I drag myself into the door and plop down on the sofa. I'm so tired and all I had wanted to do today was sleep and not worry about anyone else, but, aside from the fact that sleep rarely graces me, I had to go to school today and then immediately after, had to attend a support group my father enrolled me in.

It's not like I thought I needed it, but after what happened the last time…well, dad said that it was either go to the stupid group meet or a foster home. Honestly, I was all for the latter- me and that man have never been on good terms- however, my case worker made the decision for me and has been going out of her way to take me to and from the meetings. I think it might be because she simply has nothing better to do.

It seems as though I am the only "clinically depressed" person in Suna, so I have to get a ride into the next town, Konoha, for the meetings. I don't know anyone and they don't know me, yet we are still expected to care about each other. I don't see the point in going- if I wanted "friendships" that only lasted inside a room, I would have put more effort towards it in school.

Today, we had been assigned partners for a new group exercise. It involved meeting your partner on the regular and learning more about why they are the way they are. I got paired up with some local blonde boy, Naruto, his name is. I can't see why he would be in there. So far he hasn't had a breakdown, flipped out or even attempted to let us know why he was in the meetings to being with.

The blonde was more of a mascot of types- he would try and help the others with their problems, cheering them on and whatnot. He was always very cheery for a depressed teenager. I question why he was even sent their.

However, the group consoler thinks that pairing up the worse cases with each other may do more good than harm. I think the diploma on his wall is a fake if he believes the blonde is in any way depressed.

Regardless of the fact, I have to do this if I want to even be in consideration for amnesty from the program.

I am to meet with the blonde tomorrow, at the border between our towns, at twelve. I'm not looking forward to it.

I've been waiting here for almost five minutes now and the boy has yet to arrive. I think very hard about just leaving him and going home to try and catch on some of the sleep I neglected to get this whole week.

"Hey, Gaara!" I look up and see Naruto coming towards me. "Sorry I'm late. I took a little longer getting dressed and I had some, err…complications on my way over."

I don't particularly care what he was saying, but nod so he knows I heard him.

It's quiet for a moment. The boy interrupts that silence. "So, what are we exactly suppose to do? I wasn't really paying attention during the explanation."

I resisted the age to sigh and recited the instructions. "We are to meet with each other outside the group to learn more about why we are in the program. It is meant to strengthen our bonds and help us feel as though are not so alone in the world."

The boy nodded slowly. "Uh-huh," he said as he nodded. "You know, you talk pretty funny. How old are you again?"

"Fifteen." I didn't make a smart comment so I wouldn't have to have this conversation with him- the same conversation I've had many times before.

"You talk weird for someone my age. It's like you're from some super-formal private school." My blank eyes stare at him. "I think it's pretty cool."

I don't respond. Again, I have had this conversation multiple times. I don't talk the way most others my age do and that is because I wasn't raised around many others and the little bit of people was around were not too friendly to me . I was never spoken to casually by anyone- well, truly, I can't say that because there was one, but that was long ago.

However, I will admit that it a first that someone told me it was "cool".

Naruto smiled widely. "Alright then. Enough small talk. Lets get started on that thingy!" He sounded very excited.

The blonde led me around Konoha, to a park he frequented often. I decided that if we were to be forced into this project, I could at least satisfy my curiosity and find out why Naruto was even in the group.

We took seats on an old swing set. " I like to come here a lot. I guess it's sort of a habit- I used to stay here when I was a kid."

I cocked my head. He smiled and waved it away.

" So, where do we start?: I shrugged- I truly don't know where to start for the simple fact that I never really put much effort into talking with people. "Oka~y. I guess I should tell you a little about myself."

He started to go into detail about his school life and how he doesn't like having to go to high school because it was so much more serious than middle school. Naruto had to go to college, though, since he wants to be a cop, which I thought was a bit impressive.

Naruto told me about his classes- he's taking two math classes this year, an advanced history class, and English class and gym.

I assumed his favorite one would be gym, but he pointed out how he loved to analyze the leaders of our past, see where they went wrong and what they did right. He was peculiar.

After an hour and a half of him talking, he decided it was my turn. "Come on, Gaara. You haven't said a thing since we got here! You gotta' give me something to go on."

I remained quiet for a moment. I didn't know where I should begin. So, I start from the basics.

"I have one brother and one sister. We aren't very close."

"Do they look like you?" He questioned.

"No, " I reply simply. He awaits for me to say more. "My sister has blonde hair and brown eyes. My brother has brown hair and brown eyes."

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "How, when you have red hair and light eyes?"

I shrug. That used to bother me, but I know why I'm the only one born with this bloody hair and sea green eyes. I change the subject, however; that is very personal. "My mother is dead, as is her brother, my uncle. My father blames me for that, therefore we aren't on good terms.:

His face grew sympathetic. "Oh…Gaara, I'm sorry…"

I raise an eyebrow now. Why would he be sorry? He hardly knows me or my family.

"That's terrible, Gaara. Why…how can you be blamed for something like that?"

"My father… he isn't the most sensible man He just wanted someone to blame." I don't go on. I'm surprised that I told Naruto that much. It's for the project, I remind myself.

Sensing my reluctantly to the subject, the boy began talking about school again. Though he was the one asking me questions about schools, he did most of the talking.

"Hey, why're you in this program, exactly?" He looked at me expectantly.

Wasn't it enough that I had told him about my family and answered his many questions about school, all the while listening t him talk? I don't answer.

"Come on. I'm curious. Is it your dad? Do you feel guilty or some-"

"No," I hiss out. "I have no reason to feel guilt and you have no reason to know any of this!"

Naruto stares, not expecting my outburst over the subject. I didn't expect it either, to be honest.

The boy's face goes from surprise to anger quickly. "What the hell, Gaara? We have to tell each other so we can get past this damn project, okay? So don't get pissy with me!"

I squint at him. "Then why don't you tell me why you're here, huh?"

"B-because!" He huffed. "You never asked!" I stayed quiet and the blonde seemed satisfied with his remark.

"You never offered the information; I don't pry into other's business."

"I can't help it- that's the whole reason we're-"

"Answer the question," I urged.

He fumed. "No! You answer it!"

"Hypocrite," I stated as I got up form the swing set. My rear was starting to get sore anyway. It was time to go home.