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Mass Miracles of Christmas

Ichigo stood at the edge of his home in the most forestry part of the Seireitei. Yes you heard right, Seireitei, the place that the souls go to after they die the place where soul reapers live and thrive. The question that plagues your mind now is 'Why is our favorite heroic strawberry doing there when he's human and living?' right? Well that was a quiet interesting story, but that's for later.

Right now Ichigo was watching the snow fall around the ground the Soutaicho gave him when he took over the ninth division. The pure white crystals drifted from the heavens in the sky, though Ichigo wondered if Toshiro used Hy┼Źrinmaru to create the winter season, and slowly fell to the ground, adding to the already sugar dusted ground.

'Christmas is around the corner' Ichigo thought to himself as he closed the door to keep in the warmth, 'I wonder what he's doing right now?'

Scratching his head, Ichigo wondered about the man he had to leave behind when he died. His eyes glazed as he remembered the last few minutes of his "life" in the Human realm. The snow was gathering just like it was now and he had been dazed at what happened, but he could always remember the pain and utter sadness that he felt and saw in his eyes.

He laid on the ground behind some bushes, breathing shallow and agonizing as each little puff of air stabbed his lungs and heart from the wounds that had been inflicted on him. He coughed and felt the warmth of his blood trickle out of his mouth, his eyes were heavy and his vision was fading, but he held on as he just knew that someone was gonna find him.

He felt the cool air close around him and his body shook, jostling his injuries as he did so. He winced and tried not to whimper at the mass puddle of blood he saw gather from beneath him. He wanted to laugh at this, his third time dying and this time he really was gonna be dead.

'How ironic that this was done by a human and not a Hollow or Arrancar?' He thought to himself as he tries to keep himself breathing. He heard someone calling his name, was his hearing going faster than his vision? It didn't matter as he tilted his head to the side to see someone running towards him. His vision was very dim and rapidly declining, but he still saw the person, now matter how blurry, running towards him.

"ICHIGO!" the person called out. Ichigo wanted to say something, but his blood was filling up his lungs to fast for him to say anything, "Hold on, that woman is coming, just hold on!"

The person, who Ichigo identified as a man, lifted him up slightly to get him away from the crime scene, Ichigo choked slightly, but his legs were elevated higher than him so the blood came out of his lungs for him to breath. Ichigo knew who he was just by how he was held in the man's arms and despite the pain and cold, Ichigo felt warm and fuzzy in the man's arms.

"Hold on, please hold on" Ichigo heard the guy plea. He spit up blood and coughed a little before he caught the man's eyes. Though they were very blurry, Ichigo could see every emotion written in them at that moment. Anguish, lost, pain, and utter sadness were the main ones he saw. He reached up to the man's face and placed his cold hand on the warm cheek. He realized that they stopped and he was being held when the man put his hand on Ichigo's hand. Ichigo smiled lightly and gathered enough breath to say one sentence.

As his vision went dark and his body failed Ichigo said just one small sentence that would nearly kill the man who held him.

"I-I lo-ove y-you."

Ichigo's hand lost it's strength and slowly fell out of the man's hand and to his side, but just before he died, Ichigo heard the man cry his soul out into the freshly fallen snow.

Ichigo blinked out of his memories and felt tears falling down his face. Why? Every time he remembered he ended up in tears, but why? It had been nearly four decades ago and he still was reduced to tears. He always felt the huge gapping hole in his chest as he tried to remember the last time he saw him in the last few decades since his death, but his mind came up with a blank. That made the hole ache and his soul cried out for the lack of seeing him. He breathed heavily, though it was painful to do so, and he then started to walk to the front of his home before heading out into the snow.

-Else where-

A lone figure stood above a medium size town. The figure turned out to be a man around 6'4" who's features couldn't be seen for the darkness of the night, but you could make out the bright cyan eyes that shined in the blackness. He sighed as he breathed in the scent of one person that he missed more than anything, one person that he had been wanting to see for the past few decades, but he knew that he was in one area that he couldn't go to unless he was to be killed.

'Why? Why did you have to die Ichigo?' he thought to himself while he watched two women around their mid-forties walk down the street. The first woman that he saw was tall and confident. She had long black hair that ran to the small of her back, but farther if it wasn't currently up in a ponytail. Dark eyes were hidden by sunglasses and a cain tapped against the ground. Her right arm was hooked with the other woman who was slightly shorter than her with sandy blond hair and gray eyes. She had a girlish look to her and a smile that killed when it was aimed at you. She chirped away to the black haired woman, but the black haired girl didn't pay much attention to her, but stopped when she got right underneath the point the man was standing at.

"What is it Karin?" the sandy blonde woman asked her companion, Karin.

"It's him, Yuzu, the one Ichi-nii kept speaking about" Karin said to Yuzu. Yuzu blinked and looked up to the top of the building, there was a shadow that she saw, but that was it. She believed Karin and said nothing while Karin took off her sunglasses, eyes that were milky gray, showing signs of blindness, stared up to the high point. She saw the reiatsu that hovered around the man and sighed sadly as she knew what he was doing, he was waiting for her brother to return to their world, even if for a few moments.

'Why do you torture yourself so? He's not coming back here, not to the pain that this world held for him' Karin said in her mind while closing her eyes to block out the gathering reiatsu and placed the sunglasses on her face again.

"Let's get home Yuzu" Karin said and walked down the street while tapping her cain to make sure she was on the right path, Yuzu followed behind her in a lighter pace. She stopped to look back at the top of the building to see the shadow once more, but it was gone. Sighing she went after Karin that was down to the stop light, waiting for her to arrive.


Ichigo blinked at the frost that kept him from going into his office. It was everywhere and he didn't chance taking a slip to simply get into the space that made him work. He sighed and turned to head back home, but before he could a small body ran into him, knocking him down to the ground. He left out an "umph" as his back collided with the ground. He blinked and looked at a dark brown haired girl that was laying on him. She looked up and stared in shock as she got up and looked around, there was no one around, before she looked back at Ichigo and smiled.

"So it's you that I get to help" she chirped happily as she helped him up off the ground. Ichigo was confused and started to open his mouth, but saw her fade when someone called out his name from nearby.

"ICHIGO!" was what he heard and he turned to see his best friend Rukia running towards him.

"Hey Rukia, what's the matter?" he asked, seeing her breathless. She looked up and seemed to be on the verge of tears.

"Ukitake-Taicho -pant- he's not gonna -pant- make it to Christmas -choke- his tuberculosis has gotten -sob- out of control and is killing him" she got out before she broke down in Ichigo's arm. Ichigo held her and sighed sadly at the news.

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