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This was inspired by the Hetalia episodes, history, ideas, and the three Hetalia fangames: RomaHeta, HetaOni, and HetaQuest.


Rating: M

Setting: 2024

Year: 24 is the addition of three numbers: 11, 4, and 9.

11: Number of creativity

4: Number of practicality

9: Number of destruction

Summary: The year: 2024. The Event: World War III. The Cause: A notion… Misguided missiles, racial hatred… Conflict: Love and Death… Which one is more painful? The Third Reich will find out.


"Celtabulo?" Target

The man looked at the screen, the Esperanto flashing at him on the screen. After tapping a few keys on his keyboard, the screen now read:

"Celtabulo: Ameriko kaj Germanio" Target: America and Germany

He felt no regret.

For years, centuries, he was a Notion… For 1603, he was a country.

His mission came first. No matter those lost in the process.




"Lanci," read the computer screen. Two missiles were now on their way. Launch

He had to do this… for him.

He undressed himself, changed into pajamas, and crawled into bed. His companion… Where was he now…?

He let the tears streaming from the corners of his eyes numb his face and lull him to sleep…

All of his children…

December 3

America walked around Silvis, IL… He helped the few survivors get to a truck that would help them get to a safe place…

Right on the edge of the Mississippi River, the Quad Cities were made up of Moline and East Moline, both in Illinois, as well as Bettendorf and Galesburg, both in Iowa. The surrounding cities, such as Rock Island, IL, Silvis, IL, Davenport, IA…

They felt much of the aftermath…

At a certain road in Silvis, he saw the remnants of an elementary school. Behind them, he saw that there had been a corn field and behind that a forest. He walked down the streets, taking turns here and there. At one half-destroyed house, he stopped. No survivors, but something had survived.

A sled… with a doll sitting on it.

He could hear the little girl giggling as she went down the slight slope of the snow, her parents watching and her older sister feeling jealous over the youth and attention that her sister had, but happy that she was growing to be a fine, smart girl, later teenager, finally woman.

Alfred picked up the small doll. It was a pink teddy bear, with a small tag that read "Ringo" in childish writing.

"RINGO!" A little girl in a tan winter coat appeared, her hair messy and her purple glasses slightly cracked in one lens. Alfred turned to her, kneeling down to her 4' 1" height.

"Is this yours?"

"Yes," she said, taking the doll in her arms and hugging it close. "Thank you for getting her."

"Isabella! Where are you going?" Alfred looked up to see a girl, about sixteen with hair that went just below her shoulders. Her glasses were black with pink. Her red coat was slightly torn and her boots were definitely broken in. Her eyes were slightly red from crying.

"Arella!" Isabella cried out to her sister. "This man found Ringo!" She turned to Alfred. "Thank you for saving my baby-doll… and my sled!"

Alfred smiled. So much strength… It brought tears to his eyes. "You're very welcome!"

Arella came up to them. "Thank you for taking care of my sister!"

"Arella! Ringo Harrison Paul Lennon Asia missed her aunty!" Isabella held up Ringo. Arella smiled.

"And I missed my Beatle-niece." Arella kissed the doll… Alfred looked behind them as he saw two more people, a short woman, about 4' 11" and a man around 5' 4", run towards them, yelling in Spanish.

"You two speak Spanish?"

"Yes," Arella answered. "My family is Mexican and our parents are bilingual. Bella isn't so keen on learning it though. I take French in school and I speak some broken-Spanish."

"That's good." Alfred smiled, feeling the strength of the older girl as well. He could sense much contempt, yet so much love from her.

"Arella! Isabella! Dijemos que no pueden estar separados de nosotros!" The mother came to hug her youngest child. The father came to smack his older daughter and then embraced her lovingly, Arella hugging her father as mumbling, "… Papa…"

"No puedes escucharnos?" He gripped to his daughter so tightly, fearing that she would disappear… like the rest of the neighborhood. He held her out at arm's length. "No tenemos familia aqui, estamos solos aqui. Necitamos a estar juntos, entiendes!"

"Si, papi!" The girl made a salute with her right hand. Alfred felt as though he was imposing on this moment, watching the older girl attempt to be more masculine as to be seen capable by her father and seeing the mother comfort her baby as Isabella realized that her friends might have gone to Heaven.

Alfred attempted his Spanish. "Disculpa me, senor, pero necitamos a llevar las ninas a un lugar seguro."

The man looked at him, her brown eyes meeting blue. "Yes, I know." His accent was strong, but weak enough to understand. Arella almost stared at Alfred with contempt, having a slight sentiment of racism flood through her, but not having it cloud her mind. Her adolescence had taught her to ignore stereotypes… At least, she hoped that was what it was…

"Do you know a safe place where we can go?" The mother did not really have an accent. She had a first aid kit in her hand, along with a stethoscope around her neck and a name tag - it said Diana Zavala - on her white nurse's coat that was not completely covered by her winter coat.

"Yes," Alfred said. "Are you a nurse?"

"Yes, I just got my degree as a registered nurse and I've been a practical nurse for three years." That was good. They needed medical staff and Alfred related this to her.

Arella raised her hand shyly. The cold-heartedness was just a façade. "I can help. I might not even be a CNA, but I can wash dishes, sheets, do hard work…" She trailed off.

She had never had a job before, but the policy "He does not work shall not eat" was being applied by her mind to this situation. Due to this difficult situation, food would be rationed and the majority would go to the injured and sickly. She realized that it would be fair, but she needed to earn her keep, just as her mother would.

"I can help too! I know how to make a sling!" Isabella cried out waving her hand in the air, jumping eagerly. "And Daddy knows about the water purification plant and how to do an electrician's work and lift really heavy things and is really smart!"

"Daddy" placed a hand on the girl's head, letting her calm down. "Controla te, mi hija."

Alfred smiled. "The more help we have, the better."

The father out stretched his hand. "Isaac Zavala."

Alfred grasped the hand, a firm handshake. "Alfred F. Jones."

As Alfred led the family to the Safe Zone, Isabella singing songs and telling Alfred things that she learned recently in fourth grade… though hearing that the "brummagem" is a very rare and long word for "fake" and "E=M x C-squared" means that energy equals matter if the matter travels at the speed of light squared. Arella came into the conversation and told her sister and Alfred about a story that she had learned in French class about a fox and a crow "Le renard et le corbeau". Diana and Isaac spoke in Spanish about the safety of this place, if it was credible or if this was a trap.

"Look! A bald eagle!" Alfred and the Zavala family looked to where Isabella was pointing. A bald eagle was perched in a tree, looking out to the sky… as if wondering where to go.

It made its decision and flew.

"Oh, say can you see!/ By the dawn's early light."

Alfred looked to Arella, hearing her alto/soprano voice sing the national anthem of the United States. He saw her ridged right hand in the middle of her chest, thumb slightly down, in the Mexican equivalent to an American having a hand over his/her heart…

He realized… she was American, born here or not.

"What so proudly we hailed/ At the twilight's last gleaming/ Whose broad stripes and bright stars/ Through the perilous fight!"

Isabella joined, her hand over her heart, the same position as her parents. The adults didn't sing, but held such emotion in their eyes…

Alfred sang with them, hand over his chest, right over his beating heart.

"O'er the ramparts we watched/ Were so gallantly streaming/ And the rockets were a'glare/ The bombs bursting in air/ Gave proof through the night/ That our flag was still there!

"Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave~!

"Over the land of the free!

"And the home of the brave!"

December 3

Ludwig walked through the streets of Hamburg, the streets desolated and the surrounding areas in shambles. He heard the screaming of his children when it occurred.



"Mein Kindchen!"

"Mein Schatzi… Ich… Liebe… Dich…"

He walked through the streets, turning his head suddenly. A small whimper was coming from an alleyway. He ran to see a small child in the shadows of said alley. His little cap was shaking on his head, fear exuding from his body. Germany thought sullenly…

Eighty-six years ago…

He would've killed this child…

This small Jewish child.

The boy looked up at the nation. Tears were flowing from the beautiful azure eyes. "Where is my Vatti?"

Ludwig walked slowly and kneeled to gently embrace the child… His child.

The Red Cross was stationed on one of the main's streets, chocolate being handed out to the children and bandages to the nurses who ran to their patients.

The small boy, named Abram, ran to Vatti and Mutti. Vatti was a rabbi and had a long beard. Mutti had an engineer's degree as an architect. The two happy and tired parents thanks Ludwig, holding Abram close to them.

Ludwig walked for a bit longer through Hamburg, seeing children crying, mothers crying out for their kinderlein to come to their Mutti, fathers seeing their Kleiner, Kleine, or Frau with their skin burned off… the face unrecognizable, but only recognizable by an article of clothing, bracelet, toy… hair…

Abram came running up to him. "Danke, Herr Soldat." -Thank you, Mr. Soldier.- Ludwig realized that he was wearing his military uniform.

"Nichts zu danken…" -You are welcome-

"Bitte nimm das hier." -Please have this.-

In little Abram's hand was a container, containing two small sausages, wurst, Ludwig's favorite food, as well as a bit of Hühnerfrikassee.

"Nein, ich kann das nicht annehmen." He gently pushed the package back into the boy's hand, feeling a small pain when seeing the sad expression on the boy's face. -No, I can't take this.-

"Bitte," said a male voice. Both males turned to see Vatti and Mutti walking towards them. "Wir möchten, dass Sie es haben, freundlicher Soldat." -Please. We want you to have it kind soldier.-

Ludwig turned his eyes back to the package. He took it and pulled out a small necklace from his pocket.

"Meine Mutter hat mir diese Kette gegeben, als ich klein war. Bitte pass gut darauf auf." -My mother gave me this necklace when I was small. Please take good care of it.-

Abram smiled and nodded. "Ja."

As the family walked away, Ludwig couldn't help but feel lonely…

And guilty…

"Ich schwöre …" Ludwig said "Ich werde meine Kinder rächen, ihr Blut schreit zu mir von der Erde herauf."

He would be powerful again.

Feliciano awoke, sweating. He heard sirens wailing.

He gathered the morning's paper, a sick feeling in his stomach when he saw the headline.

Dichiarare guerra alla Germania Inghilterra! America in Giappone!

He shrank down and cried.

Germany Declaring War on England! America on Japan!

Miproe looked from where he was at the sky.

A magazine floated by and he snatched it out of the air cleanly, reading the article that was featured on the cover.

Germany Annexing Austria

Perhaps the Third Reich would revive itself... as was his wish.

Dijemos que no pueden estar separados de nosotros! - We said that you could not be separate from us!

No puedes escucharnos? - Can't you listen to us?

No tenemos familia aqui, estamos solos aqui. Necitamos a estar juntos, entiendes? - We do not have family here, we are alone here. We need to stay together, understand?

Si, papi - Yes, Daddy

Disculpa me, senor, pero necitamos a llevar las ninas a un lugar seguro. - Excuse me, sir, but we need to take the girls to a safe place.

Controla te, mi hija - Control yourself, my daughter.

Vatti - German word for Daddy (from Vater - which is father)

Mutti - German word for Mommy (from Mutter - which is mother)

kinderlein - children

Kleiner/Kleine - little one (male/female)

Frau - wife

Hühnerfrikassee - Chicken a la king. Served with rice or boiled potatoes.

The Third Reich - Yes, it was indeed dissolved in 1945, but the name is referring to the repetition that will ensue in the third World War of Germany's takeover of Austria as to unite the Germanic countries and fight against the country that bombed Hamburg (England).

Of course... This is a bit mindless, but Germany wants revenge!

If any of the translations are wrong, someone please tell me.

Well… The family… The Zavala family… Yeah, that's actually my family. Of course, I change names for safety purposes, but… yeah… I told my little sister (ie Isabella) that I was going to kill her off, but she said, "I don't wanna be dead."

I decided that Miproe (you don't know who he is) being the main character of the story and his character being a bit like my sis that I would make my sis live… for now.

My sister (whose reading over my shoulder right now): What do you mean for now? O.O

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