"Guys? Hello?"

I'm used to being ignored, really, but this is ridiculous. I've been sitting here trying to get Jade and Beck's attention for about ten minutes. They seem to be arguing; I don't really know, I'm not paying attention to their words, just their mouths. And their eyebrows. And the way Beck rolls his eyes every few minutes. I never really understood why they're even together. All they do is scream at each other and they seem terribly unhappy ... Jade must be a good kisser or something. Or maybe Beck tells really good jokes.

The bell's about to ring and math is going to start pretty soon and Tori's not here. She usually sits in the desk next to me but her chair is empty and I stare at it with a frown, my nails rolling on the desk. It's the last hour of the day; surely she didn't go home? The bell screaming above me makes me jump, still frowning at Tori's empty desk. I pout for a moment, twirling my pencil. This isn't fair. I just want to talk to her, that's all. Look at her. Maybe kiss her a little. Things don't surprise me often, but she ... she definitely surprised me. Not just by kissing me, but by how good of a kiss it was. I swipe my tongue along my lower lip. Oh my gosh, I can taste her lip gloss.

I blush, but I don't know why. Probably because, even though I've had a lot of boyfriends, I haven't had a lot of feelings. If that makes sense. For one, I'm never with someone long enough for feelings like that to develop, and for two, for ... second, twice, whatever - people can't hold my attention that long. And maybe that's because I have the attention span of a hyperactive squirrel, but still! I shouldn't find myself drifting off in the middle of a conversation, right? I mean, not all the time anyway. Like, Danny, for example ... I can barely remember his face. I don't even remember his last name.

I lean forward, tapping my fingers on Jade's shoulder. The girl tenses like a statue, flicking a glare over my shoulder, eyes narrowed. I smile happily at her - Jade's kind of like a bull dog. She just needs to be loved, is all. "Do you know where Tori is?"

Jade wrinkles her nose and makes a face of true disgust. She really, really doesn't like Tori, which I never understood ... Tori's nice. And pretty. And she looks nice in all of the clothes she wears and always smells like Bath & Body, and I really love that store, especially their Japanese cherry blossom lotion that tastes nothing like Japanese cherry blossoms, just so you know.

"Why would I know?" Her voice is icy, but it melts before it can reach me. Jade doesn't effect me the way she does everyone else, so I just turn and sigh and frown across the room at Beck on the other side, slumped in his seat. The teacher isn't talking yet, so I lean across, cupping my hand around my mouth.

"Beck!" I wave, lifting my arms high in the air and wiggling them quickly. It seems like everyone but Beck sees me, so I whisper louder, which is bordering on yelling, "Beck! Hey!"

He turns, glancing with embarrassment at the sudden crowd pointing his way. "What?"

I lean further out of my desk. "Do you know where Tori is?"

His eyes shift to her empty seat, shoulders lifting and falling. He shakes his head and I pout, drumming my fingers on my knee, gnawing my lip raw. "What if she fell in the hall somewhere? What if she's lost?" My hands fly to my mouth, caging over my trembling lips. "What if she went to the bathroom and she slipped and cracked her head open? What if she got her shirt stuck on something and can't get out? What if she is sick somewhere and needs someone to go get her -"

"Cat." The teacher, all The Eyebrows and frowning, lifts his hands and tries to smile gently at me. "Why don't you go find her, hm?"

I all but leap out of my desk, hurling myself across the room. "Thank you! I'll be right back, promise!" I whirl out of the room and into the cold, empty, silent hallway. I move past decorated lockers, my lip between my teeth. I really do hope Tori's okay ... I'd hate anything to happen to her. She's the first person to make my mind shut up, which is big, for me. My mind is constantly spinning at a hundred miles an hour and I just ... it was nice, hearing nothing for a while. Not to mention Tori is a fantastic kisser. And -

I slap a hand to my forehead in an effort to get my thoughts to shut up, jogging down the hallway. She's not at her locker. She's not in the bathroom. I whine softly, my hands tangled in my red hair. "Tori?" I call softly, ducking past classrooms, checking janitor closets at random. My catastrophic brain is fueling terrible images in front of my eyes, flashes of Tori off bleeding somewhere strangling my throat. "Tori!"

It echoes off the hallway walls. A boy at a water fountain peeks his head up at me, The Eyebrows in full play, before he scatters off. I whimper, falling against the lockers. My hands cradle my head, eyes staring blankly at the ground. I just want to know she's okay, that she isn't all upset because of me. I don't like the idea of Tori getting mad or sad or angry or confused because of little stupid Cat. And maybe I just want to ... I just want to feel what she gave me back there in the hallway, that moment of clarity; my lips are calling out for her.


I jerk, my body practically seizing as I turn toward the sound of the voice. She's standing there, her backpack on her shoulder, her eyebrows crooked over her forehead, and I almost turn into a puddle of water of relief. I push off the lockers, jogging toward her. She tenses, but doesn't have a chance to move before my arms are around her neck and tightening around it, pulling her close to me.

"I thought you were dead! You just weren't in class and I was so scared that you had fallen in the bathroom and cracked your skull open or something and I was so so so worried, Tori!"

"Cat ..." Her arms are carefully wrapping around my waist, and when our hips meet it makes something roll in my gut, but in a good way. "I just went to the nurse. I don't ... feel very well, so I'm going home."

I gasp, pulling back to find her eyes. They're so dark and so heavy and it's like anchors are dragging them to the floor between us because she still isn't looking at me. I frown at her, my hand falling through her hair, coasting over her jaw. Tori's just so ... pretty, too pretty for anything other than happiness to take root on her skin. I only want smiles there, so I touch her lips, as if that would draw one out. "Is it because of me? I'm sorry, Tori. I didn't mean to make you upset or anything. You're actually a really good kisser!"

She glances up at me, confused, but her hands are still on my hips and it feels really ... nice. Super nice. My heart thuds loudly as she perks a smile at me, an embarrassed flush crawling up her cheeks.

"Really?" Even under the tanness of her skin I can see a pink burning to her cheeks which reminds me of little dolls, so I giggle and brush my thumbs over them.

"Yeah!" I nod excitedly, my eyes falling to her lips. I hear a locker slam behind us and we both turn, watching a freshman stare at us with confusion. I wave at her because I'm friendly and maybe we could be friends, but she scurries off without a word. "Rude," I mumble, turning my eyes back to Tori.

Tori shifts slowly, her eyes traveling away from me again. Her lip once more is tugged between her teeth. I feel bad for the poor little lip - it's always being so abused. "You made my thoughts shut up," I tell her, my hands lingering on her neck. Tori's warm and soft in all of the right places, and I can feel the faint blip of her pulse against my thumb and I'm just very aware that Tori is alive right now, that she's right here in front of me, that she's a girl who kissed me to prove something and even though my brain doesn't function like everyone elses, I can still admire that.

Her eyes capture mine again, milk chocolate, and I look at her lips again. "You like me like me, don't you, Tori?" I smile because it's like being in elementary school again, chasing boys around the playground in hopes of getting a sloppy kiss that more than likely involves clashing your teeth together at some point. Except Tori's a girl, a pretty girl, and I'm not chasing her - she's right here in front of me, waiting for me to do something.

Tori's flushed again, shifting on her feet nervously. "I, uh, er."

I laugh, leaning my forehead against hers. The proximity makes her breathing start doing really funny, excited things. It's like her chest forgot how to work.

"I think I like you, too. More than I ever liked Danny, because you're actually interesting."

Tori's eyes skitter around mine like she's too afraid to hold them, her lip pink from chewing on it. I frown slightly, staring at her poor lip, and I remember the million times my mom told me that kissing things make them better, so that's what I do. I lean down and press my mouth to hers and kiss away the hurt on her lip, and suddenly my brain just shuts up; it's silent, so quiet that I can almost hear the electricity zapping through my thoughts. She's warm and smells nice and her arms tighten around my waist. I make this soft sound of surprise, my eyes closed, my brain silent, this girl pressed against me. And it's weird, but it's like my heart stops, too; I don't hear or see anything, I just feel Tori wrapped around me and her mouth cradling mine and it feels good, feels nice. Feels better than any boy I wasted my time on.

She pulls away first and I'm left in somewhat of a state. I can barely stand, so I clutch her shoulders to keep me up. She laughs at me, shifting her hands to keep me on my feet and even though the kiss is over my brain is still kind of lucid, and I'm really only aware of her. I smile, breathless, as the strength comes back to my knees.

"Can I come with you?"

Tori's eyebrows flutter. "You mean, to my house? Right now?"

"Yeah." I smile, twirling a finger around a piece of her hair. "That's what girlfriends do ... right?"

And Tori's lips break into a smile that could split her face in half, a laugh busting through her teeth as she kisses me again. My thoughts disappear, my heart speaking to hers, and someone passes us in the hall and gives a low whistle.

I laugh and she laughs and Danny is such a distant memory, I don't even care anymore, because Tori gives me shards of clarity and maybe with enough of them, I can piece together an existence that's much more solid than the one I lead now.

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