Loose rocks give away. Going backward, falling to the ground as he pushes me. Taunts, sneers, they're all in my direction. How could I even attempt this? How could I believe that I would be enough to defeat him?

No, things are different now. I'm different now. I'm not the same defenseless little runt that I was two weeks ago. No, I'm stronger now. Better, even. I refuse to be treated like garbage, especially by my own family. I stand from the ground, a smirk on my face as I brush some dirt off my shoulder. "Is that all you got?" I shoot across the clearing, shifting my feet shoulder length apart. "I thought you were the "mighty alpha"? Guess you're getting old."

He grunts, anger and rage across his face. I didn't just make a blow to his ego, I damaged his reputation in front of his family. If he couldn't defeat me, of all shifters, than why were all these people following him? As he charges at me, I think back to how my life had been before this, at what curious events that occurred made me this way.

And how grateful I was for them at this moment.