A Haunting Dream

Lydia opened her eyes and looked around into the darkness. Dread filled her. She knew what was out there. About this time every year since the day he had been eaten by the sandworm, she would get a visit from him. First came his chuckle from all directions and then his

green eyes appeared. Lydia couldn't help but stare at them. Those eyes filled with malicious intent. Then they were gone and suddenly Lydia was falling. She landed on what she thought were ropes until they slithered around her arms, legs, and neck and pulled her into the

mesh of snakes. Lydia tried to scream but the snake wrapped around her neck cut off her air. Lydia wriggled and struggled to get free. Just when she thought it was going to be over, the snakes disappeared and she could breathe again. Lydia coughed and wheezed trying to

gain back the air that had been stolen from her. Once she steadied her breath, she looked around; she was in her room, nothing looked out of place. Her books were on the self all in order, her homework still waiting to be done on her desk, but something still felt off. She

walked out of her room and into the living room of her apartment everything was as how it should be except for. . .in the corner of her living room, it was pitch black and the closer she walked to it the colder she felt. She stopped two feet away from it. Suddenly a hand

reached out, grabbed her and pulled her in. At first Lydia couldn't tell who it was and then the figure came into focus, it was Beetlejuice. They were falling and Lydia couldn't see the bottom. Lydia screamed. He cackled at her fear and then let her go.

Beetlejuice watched Lydia as she tossed and turned from her dream. He could practically hear her heart trying to burst out of her chest. Beads of sweat rolled down her face. He smirked as she held her breath and then would gasp for it back. You will pay for what you

did to me Lydia Deetz. Lydia's eyes began to flutter and in a flash Beetlejuice was gone. Lydia sat up finally awake. Her bed was covered in sweat despite how cold she felt. She rubbed her face. She had to end this. She wouldn't be able to take these dreams for the rest of her

life. Lydia got up and headed for the shower. The hot water felt good against her skim. Slowly she shook off the horror of her dream.

About half an hour later, Lydia finally got out of the shower. She draped a towel around her and started blow dry her hair. Lydia flipped her hair down so she could dry the under part. Instead of her reflection flipping her hair down with her it just stood and watched.

Lydia flipped her hair back up and looked at herself in the mirror, she didn't notice at first since the mirror was fogged up from the steam, but then she saw it. Instead of brown eyes staring at her, there were green eyes staring back. Lydia jumped. She looked again and brown

eyes stared back again. Lydia shook her head.

"It's just my imagination." Lydia reassured herself. "You wish." The whisper came right next to her ear sending a shiver down her spine. Lydia dashed out of her bathroom. This was new. He luckily had only stayed in her dreams for the past few years but now he was

messing with her outside her dreams. She hadn't really seen him since he had been eaten by the worm. Lydia quickly got dressed. Her room was at least ten degrees colder than normal. She debated on whether she should call him now or wait till she was better prepared. But

then how would she prepare herself. She was dealing with a powerful poltergeist who had almost become her husband. Lydia pondered on the matter a little longer, mostly to stall time. Finally couldn't stall time any longer. She took a big, deep breath, and . . . "Beetlejuice."

Ha! He had done it! Finally he was getting her to call his name. Now the real fun could begin. All that work with her dreams and one morning of him outside her dreams did it. It had taken more effort than he thought it would to get her to hear his whisper in her ear. He

grinned devilishly. The sound of his name coming from her made him feel tingly inside. He couldn't wait to make her life a living Hell.

Lydia licked her lips. His name felt odd on her tongue. Her courage faltered a little before saying his name again.

"Beetlejuice." She had said it twice, once more and he would be free to come out. Could she do it, could she say his name one more time? It had been so long since she had actually seen him felt his arm around hers as they were being wed. Finally she sucked up all the

courage she had and said his name. "Beetlejuice."

First she heard his cackle. Fear filled her. What had she just done? He appeared right in front her. His green eyes trained right at hers, those eyes that were full of malicious intent. "Miss me, Babes?"