Second Miracle

By mid morning of the next all the squads knew about Gin's return and how he was with Toshiro since last night. After being bombarded with questions, which Gin had answered to the best of his ability, Gin had been welcomed back to the Gotei 13 court guard squads, though he had to work his way back up to become squad Taicho again, which he was fine with. He had been assigned as Ichigo's Fuku-taicho as Hisagi Shuuhei had taken over squad 3.

The silver haired man worked well with Ichigo, which was shown during a trial period when Gin was put to every squad to see where he would "fit in" all but squad 9 and squad 10 didn't work out, but since the Soutaicho saw how Gin and Toshiro had lover eyes when they were near each other, and how clingy he got when they were being ignored by the others, he put Gin with Ichigo. That had been about a week ago and Christmas had been coming closer yet Ichigo hadn't done anymore miracles besides the first one, since he had to get Gin situated from not being a Fuku-taicho for many years, and the orb had turned blue from no activity.

Tatani had finally had enough and put her foot down. She grabbed Ichigo and Gin, since he knew about his task from his questioning and decides to help, then let the orb float in front of the trio. It glowed green and the office spun before landed on something, what it was, was anyone's guess.

"Kurosaki Ichigo you need to do these tasks of not, several things will happen besides me not getting my wings!" Tatani started her rave while letting go of the two men, "I won't go into details, but it won't be pretty is all I can say now your second task is finding Nel Tu and bringing her with you. From what was observed you see her as a daughter and regret leaving her in the sands since her guardians were killed in the onslaught when you went to save Inoue Orihime" she finished and headed towards the door.

Ichigo blinked and followed, Gin was silent had been following Tatani when she had turned from them. He knew not to piss her off, not from experience, but from a feeling he had when he saw the orb turn blue so he followed without question. They arrived to the sands of Hueco Mundo near the Menos forest and immediately Tatani faded from their sight. The duo looked at her and didn't see her, but they heard her.

"I can't go on, the sands keep me from being in my whole form, I'll direct you from the office" They heard in their head. They turned to the doors that appeared out of nowhere and saw them close with Tatani inside. They looked at each other and then at the forest, it was big and full of bone like trees, and they knew that somewhere inside that they'd find the person they're looking for. Gin looked through squinted eyes, it was too bright for his sensitive eyes, something Ichigo learned over the past week, and then shifted his head to the side as if listening for something.

"No hallows 'ere, nor are there an' Arrancar ferom wat I can tell" Gin said when he looked at Ichigo. Ichigo nodded and lead the way into the forest.

-Else where-

Cyan blue eyes shot open as he felt a reiatsu appear out of no where. He turned his head to the sands and try to feel where the reiatsu is at. He grabbed his Zanpakto when he knew where it was at and headed towards his door in a steady pace, he had drained some of his energy when he had been in the Human world last. He opened the door and hurried down the hall of white, some of the walls were destroyed, but most of it stayed in tack from the attack that had happen so long ago, like a scar that never faded from the skin of the world. He met no one as he went to the outside sands of the land he lived in.

'Please let it be him' he plead with whatever higher being that was watching over everyone and everything. Stepping out into the sands he shifted his foot slightly and shot off through the air towards the forest that laid on the outer edge of Hueco Mundo.

-Seireitei; Toshiro-

Toshiro blinked as he felt Ichigo and Gin's reiatsu disappear from the Seireitei. He found it odd as he didn't know if they had a mission, but shook it off as he thought that Ichigo wanted to check on something that had been bugging him for the past week, which no one knew about apart from himself and Gin, surprisingly. Though what bugged him was that third presence that fluxed right before they disappeared. Toshiro put down his writing brush and left his office to head towards the last place that he had felt the two. He arrived just a few minutes later and stood in front of Ichigo's office, which made Toshiro question his thinking. Where were the two if this was the last place that he had felt their reiatsu?

He cautiously walked up the steps to the office doors and stopped when he was at the doors. He turned his head to listen inside, thinking that they had wanted to lower their reiatsu for whatever reason, he didn't know, and he had heard nothing. He reached forward and moved the door to the side before looking it. The office was blank, no furniture, no paper, no Ichigo or Gin, nothing at all. Toshiro looked around to see if it was a prank or something, but he saw no one around and he closed the door before opening it up again, still there was nothing there.

He started breathing heavily as he thought that something had happened to his love Gin and his best friend Ichigo and he stepped back before heading towards the Soutaicho. Something had happened and he didn't like it one bit, he was gonna get to the bottom of it.

-Hueco Mundo; Ichigo and Gin-

The jumped from one branch to another as they got deeper and deeper into the forest. Gin had to squint less and less as the light got darker from the dense mass of "trees" it was so thick. They had been heading in the same direction, or what they hoped was the same direction as their sense was warped from the lack of light and activity, for the past hour as they had felt no reiatsu of any kind, besides their own, and they were planning on giving up and heading to the higher branches to head back. Gin suddenly stopped and looked to Ichigo as he stopped as well.

"Feel dat?" he asked his Taicho. Ichigo nodded and looked to the east where they saw a sleeping child dressed in green. They had found Nel after searching in nothing, but white and black for the past hour. Ichigo hopped over to where Nel and gently shook her. She mumbled and hit his hand, but he shook her more and then just picked her up from her sleeping area. She squeaked and clung onto his chest as she looked down, she had thought that she was falling, before she heard chuckling. She turned her head and her big sandy colour eyes grew wider as she saw who was holding her.

"Itsygo?" she asked calmly, almost scared like. Ichigo nodded and held her to his chest as she clunk to him after she shouted his name. He felt her small body shake with silent sobs, he rubbed her back in soothing circles before she calmed enough to speak again.

"Nel thought dat Itsygo had fergot'on 'bout 'er" Nel said sadly, which nearly broke Ichigo's heart. He held her close to him, she clung closer to him as he held her.

"No Nel, I just hadn't had a way to get back here and find you" Ichigo started to explain, "Now I'm here and I'm taking you with me, Seireitei be damned if I let you go again" he stated. Nel looked up at him with teary eyes and smiled lightly before curling up to him and just breathed in his scent. She fell asleep while holding onto Ichigo's uniform. He smiled and turned back to Gin, who had been waiting for them calmly. He nodded and turned to go up the tree, Gin doing the same, they then shot up to the tip top.

'Where is the office?' they both thought before it opened in front of them, Tatani smiling at them slightly.

"Glad that you could join me, lets get back before Toshiro gets to Yamamoto-sama" she said and turned to the side to let them in. Gin and Ichigo went in and sat down, though Ichigo held Nel close to him so she wouldn't be disturbed from her sleep, before the doors closed and they shot off again.

-Else where-

The man stopped as he felt the reiatsu swirl above him. Cyan eyes looked up and he saw a brief flash of orange before it disappeared in thin air. He growled sadly, but he felt giddy as he knew that Ichigo was alive, in a matter of speaking, and had been here. He smiled as he sat against one tree that was nearly covered in Ichigo's reiatsu, just relishing in the feeling of the reiatsu that was so familiar and calming to him. He purred as he smelt the scent that also swirled in it's grasps, a wood-chip like smell with a strange hint of honey mixed in it as well as something that was purely Ichigo. He purred again and just closed his eyes to let the reiatsu wash over him.

'Ichigo, I'll see you again,' he thought to himself, "Soon" he spoke aloud.

-Seireitei; Ichigo and rest-

The office landed in it's original spot and Gin shot off after Toshiro, who had made his way to the third division somehow, leaving Ichigo, Tatani and Nel to themselves. Ichigo looked down at the young woman, who was turned into a baby at the moment, that he held like his own daughter. So much time had pass, yet she was still the young girl that he met so long ago. He rubbed her ram mask and felt her butting his hand in the warmth it gave off. He smiled softly and chuckled lightly at her sleeping actions.

"She's safe now, and the orb is red once more, the next one has to be done tomorrow as it seems that your travel companion isn't coming back for the night" Tatani said before fading to go to where she went to when she wasn't needed. Ichigo just sat in the seat and held Nel before slipping off to the work that had stayed during the travel. He sighed and wished that the paper work would disappear and come back finished so he could just spend time with Nel, but it didn't seem to be as it was still blank when he opened his eyes. He grumbled under his breath and started writing what needed to be filled and glance over to Nel every now and again to see if she was still asleep.

-Gin and Toshiro-

Gin held onto Toshiro while he was pounding on his bare chest. He listened to his ranting and raves as well as insecurities, but he didn't care as long as he got his Toshi he was fine with it. The sun glared into his eyes when Toshiro calmed down and just stood in Gin's arms, exhausted from his anger outburst, and he didn't see himself moving any times soon. He had been shocked that Gin appeared out of no where when he was going to the Soutaicho, angered that Gin didn't give any explanation or anything, and he was just happy and relived that Gin was with him at the moment. He breathed lightly as he felt Gin's heartbeat in Gin's chest, it was soft, soothing, rhythmic and it was lulling him into a light sleep. He only registered that he was being picked up off his feet and a whisper against his ear before his mind went blank.

Gin smiled lightly at the sight of Toshiro curling up in his arms. He whispered "I love ya Toshi" in his ear before taking off to their place, since he didn't have anywhere else to go, nor would he take another house if he couldn't be with his Toshiro, ignoring the other shinigami that were around the place. He slid the door open effortlessly with his little finger, so he didn't disturb Toshiro, and let it close behind him when he was inside. He opened his eyes and saw Tatani standing against the wall of the room, waiting for him to set Toshiro down so they could talk. He put him down and kissed his cheek before motioning Tatani to the other room, one that was sound proof. He turned to her after he closed the door.

"I'll let you tell Hitsugaya Toshiro about my mission and that deal with Ichigo, seeing as he freaks when you're gone. If he wishes to join us or not is up to him, just don't think you have to keep hiding from him anymore, those days are over Ichimaru Gin. Your days of "betrayal" is over" Tatani said before going through the wall and leaving Gin to his thoughts.

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