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-Yami POV-

Sitting in the limo, I stared out of the window. After going on some of the rides at the park for a few hours, Kaiba let my friends and I ride in one of his limos to the hotel; however, he is not paying for us to stay at a hotel, so we have to pay for it ourselves. I cannot really blame Kaiba, especially after what he did for us so far in the last while.

Mahad looked online for hotel rooms that we could stay in for the week and he couldn't find many good offers for hotels at the last-minute. However, Joey, Marik and Tristan suggested a hotel called Hooters (1). Mahad declined the offer...Though, I think Joey and Tristan are still not over that one.

However, Mahad found a deal at the Luxor Hotel on the Strip, which is where we'll stay for the week.

Glancing to the side, I noticed Bakura was reading something.

"What are you reading?" I asked, looking down at the book in his hand.

Bakura looked up at us. "Oh, I am reading a book about some tips on how to gamble, including how to count cards."

This has to be the other Bakura, because I doubt Ryou would read something like that. Ryou doesn't even like gambling, let alone done it before. Usually, the gambler is the other Bakura, especially since he showed that side on our first Shadow Game. Of course, he cheats, but he is evil... or at least I think he is... I'm not sure at this point. Still, it's a good thing Mahad is reading a magazine right now otherwise who knows how'd react to that one.

Joey arched an eyebrow at this. "You do realise it's highly frowned upon by casinos to do that. Granted, gambling is not frowned upon like it is back home, but still..." (2)

A smirk crawled along Bakura's features. "You know, it's not gambling when you know you are going to win."

Marik smirked. "And you do realise you actually have to be super smart to count cards? And there's the fact you are under 21."

"Think whatever you want. But Con Prince knows what I am capable of," Bakura said, looking in my direction with a smirk still curled on his features.

I stared at Bakura for a moment. Why did Bakura say that? Is he taunting me? He's not doing it in a taunting or malicious manor, though it feels weird that he'd say something like that so casually. For some reason, I have a feeling there is more to his words then what he's letting on. That being said, he is right, I do know he's very good at cheating in gambling without anyone ever noticing it. He's always been like that... at least I think he has... was there ever a time he wasn't?

I turned my gaze towards the window, looking at the city view. We were getting very close to the city, even to the point we are very close to a sign that says "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas". The city lights were glowing and I could see many of the famous hotels in the distance.

"Vegas looks very cool from here, huh?" Mana mused.

"I agree," I said, sending her a smile. Mana wrapped her arm around my shoulder as she snuggled against my body and I welcomed the contact.

"Hey you guys," Joey called out, snapping me from my thoughts. "Since we are almost on Las Vegas Boulevard, we should play a badass song as we drive on the Vegas Strip."

"Why should we do that?" Tea wondered.

Joey's smile grew. "You know, so we could be like the movies."

"Yeah, that would be pretty cool," Mana added as a smile spread across her features.

Suddenly, I heard a classical song playing over the speakers, probably because the limo driver decided to play that over the speakers. We all burst out laughing at this, even Joey, Mahad and Mana.

Looking outside of the window, I saw the hotel that my friends and I would be staying in over the next week in awe. The hotel was a huge, black glass pyramid with a huge light at its tip, and lights danced along its edges and back up again as if the tip at the top was a fountain and the smaller lights were sprinkling down from it.

The building reminded me of my homeland. I could already tell right away it wasn't a real pyramid, since pyramids in my day were made out of polish stone which shone in the sun or moonlight, but it's still odd that anyone would think of making a pyramid into a hotel. I don't know, maybe it's just a culture difference or something.

"It's not Kemet," I heard Marik remark.

Prying my gaze from the window, I looked at Marik before I narrowed my eyes in annoyance. "I know that! I just think it's weird that a pyramid would be a hotel!"

Marik rolled his eyes. "Welcome to America."

Marik got out of velcheal before I did the same shortly after him. We grabbed all of our bags from the trunk before we through the large, glass doors into the hotel.

When I entered the place, my vision was flooded with many things. Many statues and stone columns towered over us, which reminded me of my homeland. I could see many shops and places to eat with huge, glittering signs above them. I could even see the entrances a couple of museums, an IMAX theater and to even a few entrances to some shows. The casino was filled with thousands of slot machines and many different tables for gambling. There were many rooms along the edge of the building, which lead close to the top of the place. I could sense in the mindlink that Yugi was even awestruck by this.

"It looks really cool inside of here, huh?" Mana mused, snapping me from my thoughts.

"Yeah, I agree," I said, giving her a smile. Mana smiled back at me.

Before I knew it, I saw Mahad come up to us with some room keys in his hand. Huh. He must've went to the front desk as we were still getting our stuff.

"I went to the desk, and I booked our rooms for the next week. Unfortunately, we only have enough money to only stay in two hotel rooms for the week, so Tea and Mana will get one room while the rest of us have to stay in the other."

"You have got to be kidding me!?" Joey fired back. "All of the guys have to stay in one hotel room for a whole week!"

Marik folded his arms. "Well, it's probably either that or we can camp out on some park benches on the Strip for a week."

Marik does have a good point. While I am not super fond of this either, we really do not have much choice in the matter.

"I guess. Though that still doesn't explain why the girls get a room all to themselves!"

"So desperate to see them strip?" Marik said, trying to tease him.

Joey glowered, flushing. "It's not like that and you know it!"

"Sure it's not," Marik said with an eye roll.

"I'm sure that's not what you were thinking when you lifted Tea's skirt with your wooden plank," I added with a smug smile.

My friends and I all burst out laughing at his comment as Joey's blush deepened.

"That was an accident and you know it!"

"Let's see, how many girls have you slept with this year... one, two-" Marik scoffed, counting on his fingers.

"F*** you, Marik!" Joey fired back, face red and Mahad bite the bottom of his lip.

"Anyways," Mahad said, probably trying to change the subject. "Mana and Tea each get a room key for their room. Then, Yami and I get the room keys for our room."

Mahad gave me the room key and I placed it in my pocket. I'm kinda surprised that Mahad doesn't just keep both room keys. Nobody really complained, mostly because Yugi and I were the only ones that did buy a plane ticket, instead of waiting at the last minute. Though, I suppose it could be because he wants to leave the responsibilities to the two different people that are able to protect everyone from the dark spirit of the ring.

Mahad passed Mana and Tea a couple room keys as well.

"Where are our rooms, anyways?" Tea wondered, putting her room key in her pocket. Mana put her room key in her pocket as well.

"The woman who gave me the room keys told me that the rooms are on the seventh floor," Mahad said, pointing up at some doors several floors above us. "So we have to find an elevator to get us all up there."

We followed Mahad towards one of the elevators near the side of the hotel. Mahad pressed the button before we all went inside and the elevator slowly closed, compared to the elevators in Japan.

Mahad pressed some buttons before I felt the elevator, going up a little ways. Suddenly, I felt a sudden jolt and sworn I felt the elevator going sideways or on an angle, causing me to tense up. I stepped back to keep my balance. From the corner of my eye, I saw Joey and even Tristan tense up when this happened. Bakura was a bit surprised, but then chuckled after that. Guess I am not the only one taken back by this thing. (3)

When the strange ride was done, the elevator door opened to our floor near our room.

"Well, that was...weird," Tristan commented.

"I agree. Seriously, was this elevator created by Willie Wonka or something?" Joey said, causing us to crack up.

"If you thought that was bad, you never been on the St. Louis Arc," Marik commented. "I've been there a couple of times and boy are those elevators weird! Though, at least they had seats."

I am kind of surprised that Marik went to America in the past... Then again, Marik probably did traveling a lot back in the day when he still had the Rare Hunters, so he could've went on it back then.

I walked out of the elevator, following my male friends into the hotel room while the girls went a few doors down the hall. As soon as I walked into my room after Mahad opened the door, I noticed that there were two beds were side by side in the middle of the room. The beds had identical red covers and wooden headboards with a strange pattern etched on them. Two pillows were hiding under the covers on each of them. Between the beds was a nightstand with a lamp and phone on it. There was also a large flat screen TV in front of the beds on a stand. There was a small, black couch in the far corner near the window. In the opposite corner there was a small table with two chairs on each side.

Marik groaned, dropping his stuff on the floor. "Great! There are only two beds and couch."

"Two people could sleep on the bed," Joey joshed before he turned his gaze towards Marik. "I know Marik wouldn't mind."

Marik's eyes meet his, indignated.

I laughed, then decided to come up with a game to make it more fair. Usually, it works whenever my friends and I solved problems together. This shouldn't be any different. I have a regular deck of cards, so it shouldn't be too difficult to come up with a game to even the stakes.

"I got an idea." I set my duffle bag on the bag, pulling out my regular deck of cards from it. "We could play Asshole for them. The two guys who get the highest places get to sleep in the beds."

"What's that, anyways?" Joey wondered, throwing his stuff on the floor.

"Well," I explained, setting my stuff on the bed, "it's a card game where a dealer hands out cards in the deck to everyone. The person who has the three of clubs starts the game. A single card is beaten by a single card that is higher in rank. We continue to play until one player makes a play that all of the others pass on. Whoever wins that round gets to start the next turn. That continues until everyone is out but one person. Twos and Jokers are wild. There are positions too like the winner is president, the person below him is vice, the middle people are natural and the people below them are vice ass or asshole."

Marik smirked. "Also, we could heighten the stakes too."

Joey's gaze traveled towards Marik. "How?"

"The person who loses all of his cards first has to sleep in the bathtub for the whole trip," Marik said, still holding his smirk.

"You're on." Joey put on his game face and hopped on the bed in front of me.

Bakura had a glint of mischief in his eyes like when we were fighting Dartz. He shrugged. "Sure, why not? Especially if I get a chance to bet Blondie's ass at cards."

"Hey!" Joey snapped back indignantly.

Marik sat down on the bed beside me, turning his gaze towards Tristan. "Are you in?"

"Sure, whatever," Tristan answered, sitting right next to Joey.

"Mahad, are you joining in, too?" I asked.

"Sure," Mahad said, sitting beside me and putting stuff on the bed right next to him.

"Also, to make it more fair," Marik added, "Yami has to sleep in the bathtub every three days."

"Why the hell should I agree to that?" I wanted to know.

"Because we all know you're going to win anyways, so this'll even out the playing field."

"That's bullshit!"

"It's true and you know it."

He's right about that, but how is me agreeing to sleep in the bathtub going to even the stakes like that? Even playing Heads or Tails would be more fair by comparison! I decided to find some sort of way to make this more fair. Then, Bakura showed a smirk, which made me think whatever was planning wasn't going to be good. I purposely sighed, which made him smirk even wider.

"Alright," Bakura said with a hint of mirth in his eyes, "you can back out of this if you can answer one question."

"Alright?" I replied back, not sure where he's going with this.

"What is your real name?"

"That doesn't count!"

I would be wondering if this Bakura was trying to get information off of my real name, but I know for a fact that he has a better chance of knowing it compared to me. I suppose it shouldn't matter. He was probably doing that to mess around with me or something. He seems to be doing that more often, now that I think about it.

"Alright, fine. What point did Dartz have in stealing your Egyptain god cards?"

I know my friends and I were wondering about this before the fight with Dartz, but I never really got into thought about that. What reason did Dartz have to steal my Egyptian god cards? I assumed it was to lower my attack and defense, but he just set them on three different platforms for us to grab, making that thought void. He didn't feed the god cards to the beast either, since their spirits were still inside the cards. So...I have no freakin' idea!

"Fine; you win," I grumbled in defeat.

"Always do," Bakura said smugly.

Mahad shuffled the deck. The game didn't last long, since it was just a simple card game. I got in first place, followed by Mahad, Joey, Marik and Bakura. Tristan was last place. I'm actually surprised Tristan wasn't ahead of Marik or Bakura, since I would assume Tristan played games like these, like Joey. Though, maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions about that.

Despite the fact Joey didn't come in last, he seemed very grumpy about the fact Mahad still managed to beat him. I actually am not too surprised, since Mahad is older, and I know that people on the workforce need to have something to do on their break. If I was working as a Egyptologist, I'd probably play some card games with my coworkers, too.

"God I can't believe that Mahad got vice," Joey complained.

"You probably only said that because you got creamed by a non duelist," Marik teased before Joey narrowed his eyes at him in annoyance.

"Nope; I think Joey is whining because he lost at something," Mahad said plainly.

"Did Mahad just make a joke?" Marik said with a hint of a smirk on his lips. "Wow I guess he does have a sense of humour after all."

Mahad showed a hint of blush. I had to shoot him a smirk. Whether Marik believes it or not, Mahad does have a great sense of humour, but he's holding too much back. It's mostly because he's playing the adult figure slash guardian. If it were his own peers, he'd be more flexible. I don't know why I can catch that, but I think... I think his ancient self was the same way. I want to see the flexible side to Mahad and I don't know why. I feel like I'm longing for something that I lost so long ago. It makes me wonder what his ancient self and I were like at one point.

"To be fair, this is a normal card game, not Duel Monsters," I defended.

"Point taken," Joey replied with a slight shrug.

"Same here," Marik added.

Sitting down on my new bed, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled out my cellphone from my pocket and I saw a message on the screen that read:

I was wondering; do you want to go to a restaurant on the Strip tonight. Just the two of us?

I wouldn't mind spending time with Mana tonight. Yugi doesn't have anything planned with our friends, so I should be open for tonight. This might be my last time to spend time with her like this for a long time.

Though, I should probably tell Yugi what I'm doing just in case he accidentally turns on our mind link, while I'm kissing Mana or something.

Hey Yugi, Mana just asked me out on a date tonight and we'll be going out tonight. Are you okay with that?

Of course! I'll turn off our mind link when you start going out.

Thank you.

I quickly typed:

Sure. When do you want to go?

After looking over, I sent it to her. I got a reply back from Mana a few moments later which stated:

Is an hour good?

I wrote back to her:

Yeah, sure. That sounds good.

I sent her the message before I got one back which from her said:

Ok :)

Grinning, I placed my phone back in my pocket.

"Hey guys, come here!" Marik hollered, interrupting my thoughts. "I want to show you guys something."

"What is it?" Joey asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Alright, here it is," Marik said before he went on YouTube to some videos on his playlist on his laptop. There was a video that was titled "IMPORTANT NEWS REPORT!" and clicked on it.

It showed the intro do the news, then it cut to a music video called "Never Gonna Let You Go." I laughed my ass off, noticing that Mahad looked rather confused, while Joey and Tristan's gazes hardened. Bakura burst out laughing, too. Why am I not surprised that Marik would pull something like this?

Joey glowered as we all laughed even louder. Mahad just sighed, slapping his palm on his forehead.

"Alright, alright," Marik said, chuckling. "Here's the real video."

Marik clicked back, then typed on the search bar "Blue-Eyes White Dragon Chase," which confused me. He clicked on the video, then the person holding the camera began laughing. Suddenly, the camera panned over to an actual Blue-Eyes White Dragon, the same one that Kaiba rode on during the fight with Dartz, chasing and attacking some guy with long pink hair, who was running and screaming like a girl. I heard some kid laughing in the background.

The man shouted something in another language as the kid replied in the same language, still laughing. Suddenly, Blue-Eyes fired at a certain room of the huge mansion, creating a gapping hole in the wall of the room. Damn, I guess this guy must've really pissed her or Kaiba off. I was kinda wondering if it had anything to do with the hacking incident. I will have to ask Kaiba about that. Though, admittingly, it was funny.

The dragon flew off as the pink-haired guy shook in horror. The kid holding the camera was still laughing, moving it toward the pink-haired gay guy. He said something in his language. The man glared and shouted something in his native language before covering the camera and it turned off. We all were laughing.

"Someone must've really pissed her off. Not surprised, really," Bakura said with a smirk, laughing.

"He's lucky he didn't die!" Mahad chimed in.

"Oh, drop it, Commander Grump. That bitch wouldn't hurt a fly," Bakura replied, rolling his eyes. "If that was true, I'd be dead already."

We all stared at him with blinking eyes. So wait, he was the one that summoned or brought out Blue-Eyes White Dragon during the fight with Dartz? But how did-? You know what? It's probably better if I didn't ask.

"Anyways..." Marik changed the subject, "you gotta admit, it's funny as hell."

"I agree," I replied. "That guy screamed like a girl!"

"That was the best part," Joey added.

I should probably start getting ready for my date. The last thing I want is to make Mana wait forever. It's embarrassing if I have to make people wait. I would rather not arrive than see people sitting on their asses and giving me impatient glares or that "it's about time you showed up" look. With this being my first date with her, that's the very last thing I want.

I walked into the washroom, closing the door behind me. I took off my clothes before I got into the shower, turning it on. With the whole Dartz' thing, I never had a good shower in awhile - for a few days at the very least. And the last thing I want is to smell like garbage when I am out with Mana. I stood under the spray of water and scrubbed my hair with the shampoo that the hotel provided us with. After I was done, I turned off the water and got out of it, drying off with one of the white towels on the rack in the room.

I decided prepare myself some clothes that were different from what Yugi normally wears, putting on a black t-shirt with a black leather jacket overtop and dark jeans.

I looked at myself in the mirror, wishing to outline my eyes a bit. I wish Yugi wasn't so picky about what we wear, but then again, it is his body. I owe him enough to respect it and not put on things that make him feel uncomfortable. It's-

I heard Yugi sigh, probably having felt my emotions and knowing what I was thinking. Yami, this is your date. You can dress or make yourself however you want to as long as it's not permanent and only for this one time.


Thanks Yugi.

I got out Mahad's eyeliner from his toiletry suitcase. Mahad is out in the main room, so he won't notice. He'll probably kill me for this, but it's all worth it. I put some around my eyes, smoothing it out. I slipped some of Yugi's bracelets around my wrists, and then made my way out the door.

1) Believe it or not, this does exist. There is actually is a Hooters hotel in Vegas.

2) Gambling for money is illegal in Japan. There are exceptions to the rule like pachinko. While I did hear Japan is thinking about some people in Japan thinking about getting casinos, they aren't any in the country yet. Granted, I admit I could be wrong about this, too. Also, do not try doing what Bakura is doing at home if you are underage.

3) The elevators in the Luxor are not like regular elevators. Because of the shape of the hotel, the elevators go up and down on a 39 degree angle, so they feel like you are going sideways. While I know these are technically called "inclinators", but I decided to call them "elevators" in the story since it seems like a more universal name for it.

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