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No one's POV

Same shit, different day. That's what Jade kept thinking as the weeks went by. It was the same, droll events day after day. She was completely and utterly bored of everything. Nothing had excited her much lately, but then again, when had anything really ever excited her to begin with?

As time passed, she continued to keep her secret from Beck and all her so called friends. She was picking up more tips and tricks to keep her weight low. Lying had become a hobby for her. It just flowed to her so naturally that sometimes she felt like her sole purpose in life was to lie. It was almost too easy. She had everyone exactly where she wanted them and damn it, did that feel good! Everyone believed her when she said she was alright or when she said she'd already eaten.

Things were actually going alright for Jade lately, despite the fact that she was crazy bored. It surprised her a bit when she woke up feeling completely wonderful one Friday afternoon.

Summer vacation had just started, and Beck and her laid lazily in bed. They'd been out late the previous night and were enjoying summer's advantages by sleeping in.

Jade woke up to the sound of summer rain drizzling down the window. It was peaceful. She closed her eyes and snuggled closer to her boyfriend.

"Hey, Babe?" Beck whispered groggily.

"Yeah?" Jade spoke just above a whisper. She was surprised to find that Beck was awake, but not displeased with it.

"Let's go for a drive today. Just the two of us." Beck whispered, stroking her hair behind her ears, a gesture that always soothed her.

"Where are we gonna go?" She asked.


That was all he needed to say. Beck headed out into the pouring rain, Jade close behind. They ran for the car and climbed in. Beck started the engine and let the road take them away.

Before Jade knew it, the familiar buildings of the city disappeared and were replaced with green, leafy trees that shook in the wind. The rain was pouring harder than ever and Jade smiled to herself.

Beck hadn't spoken one word, which Jade really appreciated. She knew that he knew that something wasn't quite right. But she also knew that he respected her enough not to force her into talking about it. In fact, Beck's whole purpose to this spontaneous outing was just to relax her and relieve her of whatever was on her mind.

Suddenly, Beck stopped the car and pulled over to the side of the road.

"What are you doing? Why'd we stop?" Jade demanded.

Beck laughed. "Because," he started only to begin laughing again. "Because do you remember the last time we did something like this? We got lost and we freaked out. We panicked for two hours before we realized that we were only a few miles from civilization."

Jade gave that small smile of hers again. She remembered very well. That was when she was happy. Well, as happy as she ever was. More importantly, that was when she was thin. The smile vanished.

"Yeah. Why'd you bring that up though?"

"Haven't you noticed?" Beck grinned

"Noticed what?" Jade asked, slightly annoyed.

"That we always have the best times when we do stuff like this. Just random stuff."

Jade looked at her lap for a moment before shooting her head up and meeting his eyes.

"I love running away with you, Beck."

Beck beamed at her response. "Come on." He said, gesturing with his head towards the window.

Jade didn't know what his intentions were, but she didn't care. She felt love for Beck and certain times she completely embraced it. Her cold and mean demeanor would diminish and she would just let herself love him. After all, Jade was a girl, a girl who knew that there was no better feeling than love. Now was one of those times that the love needed to be embraced.

She followed him out into the rain and was glad that she did. Beck swooped her up and swung her around. He let her down and lead her in the tango they'd done for their final project in dance class.

Jade let herself laugh. She let herself smile. She didn't even notice to rain beating down on them as they moved. It'd been so long since they'd had a moment like this. Lately Jade had just been feeling too awful to spend these kinds of moments with Beck. She'd been too stressed to laugh.

This was a rarity that only Beck had the pleasure of seeing, ever. Normally Jade put on a harsh face, because that was just who she was. However, sometimes she'd get caught up in the magic and let herself go. Beck loved these moments. He loved her smile and laugh, the sparkle that danced in her eyes. During these moments he could see right through her. This was one of many reasons why he loved her.

Soon their little dance came to an end and they started back home, both of them soaked to the bones. Beck's heart raced when he felt Jade's hand rest on top of his.

"I love you." She told him.

"I love you, too." He whispered. He raced home a little faster.

As soon as the car stopped they were out on their feet. Well, only Beck really, because Beck had picked her up again. Jade wrapped her legs around him and she pulled him into a deep kiss. The thunder cracking around them served as no distraction.

Beck walked over to the RV and pushed Jade against the side, letting her slip back on to her feet. He then had to lean down slightly to continue the passionate kiss that they never stopped.

His hands were going wild, grazing over Jade's body, feeling all her…bones? It felt strange that he couldn't feel her curves anymore, just bones. However, he was too caught up in the moment to say anything. With Jade's hands entangled in his hair, he reached over and fumbled with the door handle. After successfully opening the door, he picked her up once more and carried her inside. He tossed her on the bed and climbed over her, deepening the endless kiss.

Jade released her grip on his hair and had began to wiggle out of her wet jeans. He'll see my fat, she silently worried, but didn't have time to stop herself. She no longer had control of her motor skills; they'd been swept away in the moment. Soon she was down to her green stripped panties and had began tearing Beck's shirt off his body.

Beck loosed his pants and let them slide down. He pulled Jade's shirt over her head and undid the hook of her bra. He kissed her neck and heard her giggle between heavy breaths.

She welcomed him as he entered inside of her. She felt his lips pressing down on hers. She could feel him thrusting deeper into her and she heard him whisper an I love you.

"I love you, too." She whispered.

Things had calmed down eventually and Beck and Jade laid twisted beneath the sheets, still undressed. He held her tight to him and she rested her heard on his chest, drawing little patterns with her finger on his bare body. Both of them were completely content. Sex was always better when they did it out of love instead of boredom or just plain horniness.

They were feeling drowsy and they began drifting off to sleep when Jade's phone suddenly blared, signaling a received text message. Shit, she thought. The magic was over now, the fairytale had officially ended thanks to modern day technology.

She reached down to the floor and grabbed her phone. Flipping it open, her face went pale. She read the text and stared at it in disbelieve and fear.

"What's the matter?" Beck asked.

"My mom wants me to come home tomorrow." She whispered. A knot was forming in her stomach and she could feel a wave of anxiety come crashing into her. Wonderful feeling, eviscerated.

Beck didn't show it, but he was filled with fear as soon as he heard her. He knew that 'home' was the last place Jade ever wanted to go.

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