When the film was nearing the end, a bit after Jet Li's character had discovered the secret about his mother, I feel as though Naruto has not seen one minute of the movie. He has been laying on my lap, looking up at me, this whole time.

It was hard for me to ignore his looks thus far and it was growing even more so as the film progressed.

I move my eyes down to look back at him, trying not to make it obvious. He smiles at me suggestively. "No, Naruto. Not now; watch your movie."

The blonde groans and turns into me. "Gaara, come on…" He wraps his arms around my waist.

"No, Naruto," I say, as if to a child. I try to pry his hands off me.

"But, Gaara, this is suppose to be the best date ever!"

His puppy dog eyes wear me down and I sigh. "If you manage to restrain yourself for the remainder of the movie, I promise you that this will be the best day of your life. Okay?"

The blonde pouts still, but nods.

Naruto awaited the end of the film eagerly, barely letting the screen go black before he attacked me.

The blonde straddled me, kissing up my neck to my face. He ran his hands through my hair, gripping it fiercely.

I reach my hands up his shirt, feeling the heat of his bare skin. I press his body closer to mine. "Naruto," I whisper lowly. "The bedroom."

"Don't wanna," Naruto says immediately. He tries rotating his hips to put me "in the mood", though to be honest, I was so far into it I would need bread crumbs to find my way out.

"You don't want to?" I raise an eyebrow and remove my hands, masquerading anger. "Are you disobeying me?"

He smirks mischievously. "And what if I am?"

"Then you're going to have to face the…repercussions." I lift the blonde with ease, though physically, he was larger than I, and slam him down on the sofa. He screams playfully as I bite roughly on his ear, but not so much as to cause him discomfort.

Naruto tries to push me away. "What happened to the bedroom?"

"I'm just giving you what you want." Now I smirk mischievously, making him shiver and bit his lip. I trace his jaw with the tip of my tongue, another shiver going down his spine. I knew that things wouldn't go exactly as I had planned tonight.

I pull his shirt up, licking down his chest. He chuckles weakly, telling me as he always does, not to lick him like that. I pull his pants and briefs down next in a swift motion.

"Gaara," the blonde says. "Are we…are we finally gonna …?"

A smirk makes its way to my mouth. "Wouldn't you like to know?" I reach my hand over to the mostly empty bowl of ice cream, scooping up some remnants with my index and middle finger. I lift them up forebodingly and then slide them between his butt cheeks(a/n: lol it feels weird having Gaara say 'butt-cheeks' :P).

Naruto gasps. "Oh, Gaara…that's so…kinky." He licks his lips and wiggle his hips. "Don't stop."

I rub my fingers around his hole, teasing the small entrance in the process. He shudders at the feeling.

I reach my hand back into the bowl and get more of the thick liquid then proceed to penetration.

Before tonight, I had looked up the many different ways of having anal sex. Most appeared easy, one person going into another with no problem, but others, more painful and tedious. I figured then that I should just be safe rather than sorry- this was Naruto after all.

I don't stick my fingers in too far at first, I only stretch out the very opening so that there would be minimal discomfort when both fingers are in. The blonde is biting his lip, gripping a pillow cushion so I assume he doesn't enjoy it much. "Just bear with me, Naruto. The first time is always the hardest," I say quietly.

Naruto shakes his head. "No…no, it's-unh- okay."

My fingers push a little deeper inside, his body arching. "Did that hurt?"

"A little. But, don't stop…"

"As you wish." I push my fingers apart inside him- it was easier to stretch than the opening, but, remembering my anatomy and physiology class, I know that it'll be widest in a couple centimeters. Since this part was relatively easy, I push further, stretching his walls.

Naruto has managed to relax himself even more and I am able to pull him even further apart. Once more I push in deeper, as far as physically possible. Now I get a true reaction from the blonde. His breath is caught in his throat, his body trembles and I feel his hole clamp down on my fingers. His dazed eyes look back to me. "Your prostate," I explain. "When touched like so," I press my fingers into it again, "it's said to cause sexual pleasure." I continue to stimulate him, curling my fingers on it, poking it, rubbing it.

"Gaara, oh my god!" His hand snakes down his chest slowly to grip his member. He began jerking it quickly. "Oh my GOD," he moans.

My fingers are pulled as far apart as they could be. I begin to retract them back to the opening to prepare it for something bigger than just two fingers (though, in the videos I watched, those people went as far as four fingers, I am getting eager to relive some of my own frustration).

I press my member against his hole, rubbing it with tip. The feeling is unlike what me and Naruto have previously done. The twitching over my sensitive head is making it very hard not to violently shove into the blonde under me.

Slowly, I push the head inside. Naruto hisses in pain.

"This will be the worse part, Naruto. Just don't squeeze down," I warn. He doesn't seem to hear me, lost in the discomfort. I push into him a bit more, but not enough to be completely in. I pause inside him, moving my hips to stretch him again. "I'm going to pull out now."

Naruto opens his eyes quickly. "W-what? W-why?" His cheeks are red and the film of sweet gathered on his forehead glistened. "It d-doesn't hurt that much, Gaara. Hones-"

I thrust into him again, plunging deeper until I could go no further. I let out a long moan, trying to calm myself before I started mercilessly pounding into him.

The blonde's mouth was a gaping hole and his eyes rolled back towards his head as his back arches off the sofa. I pull out almost completely, the only noise I get from him is a small gasp from inside his throat, and push back into him. He begins trembling under me.

Before moving again, I stare at Naruto's face, the face of my first and only love. His eyes were blurry with lust, focusing vaguely on me. Those deep, blue eyes shimmering in the light that pull me in so easily, bordered by long, thick lashes. Six parallel scars on his otherwise flawless skin that lay across from his plump lips, that shine with saliva. I bring my face closer to his, placing a kiss over his eyes, trailing my tongue over each scar and tugging his bottom lips with my teeth.

He whimpers under me and wraps his arms around my neck. "More," he tells me. "Bite me some more, Gaara."

I laugh, showing my teeth. "My little masochist," I say in his ear. Naruto moans as I bite his ear lobe, sucking on the piece of flesh as I decide to use this situation to heighten his pleasure. I pull out and back in, creating a thrusting pattern. At the same time, I let my teeth kiss Naruto's skin, certainly leaving behind a trail of reddening spots in their trail.

I remove the blonde's hand from his member and take it in my own, rubbing it up and down, squeezing all the while.

"Oh my god, Gaaaarrrraaa~!" Naruto cries out. He moves a hand from my neck to my head where he grabs a fistful of my red hair, the other hand slipping down to my shoulder blades. He digs his nails into my skin as he screams, "I'm-I'm gon-gonna come!"

I move inside him quicker and pump him harder. "Don't hold back," I tell him as I bite on his collar bone.

Naruto's breath picks up until he's screaming at the top of his lungs, body sent into spasms. I can feel his semen flowing out over my fingers but I don't stop my motions. My hand continues traveling his length and my hips continue pushing into his entrance.

I know that my own orgasm is approaching so I move even faster inside him, his walls closing around my member randomly, the post-orgasmic spasms still going through him.

Naruto moans my name, begging me not to stop. He wraps his legs around my waist to pull me closer to him, deeper inside him. He's hard once more.

With one last, swift motion of my hips, I reach my climax. My eyes are cloudy and I can barely breath as I release the fluids in Naruto. I hear a sloppy squishing noise from the friction between Naruto and me.

"G-Gaara," he says softly, "Gaara…Gaara." I lift my head up to kiss him. "I need more," he tells me, holding our bodies close. "Screw me more, Gaara…screw me hard!"

I smirk at him, cradling his sweaty face. "Whatever you wish, my love."

I never thought that I could love anyone so deeply, so completely. I never thought that I would place someone else's happiness before my own. And I never thought that I'd call that annoying little hyperactive blonde the love of my life-

-But when you grow up secluded from the world, you would be surprised to find out that you thought wrong.

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