

It was decided that whatever was bothering her would be easier found out tomorrow after she woke up. For now he'd let her sleep. But whatever was wrong with his girlfriend, he was determined to find out.